Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Who wouldn’t love a pair of ultralight sleeping bags; equipped for less stress and easy to move around with. Sleep is essential to ensure stability during the day and to achieve that in the outdoors, you need to acquire the best ultralight sleeping bag. Ultralight sleeping bags work in line with their names; they’re actually ultralight. They provide warmth, comfort and are suitable for travelling since they are portable. 

The best ultralight sleeping bags might be hard to secure considering the varieties on the market but we have gone sleeping bag hunting and selected the best five products on the shelf. Here they are: 

Product Quick Comparison

  • Nemo Men’s Riff Down Sleeping Bag
  • REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag
  • Geertop Ultralight Camping Sleeping Bag
  • Nemo Forte Stratofiber Sleeping Bag
  • BESTEAM Ultra-Light Envelope Sleeping Bag
Here are our best ultralight sleeping bag reviews.

This sleeping bag is specially designed for people who sleep on their side. It has a mummy-shaped structure but includes more free space than the average mummy designed ultralight sleeping bag. The Nemo Men’s Riff Down Sleeping Bag is a three-season certified ultralight sleeping bag, offers protection against the elements and is sold in two different sizes; the first size is measured at 6 feet and is referred to as Regular while the second size measures at 6 feet 6 inches and is known as Long.

The Nemo Men’s Riff Down Sleeping Bag is uniquely designed in a spoon-like shape that offers an extra room at the elbows and knees unlike the average mummy-shaped ultralight sleeping bag found on the shelf. It also includes a foot box that is enforced to provide maximum comfort and withstand moisture penetration. The Riff Down sleeping bag comes in two styles; the 15 degrees and the 30 degrees, depending on the climate, you have a choice between these two to aid against the changes in the weather climate. Here’s a plus, this sleeping bag includes a compression stuff sack and cotton storage bag that aid in the protection of the sleeping bag itself while being transported.



Next on the list is the REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag which is durable, made from polyester, and is also designed to offer high quality. Its durable fabric provides maximum comfort in weather conditions and is guaranteed to last for a long time. This sleeping bag is designed for both outdoor and indoor use, its polyester fabric is comfortable, skin-friendly, and breathable.

The REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag is best suited for summer and warmer weather conditions. It is equipped with a reversal zipper that can be fully unzipped and attached to another sleeping bag to create a large double sleeping bag which is pretty cool because you get a sleeping partner. It can also be unzipped to form a base for quilts and blankets during a picnic. The REDCAMP sleeping bag includes a portable compression sack which is used to store the ultralight sleeping bag and make it portable enough to be carried around. 



The Geertop Ultralight Camping Sleeping Bag is affordable and very budget-friendly. About 90% of its filling is made from the duck down fabric which ensures maximum warmth and comfort. Its outer lining is made from 100% nylon and an inner lining of pure polyester. These quality materials are comfortable and equally skin-friendly. 

The Geertop Ultralight Camping Sleeping Bag is equipped with a very durable zipper that doesn’t snag and can be fully unzipped, be attached to another sleeping bag, and become a larger, more spacious double sleeping bag; plus you get a partner if you want one. The ultra-lightweight sleeping bag is waterproof and functions well in wet climates.

The Geertop Ultralight Camping Sleeping Bag boasts of being three-season certified, suitable for weather conditions from  32 degrees to 68 degrees. So yeah your Geertop ultralight sleeping bag is suitable for three seasons and functions very well in various weather conditions. 



Now here’s the Nemo Forte Stratofiber Sleeping Bag made with synthetic insulation, designed to offer warmth and comfort and is also condensation resistant. The sleeping bag is brilliantly designed to create more room for your elbows and feet and is highly recommended for sleepers who tend to sleep on their side and wiggle too. A durable and comfy blanket fold is included which in turn provides additional material to nestle around your face for extra comfort while asleep.

The synthetic insulation it is made with will warm you up if you get drenched while outdoors, which is a plus because you might not have to go through the stress of building a campfire for warmth. Here’s something not common with sleeping bags; the Nemo Forte Stratofiber Sleeping Bag comes prepared with two slits down its centre and these are referred to as the Nemo Call Thermo Grills. These slits can be unzipped to let out warm air if by chance you get too hot while sleeping, very cool right?

The Nemo Forte Stratofiber Sleeping Bag is equipped with a stash pocket that can be zipped and used to keep your valuables; I.e phones, wallets, wristwatch, etc safe and dry. This one ultra-lightweight sleeping bag you shouldn’t leave hanging on the shelf.



