Best Survival Rations

Best Survival Rations

Food supplies in the outdoors is essential to your survival and success of the journey. Science has proved that days without food will lead to eventual death – a risk you would not like to take. So, having in stock in your emergency survival kit the best survival rations will definitely guarantee the success of your journey.

A disaster may hit at any time so you have to be prepared for the unforeseen event. The relevant emergency authorities may be overwhelmed with loads of duties and people to attend to so help may not come in a good time for you. Your survival then is in your own hands. Inevitably, you will get weak and eventually die if you do not eat so as to sustain yourself and make you strong. For these reasons, you need to have available the best survival rations in your emergency survival kit.

When stocking your survival kit with relevant tools, you should not take rations for granted because it is crucial to your survival and health in the wilderness. It is when you are truly faced with an emergency situation is when you realize the importance of survival rations. Having the best survival rations with you will definitely assure your survival and success of the adventure. This article aims at exploring five survival ration products that will definitely be of invaluable assistance to you in times of emergency survival situations.

These emergency survival tabs are energy givers and are essential in your survival expedition. These survival tabs give you an alternative to freeze-dried food. They are easy to eat and don’t require mixing with water or a lengthy long preparation time before consumption. The survival tabs are 100% digestible and can easily be assimilated into your system.  They use all of the calories to fuel your body so as to keep you nourished throughout the journey.

This survival tab comes with 96 tabs, with four flavours ( Butterscotch, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate) and an amazingly lengthy shelf life of 25 years but I suggest you  endeavour to rotate them to ensure maximum food value every 2-3 years. Each tablet weighs 10 ounces, and the tablets have been discovered to be hard to chew, so if you have children with you in your adventure, you should reconsider these survival tablets.

The Survival Tabs contains Fat of 25%, Protein 9%, Carbohydrates 58%, Iron 18 mg. (as Ferrous Fumarate), and other minerals, 2% (from milk solids).

This is the best possible food supply in the smallest possible volume. It is small and lightweight, making it a suitable portable survival rations to store in your bug-out-bag and take when on the move without any difficulty.

A shortcoming of these tablets is that it is not as filling and substantial as other survival rations in the market, so you should consider pairing up the tablets with other ration products. Nevertheless, you should consider this adding this inexpensive survival tab when embarking on your adventure or in an emergency situation whereby you need food to survive and stay healthy.



This is a ‘just in case’ survival ration that can feed a large number of survivalists and provides you greater chances of survival in the outdoors. With a total of 12  meals, this bucket has enough food to feed a person for 3 and a half days based on the USDA recommended diet of 2,000 calories per day.

This survival rations guarantees you a 30-year shelf life, and with that, it also comes with a taste guarantee even after a long period of time. It is an excellent food ration choice to have with you in your emergency survival backpack just in case you are faced with an emergency situation and need to feed a large gathering.

Convenient and easy-to-prepare, this survival ration bucket offers you four pouches each of 3 entrees for backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, emergency kits, and your long-term food storage. The reusable bucket provides you with an efficient storage option to preserve the meals for future times of need.

It is quick to prepare,  just add water (preferably hot water) to the pouch and you have your meal in less than 10 minutes, with no worries of cleanup.

Variety of food rations are provided in separate pouches in the bucket. They may not make up for the taste of fresh home cooked meals but the taste creates a comfort with the illusion of eating a home cooked meal.

The bulky design of the bucket will not make it suitable to pack in your bug-out-bag so as to eat when on the move. Nevertheless, this meal assortment kit is best suited to those with a car or to be stored at home.

At its premium price, it will potentially stretch your budget nevertheless, you should consider purchasing it for a long-term investment in your survival adventures.



This  survival ration includes 60 servings of delicious meal entrees in a convenient, long-term food storage bucket that ensure your family has the food they need in an emergency situation or in an emergency situation. This survival ration is suited for survivalists in large numbers. This emergency survival food storage kit is a portable and an excellent storage solution for your food. 

The food items are safely sealed in separate metallyte pouches so as to avoid waste. Each bag consists of four servings, enough for an average family or four survivalists. The bucket offers you a variety of food ranging from baked potato casserole to chicken noodle soup to give your taste buds a variety of flavours during your journey.

