Best Survival Two Way Radio

Best Survival Two Way Radio

Telecommunications in recent time has improved with technology and mobile phones taking the place of walkie talkie ( two-way radios ) but in this evolving world of ours, voice has no substitute. When you find yourself in a survival situation, you need a reliable way of communication, and finding the best survival two way radio for you is the reason for this article. 

Getting stranded or when you need help from your friend in another location, communication will be way easy if both parties have a two-way radio. Every day, people around the world count on public safety personnel to protect them. When a devastating natural disaster may occur, you can easily communicate with help using a two-way radio. In this article, I will be reviewing 5 (five) varieties of two-way radios, their importance to survival situations will be critically examined, how to make use of them, and the notable features they have. 

I hope that by the end of reading this article, you will consider getting a two-way radio in case you are in a survival situation and you need help in a good time.

Let’s have a look at the best two-way radios to be critically examined.

It is a small and very compatible pair of radios that can fit perfectly well in your hands, pocket, or handbag. This model has a height of 4.5 inches ( without antenna then antenna length with radio all together is 5.24 inches, a width of 2.36 inches (with a thickness of 1.30 inches). It is water-resistant and solidly built and it can be operated by anyone regardless of age.  

This model of two-way radio has become a sure pick and has gained popularity as a result of its size. The radio’s frequency range is Ultra High. The frequency range is UHF 400-470MHz  and has about 16 pre-programmed channels and each radio has identical frequencies out of the box. 

Another feature of the radio is that it’s synthesized voice will tell you the channel number, which adds to the convenience and its efficiency. Each of the radios comes with a 1,500 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and a charging dock. You can recharge the phones in two ways; you can charge the battery alone and you can also charge the radio with the battery installed. The radios take 2.5 hours to complete a full charge and can last up to around 8-96 hours on a single charge based on how much you transmit, and like most radios, the battery life is determined by how long you transmit. 

Another interesting fact about these phones is that they are weatherproof. It has a quality loudspeaker which provides clear and loud hearing when transmitting. The range of transmission of frequencies is based on the terrain and surrounding. In a less congested environment with fewer obstructions, frequencies can be transmitted up to 5 miles. It is suitable for security teams, fire maintenance teams, while hunting, camping e.t.c.


  • Portable
  • Water-resistant and strongly built
  • High frequency transmission
  • Easy to operate for all ages


  • The synthesized voice is difficult for most people to understand. Poor sound quality
  • Customers complain of frequency disruption and range inefficiency

ANSIOVON’s walkie talkie offers you a rechargeable long-range two-way radio at an affordable and inexpensive price suitable for your pocket even at such low price, it’s durability and efficiency is guaranteed. It can be of great help in survival situations with its awesome features ideal for transmitting and receiving of frequencies during emergency times. It has an ultra-high frequency range of up to 6 miles. Each radio has a height of 4.5 inches and a width of 1.3 inches, making them small, compatible, and easy to handle. Since it weighs less (150g), 

You can easily carry them in your hand or your pocket. Its amazing feature is a LED flashlight which is good for a survivalist. A synthesized voice is available so that when you change channel numbers, it notifies you and tells you what channel you are in of the 16 channels. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor surroundings. It’s working voltage is 110-240V and the battery capacity is 1500 mAh. This model makes use of a Li-ion battery. ANSIOVON has an inbuilt voice processing technology that keeps you connected even in noisy places.


  • Cheap and affordable
  • Flashlight
  • Small and handy
  • High frequency range
  • Quality audio
  • Duo charging method


  • Not water-resistant can get destroyed if exposed to harsh weather conditions
  • Battery's durability and efficiency are not guaranteed

Retevis’s model of walkie talkie are best suitable for business firms, sahools, hunting expeditions, whereby communication and interaction between workers is vital. The brand comes with a 3000mAh battery capacity which guarantees up to 260 hours standby after a full charge.  Retevis walkie talkie comes with two antennas one is the common antenna you can find on every walkie talkie while the other one is the high gain which increases the range of the walkie talkie. 

A key feature of this walkie talkie is that it is durable and strong built. When you accidentally drop it from 2 meters to the ground, it would still work perfectly well. It comes with high-quality earpiece which is long enough, and filters outer noise. Like most two-way radios, this model is capable of transmitting ultra-high frequencies making it suitable in the face of harsh weather conditions and can still function properly. 

However, as similar to other two-way radios, it’s ultra-high frequency can be hindered by the terrain and the environment. Its speaker quality has been compared to that of a phone’s speaker. It is water-resistant. 


