Best Wilderness Survival Books

best wilderness survival books

Mastering the art of survival outdoors might be very complex if you lack essentials. A basic essential you shouldn’t forget to acquire is the best wilderness survival book. Survival in the outdoors is crucial and of utmost importance. This is where books as an essential item come in. Books are the best way to hone your survival skills, other than real-life experiences though. The best wilderness survival books are written to aid in your mastery of the art of surviving outdoors.

A bonus point for wilderness survival books is the ability to retain usefulness even after a long period of time. This implies that you can actually pass down your wilderness survival book to a prospective survivalist. Securing the best might not be easy; there are quite a large number of wilderness survival books on the bookshelf. We are here to assist with that and, to make it easy for you we have selected the best five wilderness survival books off the shelf that are guaranteed to offer quality services.

Our Reviews

1. Ray Mears’ Essential Bushcraft

Now here’s a book that is built for survival; it is equipped with a waterproof cover and has a compact size. Ray Mears’ Essential Bushcraft is one wilderness survival book that is ready for outdoor survival. It is one book that supplies a vast range of instructions, guidelines, and specific survival skills. Some of the specific skills included are; how to build fires, how to keep warm, how to build a shelter, and also how to tie knots in different ways. Tying a knot might come in handy during emergency survival situations and a simple knot could just about save your life.

The author, Ray Mears is a leading survival expert. He highlights details in his books and provides illustrations to aid in easy assimilation. The guidelines and advice featured in this book are colourfully illustrated with pictures and clear graphics. These are implemented so as to give you a full idea of how to properly execute each technique while also containing important beginner advice.



2. Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide to Wilderness Emergency Care

First aid is one principle that will never get old. It is an essential life-saving knowledge that can be used in emergency situations. First aid can be needed anywhere and anytime and this brings us to the next wilderness survival book on this list. The Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide to Wilderness Emergency Care is one survival book that shouldn’t be left behind in any situation. Written by authors, Dave Canterbury and Jason Hunt who decided to place the focus of this book on first aid advice. It includes brilliantly illustrated skills on how to proffer first aid during emergencies or minor issues while trying to survive outdoors.

One major key to survival outdoors is first aid. In case of an emergency and there’s no hospital for miles away, this book can serve as a lifesaver. It is advisable for survivalists, beginners, or advanced to acquire this handy book. On the surface it might seem like a normal first aid book but its authors have researched and created in-depth solutions that cannot be found in the average first aid book. 

Proving that it is one of the best wilderness survival first aid books out there, the Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide to Wilderness Emergency Care is filled with illustrations, diagrams, and pictures that boost your confidence level by appearing easy to understand and follow. The book includes methods on how to treat various conditions through the use of different plants and also how to make bandage dressings from items you didn’t know were useful. 

Here’s a plus, unlike some first aid books that make use of tough medical words in which you’d have to enlist the help of a dictionary or the internet, the authors of this book have made assimilation easier by breaking down these words and supplementing them with easy ones. The Bushcraft First Aid: A Field Guide to Wilderness Emergency Care is one wilderness survival book that is worth your attention and can save a life, if not more.



3. Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Next here is the Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival which deals with the mastery of wilderness survival. This book includes details that should be adhered to such as the ‘5cs’ of Survivability, sections on how to build resources from your surrounding, how to collect wood, securing food, etc. The Bushcraft 101 is a wilderness survival book that entails a lot of essential information needed to aid survival. Survival outdoors is secured through the skills and the author Dave Canterbury illustrates these skills in his book.

This book goes into detail about what the author refers to as the ‘5cs’ of Survivability and they include, cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages. If you are a beginner then this is the right book for you as it explores a vast range of survival techniques while also giving you an all-round view into the wilderness survival world. The author goes into detail in each section of the book despite there being a lot of areas to cover. Keeping up with its title, this wilderness survival book really is essential for beginner survivalists. 



4. Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival

Author of the Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival, Mors Kochanski is a well-respected figure in the world of wilderness survival experts. He is a renowned bushcraft and wilderness survival instructor so you can rest assured the guidelines are coming from an experienced author.

Fortunately enough, the book contains clear illustrations, valid information, and easy to understand diagrams that make your reading experience worth the time. This book is best suited for beginners because It dishes out advice on basic essentials such as how to light a fire, how to create a shelter, how to chop wood, etc. The skills listed above a basic and important for every survivalist to be aware of.

The Bushcraft: Outdoor Skills and Wilderness Survival lays its emphasis on basic survival and the true knowledge attached to it. This budget-friendly wilderness survival book is one that entails relevant information for first-timers and people newly introduced to the world of wilderness survival. This is what makes it more suitable for beginners not advanced survivalists. 



5. Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness

And last on this list is the Primitive Wilderness Living & Survival Skills: Naked into the Wilderness. Yes, you read it right, primitive wilderness survival skills. Written by authors John and Geri McPherson who are referred to as true primitives and known as the Prairie Wolf in the survival community. This book encompasses skills on how to survive with little or no resource at all which is why it works in line with its title to provide such skills for survivalists who are interested in the primitive era.

The authors have made their book different from the vast number of others on the shelf by placing focus on primitive wilderness survival skills which might come in handy even during modern times such as now. The use of ancient survival skills in this book might appeal to some outdoor enthusiasts who show interest in discovering how survival was achieved in the primitive era. Some of these skills include how to make use of a bow and arrow to hunt for food, how to make use of sticks and stones as stones for survival, how to start a fire without a fire starter or even match sticks, etc.

Luckily for survivalists who might show interest, this book contains over 700 pictures that would most definitely aid in your understanding of how survival was achieved back then. Adding this book to your library wouldn’t be such a bad idea even though you don’t want to actually try the skills out. 



Tips on how to select the best wilderness survival books

Having gone through our list of the top five best wilderness survival books, we have created a guide that includes tips on what you should look out for while shopping for the best wilderness survival book to take with you while going outdoors. Here they are: 




A book most especially a survival book shouldn’t be too heavy so as not to act as a burden while moving from different locations during your outdoor expedition. A compact wilderness survival book will do well to sit and suit your backpack perfectly; you might even forget you placed it in. So while searching for the best wilderness survival book, you should ensure it would not place or act as a burden to you the reader. Also ensure your book has a waterproof cover. Some wilderness survival books come with waterproof covers while some don’t but if your desired wilderness survival book doesn’t have one, you could easily provide one for it.

Area of Interest

Discovering your area of interest Is crucial to selecting the best wilderness survival book. Your area of interest might vary from the books you have found so you might have to search a little bit harder. There are general based wilderness survival books on the market that provide adequate information on various topics but selecting one written on a single topic might aid better because it would pay full attention to everything you need to know and understand concerning the topic.

Publication Date

Making the wrong decision while selecting your book might be disastrous. This simply implies that getting an outdated wilderness survival book might do you no good but rather cause unwanted harm. The publication date of a survival book is very important to take note of because wilderness survival has evolved over time and the principles guiding them have also evolved too.

New technology, new ideas, obstacles, etc. are discovered and implemented each day. So you need to stay up to date and make sure you are aware of these changes being made so as not to regret later. It is better to secure a more modern and recently published survival book because it would place emphasis on how to solve modern problems. Here’s something to note, research does no harm, you could make an inquiry into the past too but you shouldn’t really dwell on those ideologies.

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