And we are down to the final ultra-lightweight sleeping bag on our list, the BESTEAM Ultra-Light Envelope Sleeping Bag. Here’s something fun to note, it really is shaped like an envelope. Measured at a full height of 75 inches and a width of 30 inches, this sleeping bag is suitable for people and their various individual body sizes. There’s loads of room irrespective of height or size, which is really nice because it saves the stress of sleeping bag hunting for a long time.

The BESTEAM Ultra-Light Envelope Sleeping Bag is designed with an outer lining made of nylon and a comfortable inner lining which is pretty soft and skin-friendly. It is also created to provide the right amount of warmth in the cold weather and is very efficient in the summer too.  It is a certified three-season ultralightweight sleeping bag and when fully unzipped can be used as a quilt or blanket. The sleeping bag comes along with a compressible stuff bag which reduces the size of the bag to a very portable and convenient height and weight. Attached to the sleeping bag is an inner pocket space that can be used to store valuables and keep them from unwanted visitors.



Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags

Having gone through our selected best five ultra-lightweight sleeping bags, you might want to consider some factors before fully deciding on your desired ultra-lightweight sleeping bag. A typical ultra-lightweight sleeping bag weighs just under 2lbs. Even though the weights vary, largely depending on the manufacturers, it is extremely important to take note of its weight especially if you’re going to be on foot and need to move around with your backpack. We have noted down great guidelines and what you need to note while hunting for your desired ultra-lightweight sleeping bag. Well, here they are: 


The temperature rating of your desired ultra-lightweight sleeping bag is very important. Getting the wrong sleeping bag for the wrong weather climate might be disastrous. Your body heat should also be noted while sleeping bag shopping because we differ in shapes and sizes too. Checking for the product description of each sleeping bag you fancy is crucial because the temperature rating of the sleeping bags will vary depending on the country or region you’re located in. 

Ability to compress

Considering how heavy your backpack would be after stacking up is very essential. Therefore you should get a sleeping bag that comes with a compressor sack. A compressor sack saves the stress of lugging your sleeping bag around. The compressibility of a sleeping bag is crucial to a successful stay outdoors. You wouldn’t want a very heavy survival backpack, it would slow you down. 

Interior spacing

Discomfort is one feeling that can completely destroy sleep. An ultra-lightweight sleeping bag with little or no interior space might not be advisable for an average individual. While most ultra-lightweight sleeping bags are designed narrowly, there are a few with alterations, I.e the Mummy shaped sleeping bags. How spacious your sleeping bag is might change your concept concerning outdoor survival or provide just the right amount of comfort because the more spacing a sleeping bag has reduced the flow of air circulating around your body while the less space it has brings little or much discomfort to outdoor lovers who tend to wiggle while sleeping. 

The three key measurements to take note of while ultra-lightweight sleeping bag hunting is the length, shoulder girth, and hip measurement. These measurements are vital to securing a good night’s sleep.  While securing your desired ultra-lightweight sleeping bag, you should take note of its spacing. If you are a wiggler, you’d need the extra spacing. The interior spacing of an ultra-lightweight sleeping bag also allows for additional inner pockets where you can store handy gears or valuables thereby securing them from the harsh weather and theft too. 

In and Out

Now here’s something most outdoor explorers have issues with, getting in and out of a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags, in general, come with zippers but some can be fully unzipped while others are designed to just stop halfway. An easy and stress-free entry should be noted as very crucial because you might need easy ways at night. It is advisable for those taller than average or perhaps on the large scale to go for the long zippers if they don’t want any form of constriction at all. 


The fabric used to make an ultra-lightweight sleeping bag is one thing to look out for while shopping for your desired ultra-lightweight sleeping bag. Survival campers are always on the way so making decisions on the fabric of their sleeping bags might not be so hard compared to a newbie. The two materials commonly used are down and synthetic insulation. The down insulation sleeping bags are easy to compress, they are lighter, provide more comfort, and are warmer. 

Its slight disadvantage is the sleeping bag is not advisable to be used in wet weather conditions because it would lose its insulation and loft abilities. The down material sleeping bags are budget friendly though and affordable. The synthetic induced sleeping bags are heavier, compared to the down material. There might be construction while being packed and they are a whole lot more expensive than the down fabric sleeping bags. 

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