Best Hammock Tents

Best Hammock Tents

In recent times, best hammock tents have enjoyed a geometric rise in popularity, even coming to be preferred in some quarters to the (regular) tents, which have long occupied pride of place as the foremost traditional camping gear. 

If you are a lover of nature and the great outdoors in particular, chances are you’ve heard or even know a fair deal about the best qualities of hammock tents. What could have contributed to the boost in the reputation of this particular camping apparatus?

There are quite a number of factors responsible for its widespread acceptance. Apart from its serenity, hammock tents provide a refreshing lightness which closely mirrors the sentiment of being in the great outdoors in the first place. You know, the feeling of leaving everything behind and just relishing the delights of Mother Nature.

Besides, as every camper can tell you, hauling around bulky gear while hiking is no walk in the park, especially across longer distances and unforgiving terrains.

Further, as the point to most outdoors expeditions is to leave campers feeling reinvigorated and renewed, camping trips that are uncomfortable and place the peace of mind of participants on the line can be regarded as wasted. Essentially, comfort can often be the difference between a happy camper and well, an unhappy one.

As a consequence of this new-found appreciation for hammock tents, manufacturing has gone into overdrive, and sifting through the tangle to find the hammock tent perfect for you can be a challenging task.

Have no fear! We’ve sorted through the mass to pick out five of the best hammock tents for you. Ours is a list of reliable manufacturers of hammock tents and shelters space. We’ve infused it with sufficient details to help you make informed decisions while shopping for hammock tents, and we hope it contributes to the success of your outdoor expedition. 

The amazingly weightless feel of the Lawson Blue Ridge makes it a clear fan favourite. Weighing in at only 1.8g, yet able to support up to an astonishing 275 lbs, it offers enough strength and storage room to support solo hikers willing to test the boundaries of survival.

Versatility is its particular strong suit; it can be used in a variety of places, including on the ground. It also counts a unique arch pole and spreader bar system among its features, which makes it easy to set up, promotes adaptability and enhances user comfort. In order to enhance airflow, it comes equipped with an easily detachable rain fly. Thankfully, users do not have to pay a premium for it: it does not leave a huge dent in the pockets.

The only downside to it is that straps must be purchased separately. On a positive note though, straps are not too expensive.

Rated #1 by online reviewers such as Outside, American Survival Guide and Backpacker, you can’t go wrong with the Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent.



Are you a camper making your first tentative forays into the realms of elevated living? This one’s perfect for you!

It is fairly easy to set up and dismantle, with each strap possessing 15 adjustment points and made from flexible poly filament material.

It weighs in at about 4lbs and has a maximum capacity of 400lbs, making it suitable for individual use, although it can still accommodate two people, making necessary allowances for a reduction in comfort.

The ENO Onelink Shelter System is also suited perfectly to all weather conditions. Made with 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta, it lets in the cool air in sweltering climates, while its waterproof rainfly ensures that you remain warm and dry while adventuring in places that are partial to the occasional torrential downpour. As an additional advantage, the nylon finish of this shelter system dries pretty quickly in the event of rainfall.

This shelter system also provides a bug screen that guarantees round the clock protection against malicious mosquitoes and other bugs while not compromising the quality of the air.

The ENO Onelink Shelter System comes with a wonderfully streamlined and simple design that makes it easy to carry around on your camping expeditions, and also comes in at a reasonable price.

Try out the ENO Onelink Singlenest Shelter System when you want to make the transition from ground-dwelling and experience its simple charm.



The Tentsile Connect Tree Tent is designed for companionship and offers the best of the worlds of hammock and tent.



If you describe it as a hybrid, you won’t be far off the mark. Its roomy and innovative design ensures that your comfort doesn’t become an issue and saves you from having to make camp on the ground with all its associated hassles.

Its weight of 16 pounds is rather substantial, but on the flip side that enables it to maximize comfort and furnish users with more than enough room to lounge about.

So much space also gives you the option to stash your gear inside so you don’t have to leave your perch atop the trees. You can also protect them from the rain by keeping them in the 50-square foot storage space underneath the hammock. Because its large size can lead to reduced mobility, it may be more appropriate and effective to haul it with a vehicle to the desired camping area.

Fears about the security of the hammock tent above ground are swiftly dispelled by its sturdy suspension system. Three unyielding ratchet straps firmly secure the hammock in place.

