Best Survival Folding Saw

Best Survival Folding Saw

Equipping your survival kit with the basic survival tools is very important to ensure outdoor survival. One essential that shouldn’t be left behind is the survival folding saw. The best survival folding saw would definitely come in handy if you get stuck in the woods; it can actually provide a feeling of safety too. 

Being prepared for survival while outdoors is very important. Securing the right tool is very vital too. For example, you are stuck in the woods without the best survival folding saw and you need to collect wood; how would that work out? 

So, taking note of the best type of blade equipped with your survival folding saw is very important. Likewise noting the differences between the household saw and the survival folding saw is also of great importance. The average saw and the survival folding saw bear quite the resemblance but they perform different functions. 

Though it is common knowledge that saws tend to be bulky, we have diligently selected five (5) of the best survival folding saws that would possibly not act as burdens while being transported and have created a list of them for you to enable your hunt for the best survival folding saw easier and less stressful. 

Product Quick Comparison

  • Silky Professional GOMBOY Curve Folding Saw
  • Agawa Canyon BOREAL21 Tripper Kit
  • SOG Folding Saw
  • Bahco 396LAP Laplander Folding Saw
  • Coher Folding Hand Saw
Here are our Best Survival Folding Saw reviews:

The Silky Professional GOMBOY Curve Folding Saw is one survival folding saw that shouldn’t be left hanging on the shelf due to its outstanding qualities. 

It is equipped with a razor-sharp blade that is designed to cut clean through wood and also allows for smooth and fast cutting too. It’s blade locks securely into one of the two positions that are placed in line with the handle and flush cutting. The blade is fully measured at 9.5 inches and has teeth measured at 8.5 per inch. The teeth enable you to easily slice and cut through various types of wood with little or no stress at all. 

The Silky Professional GOMBOY Curve Folding Saw is a Japanese made survival folding saw and is a popular choice amongst regular hikers, backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts, hobbyists, e.t.c. It is designed to cut precisely through large wood and this makes it a top choice. This folding saw is equipped with a curved blade saw that cuts faster than the average straight survival folding saw because the curved blade creates a ridge in the cut and then slices it off.

This blade is designed to fully resist tree resin and is noted for wiping clean easily. It is equally equipped with a non-slip handle made from rubber that provides max comfort while being gripped. This folding saw is fully measured at 10. 6 inches when closed; neat right?

Here’s a plus, the Silky Professional GOMBOY Curve Folding Saw comes with a clear plastic case, equipped with a flip-lock and a belt clip which enables you to easily place your saw beside your body. Due to the rate at which this survival folding saw functions in any condition, it is one of the best and should be on your list of important stuff to carry while planning on outdoor survival.



Next on the list is the Agawa Canyon BOREAL21 Tripper Kit. This is a lightweight survival folding saw and is highly recommended for hikers or backpackers who prefer not to lug heavy objects around. Its blade is measured at 21 inches and it folds safely into the frame when not in use. This implies that it guarantees protection from the elements and ensures longevity. This survival folding saw easily unfolds and is noted for high-performance cuts. 

The BOREAL21 is one unique survival folding saw. It is very easy to assemble; in quick succession and this removes the need of having to secure loose parts. The tensioning of the blade is automated, easy to reproduce, and is ready to provide the best sawing performance every single time. This folding saw is equipped with a highly anodized aluminum frame and a nylon handle reinforced with fiber-glass. Its stainless steel hardware is weatherproof enforced and its sturdy blade made in Sweden is insulated with an anti-rust coating. It has a high-quality canvas sheath that can be worn over your shoulder or easily attached to your belt. 

The BOREAL21 has a pretty cool blade that is designed with the perfect size for sturdy saw strokes plus a three (3) hinged frame shaped like a trapezium that allows for large diameter cuts. This is one survival saw made from and with high-quality materials. It is designed to ensure a sturdy grip with its handle. A bonus point in its favour is the addition of an extra compartment used to store additional blades.  Equipped with high-quality materials, sturdy parts, this is one survival folding saw you shouldn’t leave behind.



