Casio Men GA100SD-8A G-Shock Watch

Casio Men GA100SD-8A G-Shock Watch


In a survival situation, every item is important. Going with a wristwatch does not only make you look fashionable and complete, but it also helps you keep track of time. The Casio Men GA100SD-8A G-Shock Watch is of the military-grade and also made in the military-style. It has several features you won’t like to get past you.

Casio Men GA100SD-8A G-Shock Watch Review

It comes with both digital and analogue interfaces that guarantee you a high level of accuracy. The analogue display is put in a protective mineral crystal dial window and it is powered by the Japanese quartz movement. An average wristwatch has nothing more to offer than its style, and of course, time-telling. The Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A G-Shock Watch comes with a 1/1000-second stopwatch and a speed indicator that helps you keep close track of time.

The Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A G-Shock Watch has a water-resistance feature that distinguishes it from your regular watches or some survival watch at that. It can go as low as 660 feet in the water and still work perfectly with little or no damage. This testifies of its durability so you do not have to bother yourself when it rains or when it falls in the water. You are covered!

One of its very obvious features is its design. It is both attractive and lightweight. The name alone makes it sound like a sophisticated heavy-duty item that has the tendency to be quite uncomfortable to wear for long but that is not the case. It is very compact and assures you of comfort as you rock it around.

However, the only complaint we got concerning the Casio Men GA100SD-8A G-Shock Watch is the colour. Though impressive, customers have complained that the colour online looks different than in person. It looks like a khaki green colour online but in person, it is more like a pale grey colour. Not everyone appreciates having even the slightest change in what they ordered online looking different when it gets delivered, although some do not mind. As far as the quality of the product is in no way affected, they have no problem with it. But to be factual, the change in colour tends to affect your camouflage in survival situations.

Specifications Of Casio Men GA100SD-8A G-Shock Watch

  • It has a 1/1000-second stopwatch
  • It has aa digital and analog display
  • Comes with water-resistant up to 660 feet

The Casio Men GA100SD-8A G-Shock Military Watch




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