Best Kukri Machete

Best Kukri Machete

In survival situations or adventure, there are possibilities of encountering bushes and felled trees on your way, which are obstructions to your journey. You may also need to skin animals for food or defend yourself against wild animals, for these reasons you need to acquire the best kukri machete in your emergency survival kit. This multi-purpose tool is essential as part of your survival equipment so as to tackle the various outdoor obstacles you may encounter and to help complete even the smaller tasks you may encounter in a  survival situation or your adventure. 

Getting the best kukri machete is crucial and critical research should be made before getting one. You need to consider which kind of kukri machete will be suitable for your adventure and survival. 

This article is focused on helping you make your decision on getting the best kukri machete. This article presents five kukri machetes suitable for various survival situations.

This model of kukri machete originated from Nepal. It is designed to satisfy various purposes such as household tasks, outdoor activities, or jungle warfare. Inevitably, it is best for survival situations and adventures. It is handcrafted therefore you should know that each machete might have slight variations in measurement. 

The blade is 6 inches long made from high grade carbon steel crafted to withstand various climates. It’s handle is 4 inches long and it is made of rosewood. The total length of the machete is 10  inches. It weighs  about 500 grams with it’s buffalo leather sheath.As a result of it’s small size, it is very easy to carry everywhere. This kukri machete is popular among tourists who visit Nepal. This kukri also includes an inwardly curved blade which equally makes it useful as an outdoor tool and a weapon.

This mini sized machete will be of great assistance to you when you come across various challenges in your adventure or survival situation because of its lightweight which will provide comfort, ease and protection throughout your journey. It is also good to handle because of its rosewood handle which provides a good grip when concentration is essential.

This machete falls on the inexpensive side and is also budget friendly and can be afforded by survivalists of all backgrounds. It is cheap but efficient, durable and high-performance is guaranteed.



This model of kukri machete has gained popularity internationally and has made an impression with survival enthusiasts. This model is well known for its durability, efficiency, reliability and all-around excellent quality. The blade is crafted to adapt to the various activities and challenges that you will encounter on your  adventure, and you certainly will find the one that best suits you, for sure. It has an inward curly blade suitable for cutting various items like vegetables, wood, bushes, meat. 

The length of this machete blade  is 13.12 inches and it has an overall length of 19.63 inches. It comes with a textured and contoured TPR handle which makes it easy to handle and use. It’s blade is made of stainless steel and it comes with a leather belt sheath for safety and preservation of the blade from  rust when not used for some time. When compared to most kukri machetes, it is considered to be a more substantial scale machete.

This kukri machete stainless steel blade makes it water-resistant and  able to withstand harsh weather conditions whether wet or sunny. It is also rust-free. The efficient qualities of this machete makes it a popular choice among survivalists out there.

The only minor defect of this machete is that it comes in just one blade side. People have different sizes of hands which makes the practicability of the product to be affected.

It is  on the inexpensive side and also budget friendly. It can be acquired by survivalists of all backgrounds.



This kukri machete is an awesome knife that can help you in carrying out any of your outdoor activities and is an essential outdoor tool which you should have in your survival kit when embarking on an adventure, hunting expedition, hiking or during emergency survival situations because it will increase your chances of survival.

It is designed to have the desired size and strength that will enable you to carry out outdoor activities and enable you to overcome challenges you may encounter on your journey. Crafted to be lightweight in order to prevent hand exhaustion when in use and make it a smooth process throughout using it.

This machete is 14 inches long with a blade length of 7¾ inches. The machete is designed to be light to carry and weighs 7 ounces. The blade is made from 1095 High Carbon Steel with a black traction coating,making it the best suitable knife that can withstand various weather conditions and climates you will find yourself in during your adventure or survival situation. The handle of this machete is made from  black linen micarta which increases its water-resistance ability therefore, it can be used under harsh weather conditions and will not injure your hands from continuous use over longer periods of time.

This machete’s premium price may discourage most survivalists on a low budget but it should be considered as a long-term investment that will guarantee you a durable lifespan and comfort a quality knife has to offer. You can likewise get other machetes that are inexpensive but also of high-quality if you feel this machete will stretch your wallet.



This model of kukri machete by KA-BAR is strongly crafted for outdoor activities like chopping down weeds, clearing a campsite, or cutting small branches and for basic field use. It is a must have survival tool as a survivalist. It has a blade made from 1095 carbon steel and black Kraton- G which is an excellent steel choice as it is the most durable out of the three options. The blade of this machete measures 11 ½ inches and the full length of the machete is 17 inches. The machete weighs 2 pounds.

This machete includes a lanyard hole and a leather/cordura sheath. This machete missed the mark by not being water-resistant and this will eventually result in rusting of the knife. Therefore, your knife will need to be taken care of by polishing the blade with lubricant frequently so as to improve its performance and lifespan.

