Best Hunting Flashlights

best hunting flashlight

In a survival situation, you will need food in order to remain alive. Flashlight is a must-have in your survival kit that is the reason you need the best hunting flashlight. Hunting for meat and fruits will be your only option if your survival supplies are exhausted.

That is the reason why you should get the best hunting flashlight to increase your chances of survival in the wild. You will need a hunting flashlight when going on a hunting expedition. Hunting flashlights are different from the normal flashlight because they are specifically made for hunting. Having a hunting flashlight can increase your chances of survival in the wilderness.

You should get the best hunting flashlight based on your preference, you should put into consideration it’s luminance, compatibility and price. This article points out 5 of the best hunting flashlights that are suitable for you. I hope this article helps you to find the best hunting flashlight of your choice.


This model powered by VASTFIRE comes in a single light mode which is green. You can adjust the focus and let you zoom out for about 200 yards on a spot light and zooms a hundred yards in the floodlight. This model comes with a battery capacity of 2,600mAh and a 18650 battery, suitable for long period hunting of about 5 hours and more. 

The special circuit design allows longer battery life. It’s charging indicator colour is red while the fully charged indicator colour is blue. A fully charged flashlight efficient and suitable for your hunting expedition.

This model is compatible and can easily be packed in your survival emergency kit. It is 5.4 inches long, 6.3 inches wide and a weight of 171g.

This model comes with an amazing and comfortable charging option. It makes use of a USB charger which enables you to charge even on the go.

This flashlight is made from a high-quality aluminium alloy and this helps to resist scratches and any ample impact on the flashlight. It can also survive under harsh weather conditions it is exposed to. It is waterproof and will guarantee your survival in the wilderness.

This model is inexpensive and budget friendly and can easily be accessed by any survivalist.




The ODEPRO KL52PLUS zoomable flashlight comes with a four light mode which are red, green, white and IR850nm. It is 6.73 inches long and 2.12 inches wide. When zooming in as a floodlight, it provides a wide range when searching for targets. Zooming out as spot light can reach as far as1350ft. 

It zooms mechanically due to the mechanical rotary design. You just have to rotate the body to zoom in and zoom out. Both it’s charger and battery are efficient and impressive.It comes with two 18650 batteries which are produced from a unique cathode material and they are can be even under high temperatures. 

The batteries can be recharged for more than 500 times before they wear out and need to be replaced.The charger is compact. The batteries and charger both have automatic protection against overcharge, short circuits, and over discharge. The charging indication colour is red while the fully charged indication colour is green. 

Amazingly, it is waterproof and can be used in any climate condition. It’s body is made from aluminium making it able to resist scratches. It comes with a universal 18650 Li-ion battery type and a wattage of 5 watts.




Orion H30 predator hunting flashlight comes with two light colours  which are green and pure red. It is 6.1 inches long, 4.6oz in weight, a head diameter of 14.3 inches and 1 inch for the body diameter. This model can emit over 300 lumens of light. The light comes with a CREE XP-E2 color LED  capable of producing strong light.

H30 is also good for long-distance hunting as it offers a 273 yard range. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and can be of perfect help especially when you are hunting in either a hot or cold environment. 

It is strongly built and has a fall resistant of up to 30 yards. The body is made from aluminium and is also waterproof. The battery’s extended time depends on the level of luminance. For  300 lumens (4hours), 190 lumens (5hours), 50lumens (17hours), 6 lumens (120hours).




Tracking of your prey after shooting may be a little difficult in the night. This model of flashlight makes tracking of your prey easy because it can track blood. This model of blood tracking flashlight is eight inches long, and weighs one pound. It is compact and easy to handle. 

Blood tracking is made possible and easier with the intense 600 Lumen CREE XM LEDs and also features two power settings; low illumination setting and the intense HD tracking. This model also comes with a cardura holster with belt straps for easy carrying and 4 CR123 batteries.

Although some hunters have complained of the brightness of the intense HD tracking setting, it actually depends on where you want to hunt. You may be in need of a very bright light, the intense HD will make tracking of your prey easier. 




