Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool

Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool


The Leatherman Rebar Multitool is a regression to the original Leatherman’s Pocket Survival Tool (PST), with its innovative compact design and modern manufacturing techniques.

With its exterior features similar to the Pocket Survival Tool( PST), it is clear that the Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool took everything that made its sibling product unique and improved upon it, so as to offer a multitool that can be kept in your pocket or included in your survival kit making it suitable for modern-day outdoor activities.

The Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool tool is designed as a full-size tool to meet heavy-duty specifications with the use of pliers, wire cutters and screwdriver, it is small in size compared to other workhorses but this does not compromise it’s strength or ruggedness and long-lasting durability as it will serve you well for many years to come. 

Let’s find out through our Leatherman’s Rebar review, why it is an excellent choice for all survivalists around the world, and what makes this impression.

Leatherman is a company known for providing high-quality knives and multitools for survivalists all around the world for over three decades. When it comes to the Rebar multitool they don’t disappoint.

The Rebar is the improved version of the Pocket Survival Tool (PST) with Seventeen (17) different tools built into its handle with some other features.  Rebar preserves the familiar butterfly opening boxy handle of the PST with all the inside opening and locking tools, while many new features have been incorporated such as replaceable wire cutters, flared and folded handle edges, full metal construction ( no more plastic), and the clumping tool.

The most innovative feature of the Rebar is the locking design throughout. Every tool locks out when in use to protect you from unintentional folding, and keeping you safe while during usage. Rebar is a good quality multitool that you can depend on. Either as a mobile toolbox or around the house.


  • Closed length: 4” x 1.5” x 1” (10.16 x 3.8 x 2.5 cm)
  • Weight: 6.7 oz (190g)
  • Main blade length: 2.9in (7.36 cm)

Tools included:

Replaceable wire cutter:  The wire cutter is made of 154CM, high-grade cutlery steel that prevents easy damage.  It offers a regular cutter and a hard wire cutter including a small cut out for biting standard wire, both will handle paper clips and small nails with ease. The jaw itself is well casted and machines, with well-defined teeth and edge. Due to its replaceable feature,  you can just insert a new one instead of either leaving it or send it to Leatherman for repair and wait for it to come back. 

Plain and serrated knives: These are the edge blade and serrated blade-like most full-size Leatherman’s tools. Both blades are 420HC stainless steel, while a lower end cutlery steel, it serves to keep the cost down and easy to resharpen for repeated use. The plain blade has an ideal length of 2.9-inches, which is an excellent length for general utility work.

Electrical crimpers: The crimper is located just below the joint of the plier assembly, and it performs a functional role of crimping electrical connectors. 

Can and Bottle Opener: they both work well and fast in opening a bottle of soda or a canned ration on your first attempt.

Wood and metal files: The file is double cut on one side and single cut on another, with saw-like teeth on the bottom edge. It’s much sharper than files found on other models and cuts pretty fast, this is because of its coarse grit for wood and metal filling. However, avoid soft materials so as to prevent clogging to the file easily. 

Regular pliers: it has a long, thin nose; applied to the needle nose pliers, they are not spring-loaded and do not lock. 

Ruler: the ruler length is 20.32 cm from tip to tip. When you are using the ruler at its full length make sure the pliers are 

Screwdrivers: it consists of the Large Flat Screwdriver, the Small Flat Driver, and the Philips Screwdriver.  The large flat head driver functions well like the most common large flat head screwdriver as it is sturdy enough to be used as a pry bar while the small flat driver fits a small slotted screw and does not slip. The Phillips screwdriver is long and thin enough to fit in some tight places, it locks open and it does not have an interchangeable bit.

Wood Saw: the saw full-length is  2.9 in (7.36 cm). It cannot be sharpened at home (without special tools), and it locks open. It helps to fulfill heavy-duty tasks by cutting through wood, plastic, and other moderately thick materials.

Awl w/ thread loop: The awl is a relatively built-in thread loop and this allows you to pull the cord through whatever you’ve pierced.  it is sharp at both point and edge for both punching holes and scraping things that would otherwise damage a knife-edge. It also has an eye if you want to see it. 

When opening, at first you would notice a large cutout and nails Nick within your hands for the two main blades which makes opening them very much easier even with gloves on.  However,  you cannot determine which blade you are opening until after the act, probably if a tactile indicator(ridges on the spine of the serrated blade) like those on the wave is attached would be nice and easy to detect.

Once the handle is opened, the newly designed plier head with replaceable wire cutters reveals itself. Behind the plier’s pivot is a wire crimper, given that its proximity to the pivot would give plenty of force to crimp (or break) any objects you are working on. The handles also offer both metric and imperial rulers. While it’s functional, it is not something to rely on.

A file and a wood saw can be found opposite the two blades. The wood saw works just like those found on other Leatherman tools. The sharp double toothed design will rip through the wood as quickly as you can for a short saw, and it’s counterbalanced allows it access to locations that other tools cannot reach.

The combo can/bottle opener, while it doesn’t excel at either, it’s perfectly usable. Some complain that the sharp point will puncher bottle caps instead of opening, However, if you lift the entire tool upward instead of using the tip as a fulcrum, it’ll work without a hitch.

Leatherman’s Rebar Comparison 

Leatherman’s multitools are always in competition with each other with little difference but in diverse ways, the Rebar is comparable to the SOG.

 In a category of practical, working tools, they are both purposes built workhorses, as compared to the competition. They have each emphasized the pliers in their design, including the other tools almost incidentally. 

The Rebar stands out for its user-replaceable wire cutters, while the SOG is unique for the mechanical advantage of linkage in the pliers. 

Comparing these two directly, the SOG is marginally more functional and burlier, while the Rebar is quite a bit smaller. If you like the no holds barred design of the DOG, but want something smaller, check out the Rebar.

Most importantly, the Rebar includes a standard set of tools, each of which is very well made and functional. By far the most distinguishing feature of the Rebar is its replaceable and resharpenable wire cutters. For frequent wire and plier work, this is an amazing attribute on a pocket tool.




The Rebar has been tested to this standard and beyond, finding absolutely zero issues with the strength or ruggedness. Every product they make seems to be strong and purpose-built. As a more rugged offering, the Rebar lives up to its billing.

The Rebar is an upgraded version of the original layout design, strong and innovative but with just enough sophistication to reflect the intervening decades.

Just like with any multi-tool, the included devices are compromises on the stand-alone version, pliers are stronger. Stand-alone screwdrivers will be easier to use. All the tools open smoothly, lock as intended, and are fully serviceable.

The feel and performance are confidence-inspiring and encourage vigorous use. It isn’t light, nor is it weak. Lighter tools carry easier but don’t inspire the same confidence.

We heartily recommend this tool to those that predominantly use the pliers like the electricians and fencers and wire cutters. Because the single-blade pocket knife will be easier to cut with and screwdrivers require deploying the pliers to access, However, as compromised tools go, the Rebar is an excellent choice, It will long outlast its novelty and competition and for “every day carry” in which you want more general-purpose tools like scissors and will use the blade a lot.

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