  • Durable and strongly built
  • It offers long-range coverage and strong signals
  • Calls are encrypted and secured
  • Water-resistant
  • Quality speaker


  • Expensive
  • It comes only in a pack of 5

This model of walkie talkie is a very reliable two-way radio and it can be used for numerous purposes; in church, by the police, factory, airport, control center, supermarket, schools, and even in survival situations whereby you need to communicate with another person. The features and abilities of this two-way phone makes it worthy of comparison to mobile phones. 

It is a long-range two-way radio with 20 channels and a long antenna for easy and effective communication with family, friends, relatives, during survival situations, and hiking, e.t.c. This model has the power to penetrate wood, steel, concrete giving you a better chance of clear and uninterrupted communication this is all thanks to the 5 watts transmission power technology. The frequency range of this model is UHF 400-470MHz and the battery capacity is a 1500mAh rechargeable battery which can work after every full charge for about 12 hours and a standby time of 50 hours. 

It comes with an amazing low mode which saves battery life. This model also allows you to communicate with all members at once even if they are not on the same channel by pressing the center GROUP PTT. How would you feel if unwanted signals were interrupting your conversation over the line? Bad. This model has allowed you to add a private CDCSS to every channel to prevent irrelevant signals that may interrupt your conversations. LCD backlight display will make the status of the channel  easier to read and also makes the radio easy to use in the darkness and at night. This model’s range can reach up to 5 miles with no obstructions or interruptions. It can also be programmed to work with FRS & GMRS radio if they are on the same frequency.


  • Durable
  • Crystal clear audio
  • Long range two-way radio and 20 channels
  • Ultra-high frequency
  • Uninterrupted conversation


  • The premium price can discourage low budget customers

This  model of two-way radio communication by BAOFENG is a sure pick if you are on a low budget but you need a quality product. This model comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery which can be used for a long time. Its power-saving feature extends battery life and even it’s life span. The low battery alarm notifies you to either charge or change the battery when down. It weighs 1.5 pounds, quite light to carry. 

In survival situations, you may need light when your flashlight is out of battery charge, this model of walkie talkie comes with an inbuilt Flashlight to meet your needs in the dark. It also comes with a 105 CDCSS technology to avoid interruptions during your conversations. It is easy to use and it comes with 16 channels. This model can cover up to 3 miles in an open place without obstructions, in a city or town it may cover up to 1-2 miles depending on locations while in buildings, it’s range may be from the 1st to the 40th floor. These models of walkie talkies are ideal for Ski Field, Safety Team, hiking, Road Trip, Hunting, playground, football field, and Other Outdoor Purposes. 

One major setback is that these radios are not water resistant. This will restrict the kind of environments you can use them and expose them to without faults occurring and causing damage to the radio. As a survivalist, familiarise yourself with your location and weather patterns. It is best advisable to use in dry weather places void of too much water.


  • Quality speaker
  • Inexpensive
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Power saving features


  • Not water-resistant

What do you consider when you want to acquire a two-way radio?

 A two-way radio for your adventure as a survivalist is advisable especially if you are going in groups. In your company, where communication is vital among workers, in your home, or even when you visit the park, you will need a two-way radio to keep in contact with others but if you are new and inexperienced in the use of two-way radios, they will be of little use to you, company or your fellow survivalists. One advantage is that they are easy to use. The following are what you are to put into consideration when you want to buy a two-way radio.

  1. Range: the distance that the two-way radio can cover matters a lot. Different two-way radios vary in range. Most producers exaggerate the range their radio can cover but that does not mean they are not authentic. In general, the average coverage is 2-3 miles. The lack of range coverage may be as a result of obstructions and weather conditions you should put into consideration the weather conditions of your geographical area to know the type you should purchase.
  2. Frequency: frequencies come in two types Very high frequency and ultra-high frequency. The VHF is a should be a good choice if you are planning outdoor communications because they can travel through open areas. The UHF is suitable for both outdoor and indoor communications since they can penetrate obstructions.
  3. Size and weight: the length and weight of your two-way radio matters too because you don’t want a setback as a result of the radio. It is advisable to get a compact and light radio that is easy to pack and handle.
  4. Price: the price of two-way radios varies based on the makers and brands. It is advisable to go for a radio that suits your budget. Most high-quality radios have high prices attached but your main focus shouldn’t be the attached price but the quality.
  5. Wattage: the higher the watt, the greater the distance your radio can transmit. The Family Radio Service (FRS) has lower watt thereby transmission range is not long meanwhile General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) transmits long and penetrates various obstructions.
As a team and the success of that requires good communication two-way radio communication can play a good role in keeping in touch with each other. After analyzing the above five best two-way radios, I hope you select the one best for you, your family, and business.

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