The food is easy to prepare in any situation you may find yourself during your adventure. The only step you need in preparation is to add water and wait for approximately 12-15 minutes and enjoy the delicious, hearty food to satisfy your appetite. I will advise you to use hot water to prepare in order to achieve a good taste.

It comes with an amazing 25 year shelf life and has proven to withstand the test of time. It however falls on the expensive side but it is an excellent and reliable lifesaver during emergency situations. 



Water which is another essential which should be made available in your emergency survival kit. Humans can go days without food but science has proven that you can go at most three days without water. DATREX emergency water pouch will provide you with purified water for immediate use during your survival emergency situation.

It comes in sachets which are portable, lightweight and compact, each sachets has a volume of 125ml. This emergency water pouch has a five year shelf life, and guarantees a fresh, hygienic and drinkable taste after five years.

You can easily dispense the contents of the pre-measured sachets. The sachets are made from a polymer-foil material which makes it suitable for use on land and sea where regular supplies of water are unavailable.

There are in the market available in varieties of 12 pouches, 18 pouches, and also available in 64 or 128 bags in the case of a large number of survivalists.

If you know the terrain and geographical area of the place you are heading to on an adventure and you should consider packing this water pouch in your emergency survival kit so as to bring ease and comfort  to your journey and overall survival situation.



This is a survival ‘ready to eat’ survival ration that will be of beneficial help to keep you filled during your journey. It comes with  five days of ready to eat food rations enriched with Vitamins and Minerals to help sustain you.  It has a five year shelf life guaranteeing you five years of healthy and nutritious food rations.

It includes a four layer mylar vacuum pouches that have a thickness of 110 microns – quite strong indeed. Prolonged storage and rough handling often damage food rations if they are not adequately protected, the ammo can that this model provides guarantees the safety of the food items. 

Your body needs real food to perform at its peak and retain mental clarity throughout your adventure so, this TAC-BAR food ration model has been engineered for a specific balance of calories, fats, carbohydrates, natural sugars, protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep you operating at your best so as to guarantee the success of the journey. 

When embarking on your journey, ensure to add this TAC-BAR ammo in your emergency survival kit so as to enjoy a week’s food of 12,500cal and purified water of 50 litres.



Things to look out for when acquiring the best survival rations 

Death is inevitable in the outdoors without food and water because you can go three days without water and a couple of three weeks without food. So, having the best survival rations in your emergency survival kit will do you a lot of good in your adventure. 

Survival rations are important to your journey as they are the essential components to keeping you alive in the outdoors when you are faced with a critical emergency of life or death.

it is imperative to include food and water rations in your emergency survival kit so as to prepare you for desperate and unforeseen conditions. So consider the following in getting the best emergency survival rations.

Shelf life 

Before purchasing a survival ration, you need to check its shelf life because it matters that it has a very lengthy expiration date. You may want to acquire survival rations beforehand in case of unforeseen circumstances so you need survival rations that will not get spoilt in the nearest period of time. You should consider going for products with a shelf life ranging from 5 to 25 years. Occasional rotating of the rations is also essential.

Serving Size

The number of people you are embarking on the journey with should also need to be put into consideration. If you have a large number of survivalists or groups of people, then you will need to stock up on large amounts of food in your survival kit so that nobody experiences starvation or dehydration during the journey. Even if you are a lone adventurer, you should endeavour to pack enough rations to sustain you. It is noteworthy that a large group of people requires lots of supplies so you should consider your budget.


The material used to package the rations is also important for a better shelf life and light. Moisture can affect the lifespan of the rations. 

You should consider going for survival rations packaged in forms of aluminum cans, thermal-resistant and anti-light-permeable packages, and containers that are both airtight and food-safe.

Preparation and taste

Majority of survival rations are easy to prepare and take a maximum preparation range of 12-15 minutes. By adding water to the ration gives you your food. The taste of the rations, even though not important in survival situations, should be appealing and provide your tastebuds with comfort and a feeling of home.


The wide range of survival rations in the market may overwhelm you when trying to get the best. Five of the best survival rations have been reviewed in this article and I hope you have found the best survival rations to go for when embarking on an adventure and give you greater chances of survival.

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