Best Survival Tarp

Best Survival Tarp

While camping outdoors, a survival tarp can be used instead of a tent.  Acquiring the best survival tarp is a step forward in extreme outdoor survival situations. A survival tarp might come in handy when the strain of moving around with tents might weigh you down. Regular outdoor hikers usually prefer tarps over tents sometimes.

Just like tents, survival tarps are equally efficient against the frigid weather conditions and serve to protect you against illnesses contracted through the cold weather, I.e hypothermia.

You might wonder how on Earth you’d go about getting the desired tarp of your choice. To aid with that we have gone survival tarp hunting and have selected five (5) excellent high quality survival tarps you would love to try out on an outdoor survival camping. 

Product quick comparison

  • Gold Armour Tarp
  • KALINCO Tarp
  • Aqua Quest Defender Tarp
  • Unigear Tent Tarp
  • Arcadia Gear Survival Tarp
Here are our reviews.

The Gold Armour Tarp living up to its brand name is designed to fully function against very harsh weather conditions, I.e torrential rainfall, blizzards, etc. Fully measured at 12 feet x 10 feet, this survival tarp is large enough to offer full protection and equally works well for survival in the wilderness.

The Gold Armour Tarp’s durability is enhanced with the aid of the rip-stop polyester it is made from. It is equipped with one 12″ x 10″ Gold armour SUPER-FLY, six 3 meter Guy lines, six Guy Line Tensioners, four Aluminium Tent stakes, one portable accessory stuff  bag and one SUPERFLY stuff bag. The fabric is also tear and puncture-resistant, highly reliable in fierce climate conditions and ideal when you need shelter. The tarp includes 33 tie-down loops which make it very easy to set up.



Here we introduce the KALINCO Survival Tarp. This survival tarp comes equipped with waterproof certified fabric, metallic tent pegs, tie out loops with extra reinforced stitching and an equally comfortable fabric. Coated with a PU 3000mm waterproof coating and durable 190T polyester fabric, this tarp is ready and enforced with full protection abilities. It is a multifunctional tarp that can either be used as a shelter or on the ground as a tent footprint, compact and lightweight which make it easy to be carried around especially in survival backpack.

Measured at 10 x 15 feet, it comes equipped with six stakes, six ropes and a compact stuff bag that keeps the tarp portable and lightweight. The tarp is made from a flexible material that aids in its compatibility and is equally budget friendly.



This brand of survival tarp fully lives up to its name which is aided by its rugged durability. The Aqua Quest Defender Tarp will efficiently protect you and your survival gears in normally unbearable weather conditions. It comes in three different sizes all equipped to provide maximum protection against the elements. Its very durable design is attributed to a hydrostatic resistance of 20,000mm. This implies that it can easily withstand every single drop of water targeted towards its surface.

This survival tarp can be used relentlessly due to its 70D nylon material and quite heavy TPU coating. The tarp features double stitching and heat taped seams this implies that it is reliable in every weather condition. Its webbing loops have been reinforced by 19-24 around its edge also with one (1) central loop at the top for overhead hanging. The Aqua Quest Defender Tarp can be set up in practically any situation and appears in a convenient stuff bag that aids compressability too. A bonus point for the tarp is its camouflage colour which can be very useful in an emergency situation.



The Unigear Tent Tarp according to its name is versatile and very easy to set up. Constructed with 210D rip-stop Oxford fabric material, it is extra durable and efficient; providing excellent tear and wear resistance and water resistant qualities. The Unigear tarp is equipped with six aluminium stakes, six adjustable nylon ropes, a plus sack for the ropes and poles and an additional carrying pouch to safeguard your survival gears. The tarp also includes eight tie-down loops and grommets which work together to provide loads of attachment points and keep your tarp secure and sturdy.

The Unigear Tent Tarp’s interior is equipped with a PU2000mm waterproof coating which is UV resistant, serves as a form of shade from the scorching sun and provides additional waterproof coating.



Last on the list of the best survival sleeping tarps is the Arcadia Gear Survival Tarp. This survival sleeping tarp works efficiently in different weather conditions because it is designed to regulate body temperature in both hot and cold climate conditions; this is why it is nicknamed the “one of a kind” survival tarp. It is able to fully perform this as a result of the thermal reflective alumninium polymer design it is equipped with. 

