Best Survival Clothing

Best Survival Clothing

Before venturing out on your long-anticipated adventure, you must be sure to stock up on the best survival clothing for that trip to the great outdoors. Because adequate getups will protect your limbs and even organs from extreme conditions and leave you in optimal shape and high spirits. On the other hand, if you’re caught out wearing incompetent clothes, it can make for a really miserable time indeed for everyone involved.

Survival clothing work best when they are suited to the weather they are worn in. Heavy, insulated clothes are perfect for cold weather whereas if you’re going to be adventuring in a really hot place, light, breathable material would be your best bet.

If you need guidance on which survival clothing is best for your planned destination or you simply need help choosing the perfect ones for you out of the plethora of choices offered up by the market, look no further. We have cobbled up this compilation of the best survival clothing to ease your worries.

Browse through our list of best survival clothing and make informed decisions that will guarantee maximum satisfaction for you out of your trip.

Go straight into the action with the  Ceyue Durable Outdoor Hiking Pants. This pant’s lightness and durability will give you the confidence to completely immerse yourself in whatever camping activity you signed up for.

Sporting a trim and streamlined look, this hiking pant is equipped with 3D cutting and elastic, which ensures a perfect fit, regardless of weight and height. Also featuring a cloth belt, this hiking pants’ firm grip ensures that it is suitable for every outdoor activity known to man. The zippers are also convenient to use and do not snag, which is an important feature. Further, this pant also offers easy, on the go storage space with loads of pockets that are easily accessible.

Made with high-quality materials that are lightweight, durable and quick to dry, this hiking pant is good to go at any time, under any circumstance. The fabric is breathable and durable, with a soft shell surface layer that offers you freedom without encumbrance. The exterior of the hiking pants is waterproof, which ensures that sweat after a hard day’s hike does not saturate the pants and make you uncomfortable. It is also windproof, insulated and quick to dry, which makes it able to cope with a variety of weather conditions. The inner lining is also made of granule fleece, to provide warmth on the colder days and nights.

Coming in a multitude of sizes, these pants offer you a wide array of options to maximize comfort and enhance the quality of your outdoor experience. They are budget-friendly, multipurpose and durable which makes them indispensable.



The 281Z Military Boot Socks is a fan favourite, with good reason. 100% committed to your safety and comfort, these highly versatile socks will meet all your needs flawlessly.

Designed to fit all boots perfectly, these socks are equipped with bands on the foot and cuff to promote a snug fit and prevent slipping. With innovative features that enhance blood flow, improve airflow and prevent your foot from sweating, these socks offer unmatched wearing comfort. In news that will come as a relief to everyone involved, these socks are also designed to eliminate unpleasant odour. The socks’ fiber composition and specially designed airflow channels maintain a high level of breathability and thermoregulation, preventing your foot from sweating. In the event of sweating feet despite all these, the moisture will be absorbed and removed quickly, getting rid of the odor effectively.

These 281Z socks are made with exceptionally high-quality materials. Cotton weave reinforced with nylon thread ensures that these socks are suitable for various conditions. The Porlatec fleece is designed to insulate your foot against the biting cold of winter, while its lightweight and breathable material also ensure that these socks are able to cope with warmer temperatures too.

With the added advantage of being budget-friendly, these socks are really designed for everyone seeking to spend some time outdoors. However, users may experience issues with sweat after prolonged usage, to get around this inconvenience, you should consider packing more than one pair.



The Condor Summit Softshell Tactical Jacket is the perfect blend of practical functionality and aesthetic allure, this jacket lets you explore the outdoors in style.

Made with 4-way elastic, high-density polyester fabric, this tactical jacket is durable, waterproof, breathable and lightweight. It is also equipped with lots of YKK zippered pockets where essentials can be stashed, aiding mobility and flexibility.  A stowaway hood, drawstring waist, adjustable wrist cuff, and a lined stand-up collar are some of the cool features that give this tent a streamlined look, cutting out flap and enhancing ease of movement.

Described as “containing billions of microscopic pores smaller than a raindrop, but hundred times larger than a molecule of water vapor”, this jacket is effective at regulating temperature, which makes it suitable for various weather conditions. Its multilayered design also ensures that it provides enough protection from the cold and heat. Nevertheless, this jacket is more adapted to colder regions, where its design and features can be brought to the fore.

