Best Prepper Books

Best Prepper Books

Here’s something important; a true survivalist is shaped by their mindset, and the only non toxic way of shaping your mindset is by reading books. Books according to research contain more answers than you would find online. Survival in the outdoors is a top priority and one way to achieve that successfully is by securing the best prepper book. Creating your own mini library filled with the best prepper books would mean you have a go to resource when the internet or power supply fail you. The best prepper books don’t need the internet or power to boost them, these books contain virtually everything you need to help you prep before marching outdoors.

The best prepper books would definitely come in handy even when you are outdoors already. Take this for example, you don’t have a prepper book and you need to get information off the internet but guess what; the network’s bad. This simply implies that you are stuck and it would be worse if you don’t have a partner or two with you. Books as a whole are written and designed to give you reassurance than the internet would, which makes it more reliable and suitable for any situation; just make sure you get a waterproof cover for your book.

Getting your hands on the best prepper books might be hard, with so many of them on the shelf you might even get frustrated and pick a random book. We have noticed this and have decided to step in. Below are our best five prepper books selected to help and provide brilliant information that are majorly practical, straight to the point, easy to assimilate and would most definitely aid in your survival outdoors. 

The Survival Theory: A Preparedness Guide is one of the best prepper books out on the shelf. Written by Jonathan Hollerman who was an S.E.R.E (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) instructor in the military and now works as an Emergency Preparedness Consultant and has attracted clients across the globe. What else could you ask for; because when securing a prepper book you need to make sure its information is from a credible source. Well there you have it, both credible and experienced.

Hollermans’ book covers a wide range of topics; the best tactical gear, bug-out locations, long term food storage and also provides tips for survival retreats. This book is equipped to prepare you against all forms of potential outdoor disasters. This book helps you devise plans concerning safety when you feel your survival is being threatened by the elements or other forces.

The author gives references to scenarios and studies that aid in your understanding of the concepts of survival outdoors. The tips and advice in this book are all well researched and come from a professional which implies you can never go wrong with this book. It would be in your favour if you pay close attention to every single advice given by the author in this book. At least his advice has been tested and trusted.



Living up to its title, this prepper book actually provides easy step by step  guidelines that would aid in your survival outdoors. Published in 2015 this prepper book explores how to survive modern day threats with its up to date advice and clues.

Written by authors David Kobler and Mark Goodwin, The Seven Step Survival Plan provides steps on how to deal with cyber attacks, solar flares, EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulses) and also when political crises turn to war and you are stuck outdoors. The book also includes how to ensure your survival outdoors in case of potential threats.

While trying to survive outdoors and there’s power failure and you are stuck with your torch to provide light, this prepper book would be very easy to read due to its straight-forward and basic writing. You don’t have to squint or struggle with reading it. 

In line with its title, the basic step by step principles set are easy to follow and can be accessible by anyone of any age that knows how to read. Its straight forward rules are easy to follow and would not prove difficult or tasking.



3. The Prepper’s Survival Guide: An Introduction to Prepping and a Guide to Fire

Next on the list is The Prepper’s Survival Guide: An Introduction to Prepping and a Guide to Fire. If you are completely new to the concept of prepping for survival this is your go-to book. This book provides the ten (10) commandments, five (5) Tenets of prepping, the survival triangle and a host of other essentials that you would find very useful.

The author Byan Foster who writes under a pen name Zion Prepper is one of the very few prep writers out there that actually know what’s best for survival outdoor enthusiasts. He moves us into the fundamental reasons behind prepping in his book. He launches into the 10 commandments and 5 Tenets of prepping, equally dishing out a detailed understanding of the principles behind prepping and how to become a successful prepper.

Bryan Foster places emphasis on the importance of knowing the concept of the survival triangle. The survival triangle consists of the “Will to survive, knowledge and Kit.” These three are essential to survival in the outdoors. Weakness is deadly if you want to survive outdoors. You should definitely do away with it and this is where the Will to survive comes in.

Starting a fire might be tough if you don’t have the needed supplies or knowledge; which is where this book comes in. The Prepper’s Survival Guide: An Introduction to Prepping and a Guide to Fire is your source for straight to the point answers. Ig gives a detailed guide on how to start a fire when you lack the equipment needed and it provides a handful of alternatives to rescue you from freezing to death. Fire starting is an essential feature for outdoor survival and this book will give you more than what you actually feel you would need. 



