SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition

SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition


The need to be updated cum knowledge for survival during difficult times and also need to be fit mentaly and physically cannot be undermined. The two are essential for survival during danger indoors or outdoors. One is physically built for survival and is not mentally fit will lack the reasoning ability during the quest for survival as well as if one is mentally fit and not physically fit, suich person will have the reasoning ability to stand the moment but the strength will not be there to help himself in such a situation.

To survive threats or danger is not limited to just mental and physical ability,and knowledge of how to survive threats or danger is paramount. With the two minus the necessary knowledge, there is no chance for survival in time of danger. 

These three, Lofty Wiseman have combined the three together in SAS Survival Handbook, third edition. He took his time to critically evaluate the first and second edition as well as listened to people’s criticism of the earlier editions. The shortcomings of the earlier ones kled to the production of the third edition.

The fact that despite having content filled the book is, it is budget friendly, easily understood and can just be the perfect life saving tool for any kind of disaster both the one that has happened or will happen in the future.

Ever need the basic route to be physically and mentally fit or perhaps require the necessary knowledge in surviving threats to human safety or danger. Hence, SAS Survival Handbook, the very third edition is the perfect choice to possess. In any situation of any kind, it gives all it is needed to escape.

About the Author

Lofty Wiseman, a Television presenter, Survival consultant and a British author as well as ex Special Air Service (SAS) of the British Special forces unit. He served the force for 26 years and retired at the rank of Warrant officer. 

He is the founder of SAS Counter-Terrorist Team. This team made a landmark during the Iranian Embassy siege, also he works as an instructor at Trueways Survival School and for selection plus training phase for the show titled Castaway 2000.

Lofty Wiseman has authored quite a number of books such as Ultimate SAS Survival (2004), Survival Handbook (2009), SAS and Special Forces Defence Handbook: A complete Guide to Unarmed Combat Techniques (2016) amid others. His profession can be said to be the major influence and inspiration to his works.

A document or book cannot save humans in terms of trouble or quest for survival but a book can give the guidelines and proffer a solution of saving oneself in threat or danger. In this vein, Lofty Wiseman has wisely relied on his written profession and shared his ideas with everyone on how to escape in time of danger as well as give basic guidelines in strengthening oneself in terms of mental fitness, physical fitness as well as knowledge. The author gives the reader the know-how of how to survive in the wilderness in face of danger or any disaster. It has simple easy steps down to the technical ones and specific ones caused by situations or circumstances such as earthquakes. 

Been the third edition signifies how updated in giving survival knowledge and the technical know-how and also exploring new discourse like Urban survival and terrorism. The book is suitable for use by swimmers for ocean divers, hikers, swimmers, adventurers or any other outdoor activity.

SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition  gives detailed analysis on Campcraft, fear management and skills on how to withstand any form of disaster. It gives knowledge on Weather reading, locating the best and appropriate place to shelter in the wilderness, camp organization, what to eat and how to locate it in the wilderness, first aid, surviving dangers and threats, self defence mechanism, protecting oneself family from thefts and break-ins, dwelling in any kind of location and many more.

SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition is updated with 100 more pages and a new chapter compared to the previous editions. It is also comprehensive and readable and easy to understand. It explores how to survive terrorist attacks and Urban environs based disasters. Despite the fact that it is detailed, it might be very difficult to understand, particularly, within a limited period of time because it covers a wide range of topics and not centralize to a particular one. Thus, it will take the reader’s patience to read, assimilate and understand every bit of the book.

SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition helps the reader in fighting their fear, this is one of the major selling points of this book. Often the three combinations in this book will have been treated in separate books by the author but Lofty Wiseman discussed the three topics in one book for the quest for survival. It won’t be surprising if someday the fourth edition comes to limelight, because the author seems to keep updating the listeners, this is evident in the differences from the first and the second edition of the said book. With the improvement, the author still makes his work budget friendly, an average person can easily have one in his beck and call. Thus this book is highly recommended to anyone who requires practicable knowledge in survival skills. Buy one and certainly recommendations will come from you. The full content will be released from reading the book and not summary nor reviews on it


Comparing SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition with other books is not really necessary because the book speaks volume for itself. Well, many might want to place it side by side with books like 100 Deadly Skills:  Survival Edition by Clint Emerson, Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide to Wilderness Emergency Care by David Micheal Canterbury and Jason Hunt, Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival by Dave Canterbury and others. Each book, even though related, has specific selling points which distinguish it from others.

Comparing SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition covers a wide range of topics and helps mentally, physically and still impact in the readers the necessary skills needed.

Book Details

  • Dimension: 8 x6.2 x 1.2 inches
  • Pages: 672
  • Publisher: William Morrow
  • Published Date: November 11, 2014
  • Language: English
  • Edition: Third




It is okay to say SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition will provide the reader with necessary information needed to survive both easy and critical situations. Covering a wide range of survival skills and diverse topics which are practicable makes it recommendable.

In any situation of any kind, it gives all it is needed to escape. Thirsty for knowledge, in building yourself mentally and physically SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition is the perfect survival book to have. It is a great deal without compromising in improving one’s mental state, physical fitness as well as the knowledge required to survive. The three are required in building and stabilizing an individual in time of threat.

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