Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife

Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife


Knives are essential in our day to day activities either in the house or on the field to different functions such as dividing a log of wood and perhaps carving wood in the field or cutting and slicing vegetables or meat in the kitchen. 

Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife comes in handy for hunting purposes, outdoor work, emergencies as well as tactical or special operations. It has been wisely built with a wide range of features distinguishing it from other knives in existence with special features such as sharp edges, rubber grip handle, integrated diamond sharpener to mention amidst others.

The fact that Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife amidst all features on the function it has can also be used to generate fire cannot be accurately explained except through practical means. It has the ability to produce 3,000 sparks and yield up to 7,000 strikes once.

Its amazing functions does not stop from stating the fact that despite its ability to function in different fields of work and different purposes it is still light weight.

Despite the fact that Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife has been built with a Sheath built with integrated sharpener and fire starter, it still goes to the competitive market in a handy and affordable price which is many a times unusual for the product of such quality.

Interested in camping, hiking, bushcraft, carving, cutting, dividing, slicing etc, Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife is the perfect functional tool you should own.

Morakniv a surviving brand that came into inception by Frost Erik for decades are recognized for manufacturing stylish, light durable and reliable knives from the name (Morakniv) it is vivid that the name came from the combination of Mora (Ostnor the hometown, Frost Erik returned to after four years in North America is in Mora, Sweden) and Knife, the general name used to call the kind of tool Morakniv manufactures.

Over decades, their products have been top-notch in the competitive market because they have been uniquely created and also each product that they produce is usually far better and wisely created from the previous one made by them. Thus, it can be said that Morakniv is a brand that keeps improving daily cum any product produced by them.

Morakniv trended and became popular even before they started the manufacturing of modern and stylish knives, they have been known for the manufacturing of traditional knives in Mora, Sweden. People of the region have used and tested their traditional knife, thus to believe, use and approve their modern knife was very easy because they have been known for reliable as well as durable knives.

Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife is that tool beyond peoples’ expectation, it can, however, be said that in some certain fields especially tactical operations and special operations without Mora Bushcraft Black Survival Knife, such personnel tool is not complete. It is usable in a variety of operations either outdoor or indoor.

Morakniv Black Bushcraft Knife is built up with great components which define its unique specifications. To mention but few are Sharp edges, Anti-corrosive black coating, high carbon steels. Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife is packaged with a plastic sheath which has a belt loop. The belt loop makes it very easy to be attached to the user’s belt and freely move around. It is crucial to know that Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife is not heavy, it is lightweight despite all its features and components. Aside that, Morakniv Black Bushcraft Knife is usable under any weather or climate condition, either when it is rainy or otherwise. The fire starter produces about 7,000 strikes and 3,000-degree spark even, when wet.

Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife is lightweight and handy, it can be easily moved and used at any point in time even during emergencies. While working under tension there is a tendency that knives can slip and fall from the hand but the good news is that Bushcraft Black Survival Knives have been built for such situations.  The ergonomic handle:anti-corrosive black coating makes it handy and difficult to fall off easily either carefully held firm or not. The rubber grip can be said to have been specially carved out for an emergency or unexpected moment. The belt grip rubber grip is as well removable if of course the user wants to just make it handy and not attach it to the belt. It can as well be put in the pocket, purse, backpack because it is very sizable.

Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife can be used for several purposes and different purposes, for instance, and emphases sake, it can be effectively used by woodcarvers as it will practically serve them beyond expectation. The blades are very sharp and can be sharpened. It also takes a long deal of time before it gets dull and unlike usual knives, it can’t just break off or the handle breaks off even if you use a log of wood to hit it so as to divide/ chop another sizable small tree branch. 

Many might say what is the need of getting Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife while there are so many knives in the competitive market but if I may ask how many of the knives has Sheath built with integrated sharpener and fire starter and would still be at a cheaper rate.


Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife in its making has been able to distinguish itself and remains outstanding in the world of knives beyond the shores of Sweden. Particularly, Sheath built with an integrated sharpener and fire starter and its ability to start a fire even when wet. Being lightweight and cost-friendly is another that makes it reliable and durable as well as easy to possess.

It arrives in the competitive market of knives with little or no flaws/cons, with its little flaws, it serves best the taste of so many users. Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife can be compared with the likes of CIMA High hardness Full-Tang outdoor survival fixed blade hunting knife, Condor Tool & Knife, Bushlore Camp Knife, Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Carbon Steel Blade. The fact is the difference is clear. Also comparing it with the Mora companion knife, all to be talked about is just the blade length, as the Mora companion blade is shorter and thinner.


  • Blade Thickness: 3.2 mm/1.8 Inches
  • Dimension: 11.8 x 5.6 x 1.4 inches
  • Blade Length: 4.3oz / 109 mm
  •  Total Length: 9.1 oz/ 232mm
  •  Net Weight: 5.4 oz/ 154g


  • Sheath built with integrated sharpener and fire starter
  • Anti corrosive black coating
  • Rubber grip handle
  • High Carbon steel blade
  • Light weight
  • Sharp edges
  • Removable belt loop
  • Scandi grands
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Portable and handy




Enough can not be said on the potential and functionality of Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife. Except one buy and makes use of one. The uniqueness of the said knife would be expressly known. 

Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife will answer any user service call practically either for survival, fishing, hunting, cooking camping or hiking. It has been built to fit in many operations. It can be said that the cons are not that important or many. Morakniv seems to take a great deal of their time to observe the market exploring the different shades of knives available and then wisely produce Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife which provides answers to all. If you ever need to possess a reliable, cost-friendly and durable knife, consider buying Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife.

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