Best Survival Watch

Best Survival Watch

When faced with emergency survival situations, you need efficient and reliable tools to guarantee your survival and safety. Therefore, you need the best survival watch, not only to inquire of the time but it also serves a lot of purposes such as compass, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, all to ensure your safety. 

Picking the best survival watch may prove to be overwhelming because of the  versatilities of these watches. Survivalists are keen on getting the best survival watches because it works well in any climate or situation; which will guarantee safety and ensure survival.

Amazingly, survival watches are peculiar from other types of survival equipment there is, due to the fact that they can be taken everywhere with you during your journey without the need for thinking of storage as you wear it on your wrist and they are  compact and easy to use even on the go.

Many of these watches in the market are designed with varieties of amazing attributes, these special features make the watches to be expensive and not always budget-friendly, so it can be overwhelming to choose the best survival watch that will not stretch your budget.

This article then aims at helping you get the best survival watch that will be  best suited for your survival situation and adventure. Five of the best survival watches will be reviewed in this article; I hope you find the one that will be of great and essential help to you.

This survival watch is designed to help you in every situation you may find yourself in it has the amazing and efficient features a survival watch is designed with. This Suunto core watch comes with incredible features such as a compass, graph, storm alarm, altimeter, and barometer which will definitely guarantee your survival in the outdoors and survival emergency situations. The storm alarm feature notifies you when air pressure drops and makes you aware of any incoming  storms, which helps you predict the weather which helps you during unpredictable weather conditions.

The weather trend graph feature helps you to determine the weather with excellent accuracy. It measures the barometric history of your environment for up to the last three to six hours, so that you can have an even precise prediction of what climate you are to face on your journey. Over 400 location’s  sunrise and sunset time is a feature of this watch, which helps you to take precautions for the weather you may face  wherever you are in the world during your adventure.

This model of watches is water-resistant of up to 100 feet and so can not handle much depth in water. But, it is best suited for various weather conditions as it can withstand any kind of climate, wet or dry.

With the exceptional features this watch possesses, some customers have complained of it’s strap as quite tight fitting and easily prone to snapping after a short-term of use. It’s battery durability has also been questioned by some customers as they claim it lasts for just 2-3 months.



2. Casio Men’s GW9400 Rangeman G-Shock Solar Atomic Watch

This model of survival watch is designed with certain features that facilitates survival in an emergency survival situation. This G-shock solar atomic watch is unique and outstanding from the other watches in the market mainly due to the  versatility and durability of the watch against a variety of situations and weather conditions. 

You can consider acquiring this watch on your journey or if you happen to find yourself in a survival situation that has a current winter climate. It is also shock resistant and can perform well in temperatures as low as 14 F. 

The battery of this watch lasts an incredible ten years and is solar powered, so you can be rest assured of the efficiency of this watch and its power which means you would no’t have to worry about your watch malfunctioning due to battery problems during your adventure. 

This model of watches includes; a barometer, a compass, and thermometer, also, an atomic timekeeping that adjusts automatically.

The advanced technological features of this watch may make it seem difficult to use but if you familiarise yourself with the functions, it is relatively easy to use. There are buttons at the side of the watch for inputs of functions; they beep on press and different functions have their specific beep tones, so you’ll be able to tell which function you are inputting when accustomed with the watch even in a survival situation.

With the outstanding features of this watch, the backlight is not strong enough to be used in places with low light like in the night. Even in daytime, the display is not bright.



The sleekness and formal looking design of this watch makes it outstanding in the market amidst various survival watches. It is versatile in use as it can be suited with your casual or workwear outfit, thereby making it a great choice in case of an emergency or if  a disaster strikes at any given moment.

This model of watch is not only solar powered but has the ability to trap and utilise power from other light sources. The hands on the analog clock face are luminous. Therefore, they do not need a battery; as the name states ‘eco-drive’, they are also easy to read without the need to double-take.

This watch is also characterised with a low-charge warning, so that your watch’s battery won’t  fail you unexpectedly during the adventure or survival situation.

The durability of this watch is also guaranteed due to its water-resistant feature that can make the watch last up to 660 feet dept in water, so it is best suited for a place with wet weather conditions.

