Best Winter Sleeping Bag

Best Winter Sleeping Bag

Winter is a very beautiful season and can make camp-sites look a whole lot prettier. Asides this, the cold weather requires adequate rest and sleep; this is where the best winter sleeping bag comes in. Sleep is required in order for your body system to function properly and avoid fatigue.  The rise or decrease in temperature greatly affects the way we sleep therefore, the best winter sleeping bag would keep you warm when the temperature drops.

We have studied the various survival winter sleeping bags out on the market and have selected the best five for you to pick from. Pleasing you is our utmost priority and that is what we have done in this guide to knowing the best winter sleeping bags. 

Product Quick Comparison

  • Omni-Core Designs Mummy Sleeping Bag
  • High Peak Outdoors Cascade Sleeping Bag
  • Western Mountaineering Bison Sleeping Bag
  • TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag
  • Big Agnes Elk Park Sleeping Bag
Here are our reviews of the best winter sleeping bag. 

You will be as comfy as a kitten in a fur coat with this sleeping bag. The OmniCore Designs Mummy Sleeping Bag is designed to withstand severe weather conditions. This sleeping bag is terrific for keeping warm air close to your body but, it is not advisable to get this sleeping bag if you’re one camper who wriggles a lot while sleeping.

Measured at 33” by 83”, this design will suit average-sized individuals and people who measure up to 6’2”. If by chance you’re of a larger physique it’s advisable to opt for the XL size, which can easily fit people who actually measure up to 6’8”.

The Mummy sleeping bag is also lightweight and easy to carry around. It comes with a multi-point compression stuff sack that keeps the sleeping bag small, portable and easy to carry about. It is advisable for hikers and campers to select this sleeping bag due to its portable features. Attached with the sleeping bag is a 3-D foot box which feels great if you decide to sleep on your back; it reduces tension on your feet while in the bag. Even with all these added pleasures, the Mummy bag is budget friendly and works efficiently. 



With the High Peak Outdoors Cascade Sleeping Bag you do not have to bother about staying alone in your sleeping bag; you can easily zip up two Cascade sleeping bags together and voila, you have a partner. 

The bag measures at the following: it is 86 inches long, 34 inches wide at the top and 33 inches wide at the bottom portion which is where you place your feet. The sleeping bag is made from a nylon taffeta shell and it uses Invista Tactel fibers for insulation. These synthetic materials are designed to keep you warm and comfortable when the weather drops. An addition is the compression stuff sack which plays the role of stuffing in the  sleeping bag. There’s a plus, even though it was technically designed for winter, it is an all season sleeping bag.



The Western Mountaineering Bison Sleeping Bag was built to tackle severe weather conditions, offer protection and keep you warm.  This brilliantly designed sleeping bag will keep your body warm enough while camping in awfully cold environments. We refer to this sleeping bag as expensive but worth it. 

The Bison sleeping bag is portable and can be carried about with little or no stress. It is designed in a mummy shape and efficiently keeps your feet warm. The upper half of the sleeping bag is broad enough to allow movement of the shoulders and arms without restrictions. Here’s something cool, the hood is large enough to fit a pillow; for additional comfort. Double durability, perfect quality for your money and wear and tear resistant, the Western Mountaineering Bison sleeping tent is an excellent choice for survival hikers. 



This spectacular sleeping bag constructed with a double layer and fiber filled design, holds the key to ultimate comfort. The inner part of the bag is super comfy and finishes off with a sturdy outer layer. 

The TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping Bag features shoulder draft tubes which are created to offer warmth by locking out the cold air. It also includes a drawstring hood, a shoulder baffle and an efficient full length zipper which all work hand in hand to contain the warm air and store it in there with you.

The sleeping bag is measured at 90″ long and 39″ wide; ladies and gentlemen there is sufficient space to sprawl in when sleep arrives. An added feature is the sewn in pocket which is effective enough to store handy gadgets that can easily be misplaced.



Yeah and last but not the least on our guide is the Big Agnes Elk Park Sleeping Bag. Sturdy, comfy and durable, this sleeping bag encompasses full time comfort. This is a high quality sleeping bag designed to provide maximum sleep satisfaction. The hood has a free range design that allows for free movement of your head while asleep.