This jacket offers plenty of functional room for storage which includes two internal pockets, one forearm jacket, two high-rise slash pockets and two shoulder pockets. These pockets are easily accessible. It also offers room for customization, as both shoulders boast double Velcro loops for ID Patches.

This tactical jacket is by no means cheap and can dig a big hole in your pockets, but its awesome features offer so much value as to make your outlay seem like a bargain in the long run.



The Bars GORKA-4 Genuine Russian BDU Uniform made for serious adventurers. Boasting a wide range of arresting attributes, this camp is as close to perfection as you can get.

Made with a combination of cotton and polyester fabrics, the uniform offers fantastic durability and impressive versatility, and protection against nature’s most strident tantrums. The fabric’s noiselessness also offers ghost-like stealth that is especially crucial in hunting and other concentration intensive situations. A highly prominent kangaroo pocket in the front instantly grabs your attention. However, it is not a prop, it, alongside many other pockets featured on this survival clothing is designed to provide an option for gear storage. What’s most impressive is the vast array of variations this survival clothing is available in, affording you the opportunity to pick out the perfect one for you.

Designed to keep you warm, cozy and dry even in torrential downpours, this tent is almost entirely waterproof. A weight of 2.09pounds is also eminently manageable and does not weigh heavily on you, which makes it a favourite of several military formations around the world.

The pants feature ripstop material lining the knees, seat and shin. Sewn elastic around the waist and calves in addition to special braces further enhance grip and comfort.

These and many other excellent features ensure that this survival apparel is well worth the premium price it commands.



The Rothco ECWCS Mid-Weight Underwear Top is a non-fussy survival wear that does what is expected of it very well.

Made with polyester and spandex fabric, this survival clothing is effective at regulating moisture and body temperature, leaving you feeling cozy and warm even in the coldest temperatures. It also offers protection against the wind and with its quick-dry feature, your outdoor experience is bound to be a comfortable one.

Ranked at level two of the ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System), this underwear top’s weight is middle-range.  Its breathable grid fleece material is ideal for layering, and thumbholes in its sleeves and Zip Up collar makes it easy to wear and also remove. The zips have been engineered to increase effectiveness and provide maximum comfort. Its long backtail also ensures that no part of your body is left unprotected.

This underwear is designed to protect you from the harsh weather and it achieves this with top marks.



What To Look Out For When Selecting Survival Clothing

1. Material

Before splurging on that must-have survival clothing for your next trip, there are a few things to note about the material of choice. The best materials will provide maximum protection for you, irrespective of elemental forces. 

Survival clothing materials usually differ on the basis of which climatic conditions they are designed for, so be sure to put the climate of your planned destination into consideration before making a choice. The most common material is polyester, due to its affordability and water-resistant properties. 

   2. Weather

Carefully consider the weather situation of your planned destination well in advance, as turning up at a hot desert with clothing geared towards maximizing heat retention will be sure to dampen even the most boisterous of spirits in a hurry. Temperature has to be a factor to be considered. 

If you’re adventuring during the summer, pack appropriate lightweight clothing, or only clothes that are well ventilated and breathable as they are most adapted to suit the surging temperatures of that season. 

Winter survival clothes should provide insulation against the extreme cold. Also, protection for tender parts such as fingers, toes and faces that are prone to going numb in chilly conditions should also be provided. In addition to thick and well-insulated clothing, gloves, socks, boots and goggles are necessary to cope with the blistering cold. 

3. Planned Activities

Your choice of survival clothing should be suited to whatever outdoor activity you intend to engage in during your trip. For instance, clothing and gear designed for hunting may not exactly be suitable for mountaineering, so adequate consideration needs to be made. 

 4. Layers

This is the technique or method of wearing different items of clothing of differing levels of thickness over another. This method is simple but effective, and also a failsafe plan when venturing into places with volatile and unstable weather, or places which little or nothing is known about their weather conditions. There are three different layers:

  • The Base Layer: Also called the innermost layer, it helps with the regulation of moisture. 
  • The Middle Layer: This layer regulates body temperature by trapping body heat. Also called the insulating layer. 
  • The Outer Layer: Offers protection from elemental forces. Also known as the shell layer. 

  5. Pants

Pants are indispensable, especially when adventuring in colder climates, and a lot of attention has to be paid to them. Waterproof pants are really ideal, because wet pants have a tendency to become really heavy, and may slow you down considerably. Further, wet pants do not particularly lend themselves to comfort. 

Look out for pants with pockets as they offer extra storage room for gear while ensuring that you are prepared for any eventuality.

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