It is strongly built with a stainless steel case and a stainless steel interface protective of 42mm It’s watchband is also stainless steel with a fold-over clasp, so you should be rest assured that it would not rust.

Despite the amazing feature of this watch, it is not ideal for survival as it does not include extra features found in survival watches. Even though it isn’t best suitable for long-term use, it is worth considering especially if you want a very tough watch.



This multifunctional watch made by Casio is a sure pick for a survivalist so as to guarantee survival in the outdoors. It comes with a wide range of features which includes a compass for easy navigation, a barometer, an altimeter, a thermometer, and a backlight all for your convenience during your journey.

This watch makes use of solar energy, so you do not need a battery to power. It easily converts and utilises the light source into electronic energy which is then stored in a rechargeable battery. This solar powered watch will not fail you during your adventure or give you battery complications that you should give you worry.

Incredibly, this watch is water-resistant and strongly built as it can handle being in water as deep as 330 feet. Therefore, it is best suited when traveling to a place with a wet climate.

This watch has a digital display for ease when on your adventure to read and accurate times.

CASIO pathfinder also gives you the sunrise, sunset, and accurate times in 48 cities across the world.

Most survivalists have however found the digital display difficult to read at awkward angles. The inbuilt alarm is also not loud enough for hearing causing unwanted inconvenience.



5. Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A G-Shock Military Watch

This is a unique watch that has two display features which are analogue and digital displays meaning you can expect high-levels of accuracy of the watch.

The analogue display of the watch is powered by Japanese quartz movement and is fitted in a crystal dial window. This watch helps you with time restraints as it features a 1/1000-second stopwatch and a speed indicator.

The durability of this watch by Casio is guaranteed as it is water-resistant and can be submerged in water of about 660 feet deep making it able to withstand the impact of water with little or no effect. So, you should consider this watch if you are planning to go on an adventure to a location with a wet climate.

This watch is compact and lightweight which adds to the comfort of your journey. So you will have a comfortable and attractive, if it is your option, watch with you on your adventure.

Although the color of watch you will get with the package may differ from the one you saw and ordered for online, it’s pale green colour is still best suited for camouflage in survival situations in the wilderness.




Types Of Survival Watch

There are different types of available survival watches we have in the market and picking the best survival watch that will be suitable for your adventure matters. They are of numerous unique qualities and abilities so you should consider the type of climate in the location of your adventure and the survival situation you will be in.  

Paracord Survival Watches

These are multifunctional watches and are excellent choices if you are looking for a portable and compact watch to add to your emergency survival kit to have on your wrist. 

They can come with fire starters, paracord rope, and a whistle so as to ensure that you are safe. If you intend to get a survival watch that performs above its intended use, a paracord watch may be best  to pick.

Navigation watches

They are multifunctional watches that can be used in various weather conditions. It is a great option for keen survivalists. They come with pressure detectors, altimeters, compasses, and even thermometers so as to ensure the success of the journey.


Although a standard watch can tell the accurate time, a survival watch can do better. Most survival watches come with duo display options, digital and analogue. 

Digital display is known for giving precise, instant and clear digits. However, the analogue displays have a more simple design and are easier to set compared to the digital watches.

Accuracy in a survival watch does not only apply to the correct time but to the accuracy of the GPS and compass ( if provided ).

Resistance and durability 

The resistance of your survival watch to water, fall, wear also matters.

A shock-proof watch is essential to own and it’s ability to withstand a fall when you suffer one without damage makes it last longer. It should not be water-resistance and withstand wet climate conditions.

Battery life

Watches with long battery life are more efficient and reliable during survival situations or your adventure. Battery powered survival tools often require constant change, having a strong battery with long lasting duration will solve this.

Moreover, not all survival watches are powered by batteries, some are powered by mechanical, solar or kinetic means. These kinds of watches are the most reliable and efficient but will not guarantee the power at all times.


With the various kinds of survival watches in the market, picking the best survival watch may prove difficult for you as a survivalist but I believe that from the five reviewed best survival watches in this article, you have found the one that will be best suitable for your next adventure.

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