Best Survival Blanket

Best Survival Blanket

In frigid weather conditions, a blanket is an essential item. Coming into a warm house, away from the cold is a pretty neat feeling and that is exactly the way a blanket feels around your body. Comfortable blankets are essential necessities to staying warm. Staying warm is vital for good health; you can’t be too cold or too hot. Your body has to maintain a normal temperature.

Best survival blankets on the other hand can be tougher than the average blanket.  They are practically more durable and best suited for outdoorsy activities. If by chance you cannot get a sleeping bag of your choice, you can go for  survival blankets. It is fine if you can move around with a woolen blanket for campouts but it is advisable to purchase survival blankets because they are lightweights but equally durable. Just like how a woolen blanket protects you Indoors from the cold weather, the best survival tents can actually save you from freezing to death. 

We have reviewed five (5) blankets off the shelf for you since it might be difficult to select one due to the high number of survival blankets in the market. Our guide will  enable you to select survival blankets of high quality which will give you a high chance of surviving intense weather conditions.

Product quick comparison

  • Swiss Safe Emergency Thermal Blankets
  • Don’t Die In The Woods Emergency Blankets
  • Go Time Gear Life Emergency Sleeping Bag
  • Arcturus Survival Blanket
  • SERGEANT Emergency Sleeping Bag
Here are our best survival blanket reviews:

The Swiss Safe Emergency Thermal Blankets are skillfully designed blankets. They include on both sides the special fabric material known as Mylar and these are blankets comfy enough for all weather conditions.

Swiss Safe Emergency Thermal Blankets are able to absorb 90% of your body heat and each blanket is waterproof; able to completely block out water, moisture – proof; easily block out moisture like rain and snow,     and equally wind – proof. A bonus point; they can also be used multiple times.

The tents are lightweight; easy to carry about in a survival backpack and are durable. There’s another plus, the manufacturers have included a bonus gold space blanket which can be folded in half easily and placed in your pocket; very cool right?



The Don’t Die In The Woods Emergency Blankets which has a very cool brand name also come with an equally eye catchy design. They live up to the brand by being able to reflect about 90% of body heat and this is very crucial because it can protect you against illnesses that are contacted through frigid weather conditions, I.e hypothermia; A condition in which your body temperature is very low. Note that each blanket comes with its own nylon sack bag.

Not only are these tents sturdy against extreme weather conditions, they are also ultra lightweight and very portable. Unlike the other blankets on the market that are uncomfortable for campers taller than average, these tents are 23% larger than the size of an average survival blanket. Which is a bonus point because with the aid of duct tapes and a sturdy rope, they can be converted  to survival sleeping bags.



This particular blanket comes with loads of amazing features. It is also a mylar blanket but unlike other blankets, it has a tear and puncture resistant layer, which makes it better than other mylar blankets which seem to rip easily. It is extremely durable due to the mylar fabric being thicker than expected. 

The inner part of the blanket reflects 90% of body heat; it traps the heat and reflects it back to you. This helps to safeguard you against illnesses that are contracted through harsh weather conditions. Bonus points; the blankets come in waterproof nylons and can easily be folded and stuffed back in. 

The nylon also comes with another bonus, a 550lb nylon core patent-pending Para-Synch Technology drawstring. Guess what? This extra nylon drawstring can be used to help start a fire, build an emergency shelter and equally secure gear. You wouldn’t want to pass up on this all rounder now would you?



The Arcturus Survival Blanket is a heavy duty blanket built to withstand every weather condition. Included in the blankets are four (4) enhanced tie-down grommets made to help you prevent heat or fabricate a waterproof barrier when needed. 

The Arcturus Survival Blanket is waterproof and also weatherproof, perfect for deflecting harsh conditions and adapting to changes in the climate. It has a layered polypropylene side that can be used as a blanket or for shelter.  

Don’t be discouraged about the blankets being heavy duty, fortunately, they are lightweight. Easy to carry around in a survival backpack and can be used multiple times due to its nylon and aluminium induced construction.