The Big Agnes Elk Park Sleeping Bag is made from a distinct quilt – like material that snugs around your body and provides warm like hugs. The sleeping bag is made of Nylon taffeta shell fabric material that is equipped with a water repellent, a lining inside the bag which is made of cotton and polyester mix, including a thermolite extra; a fabricated material that gives you a luxurious warm treatment which is perfect for a cold night.

The Elk Park sleeping bag is preferably the best for wrigglers or anyone finds it hard to fall asleep. It comes with sufficient space to move while sleeping.



Tips To Consider When Choosing The Best Winter Tent

It can be hard, especially for campout newbies or people newly involved in outdoor activities because there are a lot of winter tents on the shelf out there. So to make selection easier for you, we have compiled a few tips on stuff you need to pay attention to while shopping for the best winter tent. 


The number of seasons a sleeping bag can last for is quite essential. Getting the wrong sleeping bag for the wrong season can be disastrous and evidently heart breaking when discovered. Take careful note of the following: 

A one season sleeping bag is very lightweight and should be used in warmer weather conditions; they are durable too but not as sturdy as sleeping bags with the higher number of seasons. 

Two season sleeping bags function better in early autumn and mild spring months. Virtually every sleeping bag out on the market is a two season product.

Three season sleeping bags are  better used in late autumn which is a far cry from the two season sleeping bags.

The four season sleeping bags are best used in frigid weather conditions because they are sturdier and more durable than the first three season sleeping bags. They are also super insulated and have been found reliable even at a temperature of sub-zero.

Lastly, we have the five season sleeping bag. These guys are perfect for extreme weather conditions, preferably used by most mountain climbers and survival campers. The five season sleeping bags are extremely thick, can be lightweight or heavy, depending on the manufacturer and very sturdy against harsh weather conditions.


 A water resistant sleeping bag is a necessity for campers; experienced or not. You wouldn’t want to acquire a sleeping bag that isn’t water resistant; you would eventually get soaked. Unlike tents, the perspiration can get stuck inside the sleeping bags and reduce its ability to insulate; which in turn reduces heat too. 

Extra features

Additional Features can be really useful too. No matter how insignificant they might seem, an extra pair of safety pins or pockets might work wonders. Below are some of the extra features you might discover:

Inner pockets

Who wouldn’t love an extra pair of pockets, especially if they’re useful. Pockets come in handy when stuff needs to be secured. That’s the case with a reliable sleeping bag. Ensure you check for inner pockets because it saves the stress of searching for pocket sized objects such as; mobile phones, matchboxes, lighters, strings, duct tapes, etc during a camp out.

Draft collar

Draft collars are single tubes of insulation that lay over your neck and chest, locking in warmth reflected from the sleeping bag. Draft collars are essential for winter sleeping bags. Ensure your desired sleeping bag comes with a draft collar that includes an adjustable cord. 


A hood can actually be an extra feature in a sleeping bag. Make sure your desired sleeping bag has a hood. Hoods are essential for full body warmth because research has shown that a lot of body heat is lost through the head. So to be on the safer side, if your sleeping bag contains a hood, make use of it. 


 A sleeping bag not equipped with an insulator cannot conceal heat. A down-insulated sleeping bag is perfect for keeping you warm in cold weather conditions. An insulated sleeping bag compresses well and makes it easy enough to be transported around with little or no stress. 

Sleeping bags made from synthetic fabric might be cheaper but are relatively more heavier than insulated sleeping bags.


The size of a sleeping bag definitely determines the size you would get. You have to buy a sleeping bag that would suit your body size so as not to harbour regrets later. The shape of a sleeping bag is also vital. Square shaped sleeping bags are naturally spacious but just standard; they are not advisable to be used in harsh weather conditions.


 Zippers are very useful. You might not know it but they are quite essential and perform a function or two. Your desired sleeping bag might have a partial length zipper because it saves extra weight but take note, partial length zippers can limit ventilation inside the sleeping bag. If the zipper on your sleeping bag is bordered by a stiffer fabric, be rest assured your bag won’t rip easily.

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