This model of flashlight comes with a long range that can help you view anything in a 250 yards mark, efficient and reliable for hunting. It is a one colour. This flashlight does not come with a filter for powering so this is an added advantage to you by not disturbing and notifying your prey and preventing the chances of a future meal. 

If you prefer your flashlight on your hand pistol, shotgun or rifle, then this model is a sure pick because it is designed to mount guns, adding to your excellent performance. It emits 350 lumens of  unfiltered green light. It is strongly built with an aluminium body which resists scratches and fall impacts on the body. 

The package comes with a complete set of 1x Green hunting light flashlight,1 x 18650 3.7V rechargeable battery , 1 x Charger, 1x pressure switch, 1x Barrel mount. It is water-resistant and can survive harsh weather conditions.



What to Consider When Exploring the Best Hunting Flashlights

When you set out looking for the best hunting flashlight that suits your specifications, you should look out for some features before purchasing one. Hunting flashlights are different from the normal flashlights which can be gotten in any nearby shop. They must be unique and are specially made for hunting expeditions. So you have to pick the one that is suitable for your hunting expedition.

  • Bulb type: LED bulbs are considered suitable for hunting expeditions. Other types of bulbs have been disregarded by many hunters due to the obvious efficiency of LED bulbs.
Led bulbs have  exceptional runtime, brightness flexibility, impact resistance, and general energy efficiency. These features are crucial for hunting flashlights to have and with these features, your chances of survival and catching your prey is guaranteed.
  • Beam type: The lens reflector surrounding the bulb disperses the lightYou should consider the light dispersion of your desired hunting flashlight. There are two types of beams.The spotlight or focused kind; this is a single beam flashlight that focuses on a particular object and can go long distances. They are best suitable for night hunting. We also have the fixed or floodlight type; it is a single beam width and is best suitable for general applications like walking and camping not hunting alone.
  • Water resistance: you should consider purchasing a flashlight that can survive harsh weather conditions and is water-resistant so that the climate will not affect your hunting expedition. Hunting flashlights water resistance level is measured in three levels: IPX4, IPX7 and IPX8. The IPX4 water resistance can withstand just water splashes so you should note the kind of environment you make use of it. A IPX7 model flashlight can be submerged in water of about one metre for over half an hour and still work perfectly and efficiently. The IPX8 model rated flashlight can be submerged in water deeper than one metre for up to four hours and still perform its functions. 
  • The impact resistance: you would not want to get a hunting flashlight that would start malfunctioning or get broken after falling down. You should consider getting a hunting flashlight with aluminium body. The impact resistance of flashlights is measured in meters and that indicates the height from which the flashlight can get dropped onto a hard surface and remain usable and functional, without the flashlight getting cracked or broken.
  • Peak beam intensity: the brightness of the flashlight should also be put into consideration. The peak beam intensity of a flashlight is measured in candela. The candela refers to the beam’s brightest level and tells you how bright that flashlight will be.
  • The beam distance: the range of distance and is measured in metres at which the intensity of the beam gets to 0.25 lux, which can be replicated to how much light a full moon outputs at night. 
  • Modes: if you know the climate condition of the place you want to hunt, then a flashlight with one mode available will best be suitable. However, if you want to prepare for the unforeseen, there are flashlights with various models out there that come with multiple flashlight operating modes such as low, medium, and high, even including boost levels. Getting a two mode or more flashlight broadens your chance of survival and catching games. You should also note that brighter modes reduce the runtime of your flashlight and will prompt changing the batteries.
  • Runtime: the longer your battery life, the greater chances of your survival and search of a game. The runtime is the cycle of period that the battery will last after every complete charge. It is important you know the runtime of the flashlight as this determines both the performance of the flashlight and how soon you’ll need to replace or recharge the battery. If you prefer night hunting, you should consider acquiring a hunting flashlight with an outstanding runtime. Battery units come from disposable batteries and the most common sizes are double A and triple A. It’s possible to have a bright flashlight even if the unit of the battery is small and less hefty, you must, however, do your research and market survey to know the best for you and more suited to your adventure or hunting expedition. 


Having the best hunting flashlight for your hunting expedition is essential if you want a smooth experience in the wilderness. My candid advice is to go for a flashlight that has a good runtime, water-resistant, impact-resistant, long-range focus and all qualities listed in the article.

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