Best Sleeping Bag Liner

Best Sleeping Bag Liner

Survival outdoors without adequate sleep might not entirely be possible. Your body needs all the rest it can get in order to function properly and stay active throughout the day. The best sleeping bag liners for warmth are essential for having a good night sleep. They are durable, come in various colours and sizes and improve your overall outdoor survival by miles. They are designed like the average bed sheet to provide additional warmth, retain the neatness of your sleeping bag for an extended period of time and also increase your chances of survival outdoors.

Loads of sleeping bag liners are on the market shelf so, selecting one that suits you might prove tasking and slightly impossible to accomplish. Here’s great news, we are here, ready to assist you in purchasing the best, relatively budget-friendly (or if you feel you can handle the price) comfortable sleeping bag liners.

We have created an exceptional list of the top five sleeping bag liners out there. Pay close attention to each and make the selection less harder for yourself and loved ones, if included.

Product Quick Comparison

  • The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner
  • OSAGE RIVER Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Liner
  • ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag Liner
  • Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner
Here are our best sleeping bag liner reviews on the selected sleeping bag liners.

This sleeping bag liner is made from silky polyester. It is incredibly lightweight and lives up to its silkyness by the feeling of softness it achieves while in use. The Friendly Swede company has struck the market with a brilliant sleeping bag liner product. This liner is best suited for summer and spring and can be used without a sleeping bag in these weather conditions. The sleeping bag liner is equally efficient in cold weather conditions. It measures totally with a width of 41inches and a length of 86 inches; generously sized to aid free range body movement. 

Luckily for those taller than average, this fantastic sleeping liner easily accommodates people of different sizes. It is a plus for campers who wriggle in their sleep. The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner lives up to its brand name by being budget friendly and durable too. The sleeping bag liner includes a pillow pocket, neat right?. The pillow pocket is added to prevent dirt on your pillow and also provide maximum comfort. Here’s something cool, the sleeping bag liner comes with a lifetime warranty. 



Super cozy and very comfortable, this sleeping bag liner can ease stress off your body after a tough day. The OSAGE RIVER Sleeping Bag Liner is designed with Microfiber Fleece which is considered durable and super soft. This sleeping bag is designed for winter and the cold climate as a result of being made from Microfiber Fleece. It not only adds extra warmth to your sleeping bag but it doubles as a blanket which is very ideal for hiking in the cold weather. 

Measured at 70 inches for its height and 31 inches for width it is a good size for an average sized person but not comfortable enough for people taller than average. The bags come with a plus, they are machine washable and can be used multiple times, they are placed in portable accessory bags which aid easy transport with little or no stress at all. The bags appear on the shelf in various vibrant colours, and are relatively budget friendly which is a plus for its quality design.



The Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Liner is a brilliantly designed bed liner. It is the most comfortable knit sleeping bag liner out there. Designed to offer comfort and protection against the harsh climate. 

The Sea to Summit company has placed the Thermolite Reactor Liner under an edition called the “Warmth Edition” and the products under this edition are lightweights of various sizes that work well against frigid weather conditions. With its hollow fiber thread fabric, the Thermolite Reactor Liner has been specially created for the tougher climate due to its ability to efficiently trap heat. 

The liner is shaped like a mummy, yes just like you would imagine a mummy wrapped. The shape allows for a plus; the box foot. The box foot makes use of a hollow core Thermolite fiber and will provide sufficient warmth after your outdoor expeditions. It is lightweight and comes with an equally lightweight stuff pack that allows the liner to be folded without adding excess weight or function as a burden to your pack. 

Even though this sleeping liner falls on the pricier part of the list, it is worth a trial; it can be used multiple times too, which saves the cost of buying more than one.



Next on our best sleeping bag liner list is the ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag Liner. Sturdy enough to battle any weather climate and equally provide a comfortable night rest, this is definitely the go to sleeping bag liner. It is designed with high quality brushed polyester, which serves to provide warmth in your sleeping bag and is suitable as an excellent pick for harsh weather conditions besides, it is budget friendly. 

The ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag Liner can double as a light sleeping bag in warmer climates and also function as a sheet for picnic hangouts if fully unzipped. The sleeping bag liner comes with a stuff sack which makes the liner portable and very easy to carry around without burdening your back. The polyester material used can be washed so this implies your sleeping bag liner can be washed and reused. It also provides a protective layer for you against dirt that might have accumulated in your sleeping bag, keeping you healthy and safe from bacteria.



On the shelf in five different executive colours, the Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner enlarges its target audience by catering to the needs of its customers. The Vumos liner offers a full length zipper that stretches down one side and across the bottom of the liner. When unzipped it spreads out like a very large blanket and can be used for other functions. Included in the sleeping bag liner is a portable stuff sack in which the liner can be folded in half and comfortably placed in. The liner itself measures up to 7.5 inches when packed and weighs 11.5 ounces which implies it won’t take up much space in your backpack. The Vumos Sleeping Bag Liner is lightweight, durable and lasts long too.

It is fully measured at 85 inches long and 33.5 inches wide and is without excess material to create an uncomfortable sleeping environment. The sleeping bag liner includes a pillow pocket and is large enough for persons of various sizes.



Extra Guidelines To Choose The Best Sleeping Bag Liners For Warmth

Our guide would be incomplete without tips on what to consider while shopping for a suitable sleeping bag liner. 


It is essential to be fully aware of the change in the weather conditions so as to settle for the best sleeping bag liner. Getting the wrong bag liner might be slightly disastrous. Sleeping bag liners are manufactured and designed in various materials to suit the different weather conditions. Here are a few examples; The silk induced bag liners are the lightest and best suited for warm weather conditions while the fleece fabric sleeping bag liners are perfect for winter and the cold weather climate. They are warmer and provide extra comfort. 


A sleeping bag liner that adds extra weight to your stuff really isn’t advisable hikers and mountain climbers. Additional weight slows you down and causes fatigue easily. So to avoid getting stressed, you have to be cautious about the weight of your desired sleeping bag liner. An average survival backpack is almost always filled to the brim so to prevent additional weight and save space you have to acquire a lightweight sleeping bag liner. The compressibility of your survival sleeping bag liner is very essential to unrestricted movement in the outdoors; you would have nothing to slow or weigh you down. 

How well does it fit 

Your desired sleeping bag liner has to perfectly suit your sleeping bag. There are dozens of liners on the market shelf to select from if you feel you might not find one you fancy. Virtually every sleeping bag liner comes in a cocoon shaped form but there are still alternate shaped ones out there. Most sleeping bag liners on the market easily fit average sized people so for those taller than average, it is advisable to go for the Mummy shaped sleeping bag liners. These guys provide additional warmth because they form to the shape of your body and work well enough to trap heat thereby keeping you safe from the frigid weather conditions. 

Material of the liner

The fabric used in making sleeping bed liners are very important; the fabric determines how lightweight or heavy it can be. The less heavier sleeping bag liners are made from silk and synthetic fabric. These would save stress and would not take up excess space in your backpack. The silk and synthetic fabric are more porous and this aids in breathability; It is easier to breathe in silk and synthetic fabric which is a plus for warmer climates. 

The fleece and insulated sleeping bag liners are better and more efficient in the colder climate. They are thicker, comfier, and are designed to keep your body safe from the frigid weather conditions. Even though they take up more space in your backpacks, they can be compressed if they come in stuff packs. An extra advantage of the fleece sleeping bag liners is they get dried easily, especially after being washed and are moisture-wicking too; they absorb and drain perspiration, moisture from your skin. 

Bug repellent

Is your desired sleeping bag liner bug repellent? If it is not, you might reconsider switching to a sleeping bag liner equipped with big repellent features. Virtually every campsite has bugs, whether loads of bugs hang around or not. Double-check on the entire features of your campsite, including how well bugs hang out around there; it would save you the stress of complaining later on and perhaps shortening the length of your stay. So, to prevent all these from happening, you have to find yourself an insect repellent sleeping bag liner on the market shelf.

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