The SERGEANT Emergency is a superb sleeping bag. Quite similar to a blanket though. Durability is a strong characteristic of the SERGEANT Emergency sleeping bag which is essential for survival in the outdoors. Just like the Go Time Gear Life Emergency Sleeping Bag, it is made from tear and puncture resistant extra mylar fabric. The blankets are waterproof, which is very useful especially in wet conditions, windproof and brilliant for use in every weather condition. Like some of the mylar induced blankets, the SERGEANT works to absorb 90% of body heat that comes in handy when you need to stay warm and sheltered against an illness like hypothermia.

Survival in the outdoors is a necessity which is why the SERGEANT is one of the best survival blankets on the shelf. Another point in this blanket’s favour is that it measures around 3 x 7 feet, which would comfortably fit an average-sized adult. In spite of  its thick Mylar construction, the blanket is lightweight and it can be  rolled  up to perfectly fit inside a survival  backpack, a survival kit, or a glove trunk.



What To Consider Before Buying Best Survival Blanket?


Going survival blanket hunting might take a little of your time but getting the right blanket crowns it all. There are essentials you need to check for and note when deciding on which blanket best suites you and your partner or your family if included. Just like tent hunting where you have to be patient, the same patience applies during survival blanket hunting too. We have gone blanket shopping and here are a few tips that would make it easier for you: 


A lot of survival blankets are made from mylar fabric material. Some are double coated while others are single coated. The mylar fabric itself is an ultra lightweight material which is why it is so common amidst manufacturers of survival blankets. Mylar works well to retain body heat in harsh weather conditions and yes, it is equally budget friendly. The reflectivity of a mylar blanket can save your life in emergency situations; some of them have SOS written on them so do take note of that while shopping. Its reflectivity is attributed to its aluminum design. This means a Mylar blanket will surely reflect heat, which will in turn keep you warm. Note that this feature also implies that you can draw away heat if you feel too hot and need to cool down. This can be achieved by placing your blanket on top of your survival shelter / tent.  


After confirming the mylar fabric, check for its weight. Mylar tents are generally lightweight and can easily fit in your survival backpack; bonus point over the woolen blankets. Undeniably, the woolen blankets are more comfortable but far too heavy for backpacking. The weight of the mylar blankets implies that you can carry more than one blanket with you if you want to and it also allows for  back-ups and blankets for yourself, your partner, family or perhaps if you feel so generous, for other people if you discover they are without one.  It is advisable to stick with a mylar blanket which would also be easier to pack up and fold in case of an emergency. 


Survival blankets vary in size and length; the same way humans vary too. The length of a survival mylar blanket is of great importance. It won’t be fun if you end up getting a blanket smaller or shorter than you are. Every camper would want to be comfortable and completely covered, without restrictions.

Generally, survival blankets on the market measure around 82-84 inches in length, and 52-54 inches wide. That is enough room to comfortably fit a person of roughly 6ft and of  average build too. It can also  cover more than one smaller person or child. 


Securing an all purpose, all weather survival blanket is one of the best feelings out there. You’d be rest assured that your blanket would protect you and your loved ones if included against harsh weather conditions. Getting a waterproof survival blanket is also important. Loads of survival blankets on the market are both moisture, water and weatherproof. Pay attention to everything written on the survival blanket pack and equally research. No one wants to get soaked during a camp out because it’s no fun. 


Due to the fact that mylar blankets are generally lightweight you might consider them less durable. Don’t fret, that ideology is practically not true. Survival blankets coated in mylar are some of the toughest blankets on the market; excluding blankets made from wool of course. The only way a mylar blanket can lose its strength is if punctured but it can temporarily be fixed with duct tape or just get an extra one since they are relatively budget friendly. 

If you’re a regular backpacker, hiker or camper it is advisable to acquire more than one survival mylar blanket since they are rather lightweight and affordable.


Mylar blankets are relatively budget friendly and not as expensive as woolen blankets, which are a bit pricey. A bonus point for mylar blankets, they come in multipacks, this is brilliant when it comes to selecting survival packs as you can acquire more than one so you don’t have to spend much on just a single blanket.  If perhaps you lose a blanket or one gets punctured, you might not feel too bad or really dwell on the loss because you have extras which are on standby and ready to use. The case would be very different if it were to be a more expensive wool blanket.

It is advisable as either a regular camper or a newbie to get two or three extra coated mylar blankets if you don’t want the multipacks. The extra coated as the name implies is more durable than standard mylar survival blankets.

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