The SOG Folding Saw is designed to provide excellent sawing results. It has been noted that the longer the saw, the easier to use but its length makes it harder to carry. Luckily enough, the  SOG Folding Saw is a great balance between the two. This survival folding saw is made from high carbon steel embellished with a coating of brilliant black. Its handle is crafted with a TPR that guarantees a firm grip and also ensures comfort. 

The SOG Folding Saw includes a removable SOG blade that is designed to slice through wood and easily accomplish other woodwork tasks. The blade is fully measured at 7.5 inches and includes sturdy steel that cuts through wood swiftly. It is also equipped with extra sharp teeth that have been designed to last for a long time. 

Its sturdy tempered steel and folding design make this survival folding saw one of the best saws out there. A plus for this survival folding saw is it comes with a ballistic nylon sheath equipped with a durable belt hoop. It is equally budget-friendly which makes it easily affordable for the general public. 



The Bahco 396LAP Laplander Folding Saw is specially designed for regular outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, hunters,  backpackers, etc. Its blade is coated with anti-rust fabric that protects it against the elements; it’s ‘sting also makes it resilient to friction. The blade is made of heavy gauge steel which has been noted for providing stability while being used and its teeth are hardened to ensure extra durability. 

A major feature of this survival folding saw is its exceptional XT clothing, which is extremely fast for cutting and ensures clean cuts. It is equipped with a two-component plastic handle and a sturdy leather strap that work well to provide a firm grip while being held and the strap ensures a secure and safe lock if you decide to place the folding saw beside you. 

The Bahco 396LAP Laplander Folding Saw is notable for being extremely useful as an outdoor tool and equally a general-purpose tool. It is lightweight and also compact. Perfect for bushcraft, hunting, and other extreme outdoor activities. 



Now here’s a survival folding saw that has been declared efficient enough for pruning, camping, backpacking, hunting, and is equally all-purpose. This survival folding saw can also be used during emergencies; it easily slices through drywalls, plastic, wood, etc. It is equally handy and portable enough to be placed in your pocket. 

The Coher Folding Hand Saw is equipped with razor-sharp teeth that are triple cut and equally hardened. The teeth are infused with taper grounding that aids in its efficiency. The eight (8) teeth are designed to work against wear and also ensure smooth and fast cut. Its fixed blade is designed to securely lock into two (2) different angle positions that aid in smooth and easy cuts. 

This portable hand saw includes a gear lock for protection and sure safety. This saw locks into an open and closed position. When closed, the teeth lock safely into the hidden compartment. Its handle is made from an ergonomic non-toxic rubber and is equally curved; designed to ensure a stable grip. Its handle also includes a sturdy wrist strap which is equally comfortable. This survival folding blade comes equipped with a plastic case that protects you from the extra sharp teeth and protects your saw from the elements. 



How do I select the best survival folding saw?

Securing the best is never easy; you have to sample a lot and make research about your preferred product. Now, while securing the best survival folding saw there are rules and guidelines you should be aware of. Folding is an essential tool for survival camping and is one tool you shouldn’t make a mistake with while shopping. The best survival folding saw is designed to ensure a steady grip and is usually twice the size of a normal pocket knife. 

There are various brands, designs, and shapes of survival folding saws out there so it might be hard to come to a conclusion. Below are tips we have put together to help you select the best for your survival outdoor experience. 


The handle of your desired survival folding saw should be able to provide a sturdy grip. The handle of a folding saw is a vital part of the saw itself. It should be the right size and shape for your hand; it shouldn’t be too small or too large. Your desired survival folding saw should be able to provide comfort too because you wouldn’t want blisters or sores after a long day’s job. 


Survival folding saws are designed with various numbers of teeth. Selecting your preferred folding saw would largely depend on the activity you want to embark on. It is important to note that saws with larger teeth are better for softwoods while saws with the smaller teeth are better efficient with hardwoods.  Here’s extra info; the number of teeth a folding saw has is referred to as TPI (Teeth Per Inch) Plus, the more teeth a saw has, the smoother the cuts. 


When moving around with sharp objects you should consider safety. No one would want unnecessary cuts while handling a sharp object. The best folding saws are equipped with a form of locking mechanism (watch out for them) that ensures the saw doesn’t loosen or fall off while being used or after being placed in your bag.

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