Best Tactical Boots

best tactical boots

When on an expedition, nothing protects your feet more than a tactical boot. They protect your feet from accidents and rough terrains because your performance becomes low the moment you sustain an injury on your feet. It might even slow you down.

It is one thing to go to the wilderness with footwear, and another to go with the right one. You can’t just venture into the wild with fancy sneakers meant for fashion and partying. A little tear from sticks or sharp objects is all it takes to ruin the fun for you.

Choosing the best tactical boot might be a little difficult but with this review, it should be easier. Five of the best tactical boots have been compiled to help you pick the best that suits your survival expedition. A quick list;

  1. RYNO Gear Tactical Combat Boot
  2. ATAC Jungle Boots
  3. Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot
  4. Free Soldier Outdoor Military Boot
  5. Original SWAT Alpha Fury Tactical Boot

These boots are pocket-friendly and can let you walk for long-distance. They come with breathable mesh linings and padded collars for your comfort.

The RYNO Gear Tactical Combat Boots have shock-absorbent and removable insoles. This is to prevent you from sustaining injuries and it is strong enough for all kinds of terrain. With the slip-resistant outsole, your grip will be more firm.

The boot has an inner lining that is water-resistant, so when water touches your boot, there won’t be much damage. That is to say, the boot is not waterproof. It is made from leather and ballistic nylon so the boot is sure to last long. It can withstand harsh conditions but does not come in small sizes.



They are of high-quality and made from leather and nylon. This means that they are very durable and wear-resistant. The insole has Ortholite X25 foam for extra cushioning and comfort. It is breathable thereby increasing airflow into the boot.

ATAC Jungle Boots stand out among its contemporaries as it comes with a hidden knife pocket. This can be useful in times of emergency. It has thick ankle padding to give you support, although complaints have been up that it restricts movement.



It is constructed with 16mm suede leather and very durable nylon webbing. It also provides you with the needed comfort with its strong ankle support and a PU breathable footbed.

The Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boots have rubber outsoles and threads that are slip-resistant, therefore giving you a good grip on the ground. The rubber soles are soft so climbing is made easy.

The boots are lightweight weighing around 23oz per boot. This means they can be worn comfortably in any environment. It allows you to walk freely even for long-distance.



These tactical boots are breathable and comfortable. They are made from high-quality scratch-resistant suede leather. It comes with a partial rubber on the toes and water-repellent to block out water.

The outsole is made of rubber slip-resistant and also wear-resistant which makes it the best choice for any expedition. They are better in warm climates due to their breathability which makes it easy for airflow. The ankle has adequate support because of the padding around the collar.

The Free Soldier Outdoor Military Boot is not lightweight neither is too heavy. A single boot weighs around 3.5lb. They are also not very good for extreme weather conditions like snow, so warmth is not guaranteed.



The name alone makes it sound like something from the military and even gives you the military carriage. The Original SWAT Alpha Fury Tactical Boot is flexible and very lightweight. It guarantees high-performance with comfort.

The boot has an EVA midsole that is made with nylon shank. It also has shock-absorber useful to prevent injury while walking for a long time. It is suitable for any weather condition and very comfortable. There is a gusseted tongue that stops dirt from entering. The outsole is made of rubber and it is also slip-resistant.

The boots are very flexible as it has a custom made thermoplastic heel counter. The exterior is made of polyester mesh and a microfiber PU in the upper part. However, they are not as durable as leather so may not last long.



Things to Watch for When Selecting Tactical Boots

Shape and Height
The climate you are in will determine the height of the boot to choose from. Cold climates would need high boots while short boots will be perfect in hot weather. Tactical boots are generally known to not be lightweight but this is not very true as materials used are what determine the weight of the boots. For example, tactical boots with water-resistant most likely weigh more.

It is advisable to put durability into consideration rather than think of lightweight. Because a lightweight boot with no durability is rather useless in the wilderness. Check for features that you think will be useful for your adventure irrespective of its lightweight or heaviness.

It is important to think of weight when it comes to survival because long period movement might be inevitable.

Exterior Materials

The outer part of a boot is as important as the interior. They must be built to last so the exterior has to be as sturdy as possible. Many tactical boots are made of high-quality leather and/or other synthetic materials.

It is important to note also that leather varies. There are split-grain leathers that are usually very light and cheap. There is also the full-grain leather which is a sturdy and durable material that can resist water well. However, it is not very breathable. Another type is the Nubuck leather. It is very close to the suede and also durable but it is not very flexible but stiff.

It is important to check and know what material a boot is made of and what feature they possess.

Supportive Soles

A tactical boot has two soles- the outsole and the insole. The outsole is the external part of the boot that touches the ground. It must have a good grip to avoid injuries. They are mostly made of rubber. Just like leather, rubber also has two types. Hard rubber material provides stability while a soft rubber material increases grip. So it is advisable to go for tactical boots with a balance between both types of rubber.

The insole is the part of the boot that supports your feet. A boot with high-quality insoles provides adequate comfort. A stiff insole is better in a survival situation than a soft sole which is perfect for less serious expeditions.


On an expedition, however short, comfort is important. You have to be conscious of what you wear to avoid blisters or even tired feet.

A mistake commonly made, especially by first-time users, is buying tactical boots that have the same size as their regular shoes. So it is advisable to have a full measurement of your foot first. Measure all sides if possible to avoid regrets. This can be done in some outdoor stores. In the case where you are not sure of the exact size to pick, go for bigger ones. It is better than struggling with a shoe that has a small size. Your feet will not be very happy with you.

After purchase, please take some time to wear them around to help loosen them up so they don’t feel too stiff when needed. It is called ‘breaking in a boot’.

Our Pick

Recap: I’m sure you won’t be surprised we chose this because of the five best available, it seems the most feature-filled. Also putting into consideration the fact that you might be on your feet for long, the ATAC Jungle Boots are your sure bet.

They are of high-quality and made from leather and nylon. That is, durability is on the high side and they also come with wear-resistant. The insole has Ortholite X25 foam for extra cushioning and comfort. It is breathable thereby increasing airflow into the boot.

ATAC Jungle Boots stand out among its contemporaries as it comes with a hidden knife pocket. This can be useful in times of emergency. The thick ankle padding gives you support, although there have been complaints that it restricts movement.

I don’t think it is necessary to remind you that every tactical boot listed in our review has its unique features. Okay, well I just did. Whether lightweight or heavy-duty, you would be sure to find the ones that suit your expedition perfectly.

We do hope our review was helpful? Please do us the favor of leaving feedback in our comment section below, and if you have ideas of future topics, kindly let us know too. We would love to hear from you.

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