The handle of this machete is made of black kraton rubber and it is full tang, which makes the efficiency and your overall control of the knife guaranteed. The handle is not too thick and its lightly textured Kraton makes for a strong grip. The design of the handle enables you to be able to use the machete with both wet and dry hands and still be able to perform excellently. But to avoid any slips and mishaps, I advise you take advantage of the large lanyard hole design  to prevent losing your knife and for protection.

This machete includes a strong sheath made from a combination of black leather and Cordura. It also comes with a comfortable belt loop or a smaller D ring to attach to your legs. You can choose which position is suitable for you for how to carry your knife.

If you are looking for a suitable knife for your survival kit, l recommend this machete by KA-BAR. It is strong and constructed with high-quality materials. It is also of a medium price which means it can be afforded by survivalists of various backgrounds. This machete will be a good reward for your money because of its efficiency, durability and lightweight.



This kukri machete by CONDOR TOOLS & KNIVES KUKRI takes it’s pride in its sturdy grip and thickness of the blade, which makes it efficient for various chopping activities. This high-quality knife is designed to be consistently used in even the most challenging conditions.

The length of this machete’s blade is measured 10 inches and the overall length is 15 inches. The machete’s blade is crafted by a 1075 High Carbon Steel, which is an excellent  steel to be used for any machete blade. It also comes with  a Full-Tang design to provide you with ease and comfort during various chopping activities. The thickness of the blade of this machete is measured approximately 6mm- thick enough to cut almost anything, also good for your adventure or survival situation.

You should put into consideration your strength and stamina before thinking of getting this knife because it is heavy and could drain and burden your power during chopping tasks.

This machete has a good hardwood handle made from American walnut which enables you to have a stiff and sturdy grip during chopping tasks. For easy access at all times. This machete comes with a black leather sheath and a belt loop for comfort and convenience during your adventure.

The premium price of this knife may turn off potential customers but it should be considered as a long-term investment because of its durability and versatility.



What to consider when choosing a kukri machete 

Kukri machete is an essential tool that should be found in your emergency survival kit but choosing the best kukri machete is also crucial in order to have a smooth journey. Consider the following when picking your desired machete.

Blade material 

The materials used in the designing of blades vary so you should make thorough research on the blade you are planning on purchasing whether it will be suitable for your adventure.  You want a machete that will be suitable, reliable and effective so you should consider the materials used in crafting the blade. Generally, blade materials are of three types: stainless steel, carbon steel, and high carbon steel. They all are effective but the activity you want to use them for makes them vary in ability. Check the description of the blade types below.

Stainless steel

The blade of your knife should be made of stainless steel in order to avoid much maintenance work on it. Stainless steel consists of carbon steel with nickel and chromium, they make the steel shiny silver and rust-resistant.

It is easy to sharpen though low in carbon, this can lead to breakage of the blade during chopping of hard items.

If you happen to find yourself in a wet climate condition, the stainless steel knife is best suitable.

Carbon steel

Carbon steel blade are the most durable of the three kinds of blade material but due to the fact that it is not water-resistant, it requires regular care and maintenance. Use lubricants to maintain carbon steel blades. 

Frequent maintenance may not be a feasible option during survival situations because maintenance ( sharpening and oiling ) will take time.

The blade may prove difficult to resharpen when not used for a period of time due to its natural hardness. But it is a good pick in a survival situation because it will add ease to your journey and help overcome difficulties. 

High carbon steel 

This kind of steel is  a two in one steel because it comprises both stainless steel and carbon steel. It has the water-resistance stainless steel feature and the strength that carbon steel has, with the qualities of both, it increases the  durability and expands the climates conditions you can use it in. Durability is the reason high carbon steel knives dominate the machete market so you should consider going for a high carbon steel knife.

Long and short blades

The length of your blade matters so you should consider going for the blade length that will be best suitable for you. The short blades tend to offer more control over the swing of the blade and are best suited to narrow spaces, they are lightweight and will require more energy during chopping activities. 

Long blades out performs shorter blades, but the control of the machete is less. Much energy would not be needed from you during chopping activities as a result of a long blade which helps you conserve energy. They are of heavy weight so you should consider the weight you want your kukri knife to be in order that it is suitable for its purpose. 

Blade tangs 

If you know you would make much use of the blade on your journey, consider purchasing a machete with full tang. A full tang guarantees great balance and leverage capabilities throughout use. 

If you want a lightweight machete, consider going for a knife with partial tang however, it does not have as much potential  as a full tang.

Hand shape and material 

You should consider going for a machete with a unique handle that will guarantee strong and firm grip during use. 

The handle of machetes is prone to rain, sweat from your hands when chopping materials, so the tip of the handle needs to have a unique grip to avoid slipping from your hand and causing unnecessary accidents.


Having the best kukri machete in your survival kit is essential to guarantee the safety and comfort of your journey. After reading this article, I hope you find the best kukri knife suitable for your adventure or survival situation.

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