Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool

Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool


Are you a nature – loving person?  who loves to experience the many wonders out there whether on the mountains,  in the wilderness, in the woods either by trekking,  mountain biking,  camping, or tree climbing but you are scared of unexpected circumstances that can put you in danger or probably after an incident that you have to flee for survival, then this is for you. 

Having a multi tool which is optimized and handy, similar to having a toolbox within your reach for outdoor activities does not only make the exercise fun but also safe.

Over the years the Leatherman’s Wave Plus Multitool has gained the upper hand over other products for survivalist and is considered as Leatherman’s  best selling products because there is no such perfect multi-tool with the features you could want at a pretty affordable price.

For Survivalist,  we intend to make it easy for you to make the right choice of the survival tool that can be included in your survival kit or in your everyday pocket so as to overcome any situation faced. Therefore, having at least one is important. 

Leatherman Wave Plus Multitool Product Review

Leatherman is a brand that makes and sells outstanding quality multitools and knives for survivalist through many incremental steps along  a continuous series. There is no doubt that the features of the Wave Plus  Multi tool is top notch.

The Wave Plus is Leatherman’s idea of stuffing tools into small package like a portable hand tool with multiple functions and was first marketed in 1998 and it became the company’s best selling tool. 

In terms of the construction quality of the Wave Plus. The Wave Plus is built and assembled with threaded fasteners instead of rivets and have just the right amount of friction built into the various hinges. All pivots are tight, and the overall build is stiff enough for all but the most stubborn tasks. 

The external features include four access tools, which are two knives (the blade knife and serrated knife), Saw,  and a combination of diamond and metal/wood. Then on the  handle  there is a ruler marking.This makes it easier to use as they are outside accessible and  can be used when the multi tool is closed or folded.

When opened, you’ll find regular and needle nose pliers and a durable replaceable wire cutter  with the opposite side having a small wire crimper; it also includes a bit holder to bring variation to the plethora screwdrivers you can use.

The Leatherman Wave Plus has all the essential tools of the original piece with replaceable wire cutters. There are 18 devices contained in a 4 inches tool which can be opened and locked quickly, so as to overcome most of all tasks conveniently.

The Leatherman Wave Plus Multi-Tools Includes:

Ruler: The ruler on the Wave plus runs along both handles and can be used to measure things up to 8 inches or 19 cm long by unfolding the handles together.

Premium replaceable  hard and soft wire cutters: the removable hard and soft wire cutter blades is one of the biggest difference between wave plus and wave original. It allows for the Sharpening of dulled or chipped wire cutters which is extremely difficult on a traditional multi tool.

Electrical crimper: The wire crimper is located just below the hinge of the plier handles this allow you to quickly and fairly efficiently crimp wires.

Wire stripper: The wire stripper is common on most of their multi tools and It works to be sure,  we find that cutting the wire coating with the blade is just as easy and arguably faster.

420HC Knife and 420 Serrated knife : Both are located on the outside of the handles. They’re each 2.9 inches long with one blade being a flat blade and the other serrated. A feature you would love about these blades is that they’re both one handed opening, ample enough for any routine cutting and they lock open for safer use.

Saw: The saw on the Wave plus is  standard as far as multi tool blades is concerned . It’s placed on the outside of the handle on the same side as the serrated blade and is just as easy to open one handed. Caution should be taken during usage, so make sure you check which blade you open. It can be expensive to try and saw something with a serrated knife blade. The folding saw cuts through small bits of wood, PVC piping, and other everyday items very well.

Spring-action scissors: The scissors on the Wave plus are spring action and cut well through plastic, paper, and cardboard. They’re slightly small with a noticeably narrower pair of blades and despite this, they seem to hold up well under frequent use.

large bit holder  : The holder itself works well and gives you the ability to turn a much wider variety of screws than you would with standard drivers.

Pliers: it includes the Needlenose pliers and Regular pliers which are common to most multitools.

Wood/Metal and Diamond Coated Files: a dual file design on the wave having one side has a standard wood/metal file while the other is a diamond coated file. The traditional file does a great job taking a burr off of a ragged piece of metal or polishing off cut wood before priming while the diamond coated file  sharpen your blades on the go. Chisels, scythes, and axe blades will definitely benefit from a few passes and you can even use it to sharpen a knife blade in a pinch. We wouldn’t recommend doing heavy recovery sharpening with it but it will definitely touch up your blades in the field.

Screwdriver: this include the medium size flat screwdriver and the mini screwdriver bit holder. The medium sized flat screwdriver is the only non bit driver on the Wave plus . It works well and can be used for gentle prying without too much risk of damage whilst the mini screwdriver bit holder is a very useful addition to the Wave for most handymen having the ability to turn those little screws with your multi tool is quite interesting.

The wave plus locks, functions reliably well as the blades stay out of the way when using the pliers, and anytine a multi-tool knife blade opens from “inside” the folded pliers handles, the working edge of the blade is in line with the center of said handle.

Other important tools like the can opener, wire stripper, spring-action scissors, and a medium screwdriver, are features of the handy package to tackle any emergency

Leatherman’s Wave Plus strikes a balance between size , portability and weight. It has  a weight of 241g which is typical in mass for a full-function multi-tool. The external profile of the closed Wave is smooth and clean, catching minimally on your pocket or pocket contents. It has a simple nylon belt sheath , for those that prefer belt holstering for their multi-tool. it is safe and secure from causing any havoc. 

A growing subset of multitools come with integrated pocket clips and lanyard ring, because they are better carried with pocket clips and more appreciated by multitools handler.



Leatherman's Wave Plus And Comparable Tools

1. Leatherman’s Wave Plus versus Charge TTI

In comparison to the Charge TTI, a sibling to the choice product the Wave plus are exactly the same in functions as they posses identical features except for the smooth external plates of the wave which are more convenient in some condition than the texture of the Charge TTI.

And also the the Wave Plus is half the price of the Charge, most users will not notice the trade-offs in the Wave Plus as compared to the Charge TTI. But everyone will notice the saving percentage. This why it is worth extending your budget for m,  thought it might not be Comfortable to fit into your budget. 

2. Leatherman’s Wave Plus versus Surge

The Leatherman Surge can be thought of as a heavier duty version of the Wave Plus as it Is 50% heavier and only an inch longer.The biggest difference is the ability to Swap out blades on the Surge using T-shank tools. It has many of the same tools but reprioritized their importance. The scissors on the Surge are on the outside of the handle while the Wave Plus puts a dedicated saw there. The Surge also lack the small bit holder. 


There’s no doubt why Leatherman indicates that the Wave Plus as its best-selling multi-tool. It is nearly perfect, You can’t do better than to purchase the Wave Plus for all kinds of multi-tool applications. Whether in your survival kit, repair kit and /or in your every day pocket, the Wave plus is optimized and handy. It is expensive and is exceeded by some products not too much,the tools that scores better over all than the Wave are also more expensive.

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