Best Survival Shovel

Best Survival Shovel

A shovel is one multifunctional gadget that has been deemed an ideal tool for outdoor survival. The best survival shovel is a vital piece of your survival gear that will definitely assist in survival situations. 

Survival shovels are uniquely designed and are fully equipped to aid survival, unlike the average shovel. Securing a survival shovel might be a tad stressful due to the varieties on the market shelf. To assist with that we have selected the best five survival shovels that are guaranteed to provide satisfactory results. 

Product Quick Comparison

  • FiveJoy Folding Shovel Multitool (C1)
  • JunHo Folding Shovel
  • Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel
  • United Cutlery M48 Kommando Shovel
  • USGI Military E-Tool Shovel
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The FiveJoy Folding Shovel Multitool (C1) is usually referred as the “All-in-One” survival tool. This foldable shovel is equipped with everything a survival shovel needs to aid in your survival outdoors. Its spade can be used at  30°, 85° and 180° angle as a hook, hoe and a shovel due to its screw locking mechanism. The screw locking mechanism makes this folding shovel a very versatile one.

The FiveJoy Folding Shovel Multitool (C1) comes with an extremely sharp double-edged saw that can cut into any wood; any at all. It is also equipped with various features which include a fire starter, a bottle opener, an emergency whistle, a hammer, and a host of other essentials for outdoor survival.

This folding shovel is equipped with a durable handle made from aluminium. It is certified as water-resistant and provides a firm grip with the aid of its anti-slip foam cushion. The shovel is fully equipped with features that allows it to not only dig but also cut, saw, peel, and chop. Here’s a plus, this multifunctional folding shovel is lightweight and very easy to be carried around.



Now here’s a folding shovel built especially for survival in the outdoors. The JunHo Folding Shovel is equipped with a shovel head and handle made from high-carbon steel that aids in their durability. Its grip ensures a firm grip with the aid of its rubber material which is termed “non-slip”. 

A brilliant additional feature of the JunHo Folding Shovel is the tactical knife hidden in its handle. The knife is an essential tool for outdoor survival and this makes it a great extra feature and due to its lightweightness, you wouldn’t have to bother about securing a space for it. Other brilliant plus-features in this survival shovel are; a bottle opener, a sharp blade, and a hook line feature. 

The JunHo Folding Shovel is equipped with a folding mechanism that allows the survival shovel to become compact and lightweight. This folding mechanism also makes the shock easy to be carried around. Here’s a bonus point for this survival shovel; unlike the average shovel, it comes with a carrying pouch and a durable belt loop. These additions enhance the durability of the shovel and the belt loop serves to secure your survival shovel safely while  attached to your body. 



Next on our list is the Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel. Noted as one of the best survival shovels out on the shelf, this portable survival shovel lives up to its brand name. The  Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel is commonly referred to as ” the military” tool. It is built to function perfectly in extreme weather conditions and serves as a great survival tool.

This survival shovel fully measures at 23 inches and when compressed, it measures at 9″ x 6″. Its ability to be folded makes it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts who border on the survival aspect especially as it is equally lightweight and perfect when you are on the run.

The Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel also multifunctions as a certified heavy-duty pickaxe. This feature makes it extra durable and pretty useful when faced with danger or strong wood that needs to be split. This survival shovel is equipped with a simple and equally straightforward mechanism. Its straightforward mechanism makes it easy to fully access the pickax feature because you just have to tighten the shovel head at a 90-degree angle. Included with this brilliant feature is a string of saw teeth that are pretty sharp and useful too.



4. United Cutlery M48 Kommando Shovel

If you need to secure a shovel that can handle heavy-duty digging, the United Cutlery M48 Kommando Shovel is your key. This survival shovel was designed to withstand conditions where digging might be hard; unlike the average shovel that might not be able to endure such.