Going camping with your family and you don’t know the first thing to do in case of an emergency or disaster; then this is the perfect book for you. The Handbook to Disaster Preparedness for the Family is one remarkably helpful prepping book that provides answers to questions on how to prepare for a disaster or multiple disasters when you are not alone. This handbook covers a wide range of important clues and significant details that have proved useful over the years. This 440 paged outdoor family survival handbook is one that shouldn’t be left on the shelf. 

Information provided in this book is certified by its author Dr. Arthur Bradley who has a Ph.D in Engineering and currently works for NASA. He has had personal experiences with the majority of the disasters listed in his book. His book is now in its third edition and has been constantly updated to stay current with modern issues that might endanger the lives of your family members and whoever is camping with you guys. An example of the more recent advice and guide is In how to deal with an Ebola outbreak if by chance it happens during your family outing. It also includes guides on how to take care of radiological emergencies and financial collapse.

You might not want to consider getting this book because you feel a 440 paged handbook would be stressful to read or pay attention to but here’s the good news, its points are easy to assimilate, straight to the point and practical too. A bonus point for this book is it covers a lot of important topics and adequately addresses each and every one of them with straight-forward guidelines that are up to date and have proved to be very useful in emergency situations. You and your family’s survival outdoors largely depends on following the instructions and guidelines listed in this handbook that are not expensive to create, easily applicable and are very realistic.



5. The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Any Disaster

The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Any Disaster lives up to its title by providing accurate step by step guidelines on any disaster. This book is designed to fully cover concepts on prepping and relevant advice for survival in steps very easy to assimilate. With a total number of 31 chapters this book should be placed on your top priority list.

The first fourteen (14) chapters place emphasis on disasters that are short term and these include storms and power outage. If you encounter any of these issues, kindly pay attention to the first fourteen pages; you would find suitable guidelines there. The rest of the chapters numbering from fifteen (15) to thirty-one (31) pay more attention to the long-term disasters. Included in these chapters are guidelines on how to deal with long-term disasters which are pandemics, economic collapse, etc. Here’s an example that might sound funny but this book also contains steps on how to prepare for doomsday which implies the end of the world; weird but true. You can find that in the final section of the book.

Each topic under a chapter encompasses straight to the point advice with a step by step layout that is very easy to follow and useful if you are a beginner in prepping. The author makes it very easy to find topics by breaking down the chapters into layers.



Handy preppers guide to selecting the best prepper book. 

We know how hard it is to select the perfect prepper book for yourself or if you have a partner or more, for them too. Selecting the best prepper book is essential to your survival outdoors because you wouldn’t want to get stuck if you lose connection to the internet. We have created a guide to help you select the best prepper book or books if you decide to get more than one. Here are  the guidelines: 

Diagrams and Pictures 

The best prepper books always include pictures or diagrams. These make it exceptionally easy to understand or assimilate information noted down. In an emergency situation where you are stuck you wouldn’t want to be hit by loads of alphabets; this might even add to your anxiety and make you more scared than confident. Pictures and diagrams are by far one of the best ways to easily understand topics or whatever has been written down. 

Date of Publication

Outdated guidelines might not be useful in modern day emergency situations. New innovations and ideas needed to proffer solutions to solutions that pop up everyday so taking note of the date of publication of your desired prepper book is very essential to your survival outdoors. Make sure you check for the date it was published and if by chance it doesn’t suit the basic requirements, it would be advisable to seek answers from a modern day prepper book. 


The author of a book plays a huge role in how essential and useful the book eventually comes out. Notable authors are usually known for creating great content unlike people who randomly produce books just to make money. When trying to select a survival prepper book you should probably research authors who have in one way or the other had encounters with the disasters or survival situations they write about. In a situation where your preferred author hasn’t had experiences with these stuff, make sure they at least have a military background, have studied survival as a whole or a similar field. Guidelines from authors like these are usually very efficient, reliable and credible. 

Political views

Politics and survival in the woods really don’t flow on the same page. So when selecting prepper books to stock your library be conscious of the political undertones. It is a known fact that politics affects our daily lives but it shouldn’t get a head way in your survival outdoors. Placing political factors before essential prepping survival guidelines might be dangerous and even create issues where there should be none. 

 General or Individual

When shopping for the right prepper books, mistakes might happen due to misplaced priorities. As a single outdoor enthusiast who performs his or her activities alone, you shouldn’t get the books which include guidelines for a general outing. It might end up being a waste of time, energy and might create a pull in your budget. Prepper books are usually categorized into general and individual books and this is done to provide guidelines or help in case you don’t go camping, hiking or backpacking alone. 

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