Regardless of weather conditions, the party never stops as this hybrid also comes equipped with a rain fly that offers protection from both the sun’s rays and heavy rain.

Although this hammock does not come cheap, it affords users the opportunity to simultaneously enjoy the best features of tent and hammock, while guaranteeing the peace of mind associated with long term investment properties.

As a footnote, Tentsile is a pro-environment organization.



The standout feature of this hammock is its extremely lightweight design which makes it very portable. It comes in a bundle pack that includes the hammock equipped with a bug net, rain fly, stakes, tree straps, carabiners, shock cord and guy lines, all with a combined weight of under 4lbs.

It features a streamlined design that is only ideal for a single person and doesn’t offer a lot of storage space. It also appears in a range of stylish colours designed to seamlessly blend into your surroundings.

This hammock also prioritises quality, made with reinforced parachute nylon material that is designed to last, is tear-resistant and also resilient. This ensures that it can be used literally anywhere.

This hammock has a record set up time, just about three minutes, and offers optimum protection from the elements; its rain fly can keep you cosy and warm even in the most torrential of downpours.

You can also sleep easy in the outdoors with this hammock, as it comes equipped with a mosquito net that keeps the bugs out and leaves you feeling revitalized and energized when you wake up.

If you enjoy hanging out with Mother Nature on a budget, get yourself one of these.



The unusual and remarkable qualities of this all in one hammock makes it a worthy entrant in our list. The Flying Tent is astonishingly versatile, and in addition to its duties as a hammock, hammock tent and bivvy tent, it can also put in a decent shift as… a rain poncho!

Coming in at a 2450g at its heaviest and with a thickness of 3.5 inches, this multipurpose hammock can support up to 264lbs, making it the heaviest hammock on our list. Nevertheless, depending on your preferences and needs, it weighs a slightly less heavy 1120g when divested of the extra bulk. Crucially, it comes equipped with a backpack to make carrying it from place to place easier.

Despite its bulk, this hammock can be very easily set up and torn down, which is a very handy trait indeed for any hammock.

Like other hammock tents on our list, the Flying Tent also comes equipped with a mosquito net and rain fly, acting proactively to ward off lurking bugs and guaranteeing the comfort of users.

The Flying Tent is pocket friendly and all things considered, you could do worse than settling for this hammock.



Why Choose a Hammock Tent?

To the reasoning of most hardcore campers, a traipse through the outdoors must necessarily coincide with a clean break with every vestige of normal civilised life. Consequently, to this particular group, sleeping in tents and RVs while on outdoor expeditions only provides a watered-down version of the camping experience, due to what those materials represent. Because if you really want to be in the outdoors, then you should be in the outdoors, in the midst of nature. You should stare at the stars while preparing to sleep and not at a roof, you should float with the breeze and let it draw you in, you should let the music of the great outdoors backdrop your thoughts and lull you to sleep.

Hammock tents provide an authentic way to enjoy the great outdoors and, to make things interesting, the newly manufactured ones appear in a multitude of alluring shapes and forms, such as domes, tents, cocoons and even spaceships.

Hammock tents place a huge emphasis on comfort, and with equipment such as rain flies and mosquito nets, they also offer protection against the elements and bugs.

This makes for a truly refreshing night rest, and coupled with the exhilarating feeling of floating and hanging out with the stars, what’s not to like?

What to look out for in a Hammock Tent?


Most Hammock tents are designed with the comfort of users in mind. That said, it is prudent to carry out a little due diligence, to verify that your desired tent is of sufficient quality. Keep in mind, however, that quality is invariably linked with price.

The considerations to look out for are:

●     Insulation

●     Ease of use

●     Fabric

●     Shape

●     Size

●     Storage

Bug Net

A night spent in bug-infested places can quickly become more an ordeal than an adventure, so it’s important to look closely before purchasing a hammock, as not all of them are equipped with bug nets.


Most hammock tents are made of nylon, which is perfect for hot climates but extremely miserable in cold weather. As some hammocks do not come equipped with tarps, it may be necessary for you to purchase one, especially if you’re taking your campaign to areas where rainfall is never far off.


Be sure to check the recommended maximum user weight of the hammock and add a few extra pounds for extra security.

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