The shovel head is made from stainless steel which is coated with a black oxide that wards off corrosion. This multifunctional survival shovel comes with a blade that is equipped with a serrated edge along one side, and a concave chopping edge along the other half.

The United Cutlery M48 Kommando Shovel is equipped with a handle made from about 30 percent nylon and is reinforced with fiberglass. The handle offers a firm grip and this is brilliant because you wouldn’t want your shovel to slip from your hand while being used. The reinforced fiberglass and nylon make the handle and shovel itself sturdy against weather conditions and other odds.



The size and portability of this survival shovel makes it a popular choice among customers. The USGI Military E-Tool Shovel comes with a lock feature that allows the shovel to be adjusted and locked in various positions and lengths. The lock feature allows the shovel to double as an ice pick and a grappling hook.

This shovel comes with heavy-duty steel blades that are built to dig through various tough terrains and also includes a serrated edge that functions well during chopping or cutting wood.

A plus feature for this survival shovel is its carrying pouch. The USGI Military E-Tool Shovel comes with a durable pouch made from 1000 denier nylon. The pouch or carrying case also includes sturdy straps that allow the shovel to be strapped easily to your clothing or backpack.



What to look out for in the Best Survival Shovel?

Survival shovels are tools that should never be left behind while prepping for outdoor activity. A multifunctional survival shovel is one of the major keys to ensuring outdoor survival. 

Securing the best survival shovel might be a tad stressful and equally frustrating. We have compiled a list of what to look out for while searching for your desired survival shovel. Here they are: 

 Shovel Head

The very first thing to check out is the shovel head. This feature is the part of the shovel that does most of the work so it shouldn’t be ignored. A durable shovel head means a long-lasting shovel itself. 

Shovel heads can be made from reinforced nylon, metal, or heat-treated stainless steel. Note that a metal shovel head will definitely be heavier than the reinforced nylon and stainless steel. It would also need to be sharpened when it gets blunt. If you don’t want a metal shovel head you can always secure the other two. Ensure your desired shovel has a head that doesn’t bend during pressure. If it does, you should reconsider other options. 

The shape of the shovel head is also crucial to its usefulness. Not all shovel heads come with a serrated edge; only some do. A shovel-head with a serrated edge can double as a weapon and work well in harsh terrains.


The grip a handle offers might be comfortable or not. The material used is also worth noting. Shovel handles can be made from hard plastic or metal.  A handle made with metal would definitely be sturdy and durable; it might even last longer.

The plastic handles are lightweight and should be considered by outdoor enthusiasts who tend to move around a lot. Your desired survival shovel should offer a non-slip grip; you wouldn’t want your shovel slipping off while being used.  


Survival shovels come in various lengths and sizes. Considering your strength and height should be of high importance while selecting your survival shovel. Longer handles make the shovels easier to use but they might be harder to transport and add weight to your survival backpack. 

The shorter handles might be easier to use but will require you to bend more while working. So the best option sometimes is to secure a survival shovel with an adjustable feature. 


Securing a versatile survival shovel is one key to ensuring survival outdoors. It is important to get a shovel that can perform well and won’t let you down in any situation. A good survival shovel will be able to withstand weather conditions and dig through various terrains. 

Survival shovels are usually classified into various groups; some are referred to as the folding shovels, military-style, etc. The folding shovels are known for their ability to function very well. They are also easy to transport and they fit well in survival backpacks. The military-style survival shovels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions; hence their name. They are usually equipped with advanced features such as pickaxes, blades with serrated edges, etc. 


The component of a survival shovel is a vital aspect of outdoor survival. The best survival shovels are usually equipped with extra features that make them multipurpose and very efficient.  Selecting a survival shovel with brilliant extra features would definitely save the stress of going around with a lot of luggage and save space too. 

A modern survival shovel does more than just digging, nowadays shovels are equipped with fire starters, bottle openers, and a host of others. So depending on where you want to set up your camp, you need to look out for features that are suitable for the terrain. 

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