The Arcadia Gear Survival Tarp is constructed with polyurethane-treated, rip-stop nylon which adds a total of 20,000mm hydrostatic resistance. This tarp also comes with reinforced stitched heat taped seams that work to keep you warm and dry even in a torrential downpour. 

This survival tarp weighs 2.25lbs which is portable,  lightweight and would not slow you down or add extra weight to your backpack.




In securing the best survival tarp, specific strategic steps need to be taken. It might be hard, seeing as there are loads of survival tarps on the market shelf but we have decided to make it easy for you. Here are vital tips and guidelines that would aid in securing your desired survival tarp with little or no stress at all. 


The material or fabric a survival tarp is made from plays a vital role in its durability and longevity. Survival tarps normally come in various designs made with different materials and suited for various weather conditions. Note that the best survival tarp would be durable and equally water resistant. Here are some of the materials used in making survival tarps: 

Polyethylene plastic

This is the commonly used tarp creation material. They are popular with the public due to one major reason; they are very affordable. Tarps made from polyethylene plastic are durable and also efficient. They might vary in the rate of durability but are still very much on the market. A strong bonus point for the polyethylene plastic tarps is they are usually waterproof and UV treated. They are also layered with polyethylene films and the more films, the tougher and more long lasting they are. 


Tyvek which is a construction material is another material used in the manufacture of survival tarps. It is a moisture barrier fabric, highly durable, very efficient and also budget friendly.  You wouldn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to try this tarp material out. Though it might be stiff at the first use and a bit noisy due to its production materials, it is a very sturdy survival tarp fabric.


Just like the Tyvek, the Visqueen is also a moisture barrier fabric. It is relatively budget friendly but boasts of quality too. Note that the Tyvek and Visqueen materials don’t come with grommets. If you still feel comfortable enough to buy them, go for it; although you’d have to create your own fastenings. 


The last on this fabric list is the Nylon made tarps. Nylon tarps are known for high quality. They are compact and lightweight, easy to carry around and very compressible. Nylon tarps are designed to suit any survival situation out there. They are quite expensive but are made from high quality. 


Colours reflect and give out different meanings; they are reserved for various purposes. In selecting your desired survival tarps you have to note the colours too. A natural coloured survival tarp is best used if you don’t want unnecessary attraction and would love to blend in with nature. Examples If such are green and brown. 

The brightly coloured survival tarps are best used if you’re conscious of the fact that something might happen and you would need help. You might be stuck in a situation where you lose your way; the plastic fabric tarps are usually sky blue in colour and could be very helpful. 

Size and shape

Survival tarps definitely vary in shape and size. There are two major shapes though but a vast number of different sizes can be found on the market shelf. 

An average survival tarp is shaped in a square or rectangular form. The rectangular shaped survival tarps are excellent for sheltering your sleeping bag or tent. While the square shaped survival tarps are considered as all rounders. They provide full camp site  protection but are larger in size and tend to take up more space in your survival backpack. 


If your desired survival tarp isn’t versatile then, you might have to reconsider. Versatility is a very unique quality attributed to survival tarps. A versatile tarp might just about save your life in life threatening situations. For example, tarps can be used to protect your firewood from getting soaked; there’s no way you’d be able to protect yourself from the cold weather with wet wood. If you are stuck and need to get across through a body of water, your survival tarp might come in handy especially if it is waterproof certified, of high quality and very durable. Your tarp can serve as a floatation device if it is equally heavy duty. 

Survival heavy duty tarps can be used to collect water, double as a container for carrying food and items during long treks outdoors. Your heavy duty tarp can be used to trap rain if the water is needed. 

Attachment points

The best survival tarp should have at least four attachment points and grommets around the edges. The metal rings that allow you to securely tie down the tarp are known as grommets. An average survival tarp has enough spacing between the grommets. Be rest assured with the fact that survival tarps appear in various shapes and sizes which implied that the spacing might be different.  A heavy duty survival tarp maintains grommets that are approximately 18 inches far from each other. 

Grommets are usually made from three different materials; aluminium, brass and plated steel. They are all rust-proof certified but vary in strength. Unlike the aluminium grommets which function better in light-duty usage, the brass made grommets are the most durable and function excellently with high duty survival tarps. 

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