Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Yes, you can go outdoors in the cold weather, yes you can equally perform outdoorsy activities, I.e hiking, mountain climbing, etc. No you won’t freeze to death or contact hypothermia if you get the best cold weather sleeping bag off the market. We just answered very few of the frequently asked questions by hikers, mountain climbers, campers, etc that are new to outdoor activities in the cold weather.

Just as sleep is very essential for growth, it is equally important to get enough rest while performing outdoorsy activities. The key to sleeping well in the outdoors during the cold weather is to get the best durable cold weather sleeping bag. Out on the market, are loads of sleeping bags designed for different weather climates and various individual sizes. Getting the right sleeping bag might prove difficult and quite tricky due to the large stock on the market shelves which might in turn destroy the eagerness of prospective buyers.

To put your minds at ease, we have reviewed five cold weather sleeping bags and have termed them the best ones out on the shelf. Here are our best five; sturdy, durable, and efficient enough to beat the cold weather.

Product Quick Comparison

  • SleepInGo Double Sleeping Bag
  • Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Sleeping Bag
  • HiHiker Camping Sleeping Bag
  • REDCAMP Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag
  • Browning Camping McKinley Sleeping Bag
Here are our best cold weather sleeping bags reviews:

Large, extra comfy and known as the two person sleeping bag, it is very reliable during the cold weather climate. The SleepInGo Double Sleeping Bag is made from polyester material, it is durable and will definitely provide warmth in the cold climate conditions. This sleeping bag presents a queen-size design that comfortably suits two people, comes with two extra pillows and is spacious enough to create individual personal space too. The SleepInGo Double Sleeping Bag has a temperature rating of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which is designed to keep you warm and cozy in the coldest of weathers, pretty impressive huh.

Brilliantly built, it is large in size but equally lightweight, you don’t have to stress about its weight pulling you back or creating extra baggage for you. TheSleepInGo Double Sleeping Bag is waterproof certified and provides sufficient warmth too. The 210 thread count inner works efficiently to conserve body heat and provide warmth during the cold nights. This cold weather sleeping bag is thankfully pocket friendly and comes with an additional stuff sack that aids in compressing the sleeping bag and making it portable.



The Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Sleeping Bag rated five stars is a brilliantly crafted cold weather  weather bag. It functions perfectly in cold weather climates and provides maximum warmth too. This sleeping bag has a mummy style design which in turn aids in the provision of warmth and this is doubled with the help of its quilting construction and Thermolock draft tube; the tube works to keep heat in the sleeping bag and draws out cold. 

Living up to its name, it is suitable for camping in weather temperatures as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. It is an advisable gear for survival campers, hikers and mountain climbers. Measured at length as 33-inch by 75-inch, this cold weather sleeping bag easily accommodates people taller than average, at least 6 feet 2 inches. This implies that taller than average hikers, mountain climbers and survivalists don’t have to fret about not finding a reliable cold weather sleeping bag. 

The sleeping bag includes a drawstring which helps to tighten the semi-sculptured hood attached to the sleeping bag itself and seal in the accumulated heat. A stuff bag that allows the bag to remain portable while being transported is also attached; the sleeping bag itself is equipped with a very cool ZipPlow system. This system has been put in place to reduce the consistent snagging of zippers.

With its nature friendly colour and budget friendly price, the Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Sleeping Bag is one cold weather sleeping bag that shouldn’t be left hanging on the market shelf.



Now here’s a cold weather sleeping bag that provides excellent warmth even though it is placed on the wet ground; awesome right? The HiHiker Camping Sleeping Bag designed for all seasons Is an excellent choice for everyone and anyone who adores outdoorsy activities. Its temperature rating is measured at 25 degrees Fahrenheit and this is perfect because it provides enough heat to warm you up when there’s a change in the weather. 

This sleeping bag features a pillow that is equipped to provide comfort and support for your head and neck after a long day outdoors. The HiHiker Camping Sleeping Bag also boasts of a hood that supplements the warmth of the extra lightweight pillow, a height of 86.6 inches, a width of 31.5 inches and an overall size that can comfortably fit an individual measuring at 6 feet.

The sleeping bag is designed in five different enticing colours and luckily, is on the budget friendly list too. Don’t fret about its large size, it comes with a stuff bag that easily compresses the sleeping bag and makes it very portable.



The REDCAMP Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag boasts of extra warmth for your entire body which is super cool because you wouldn’t want frozen feet and a warm upper body would you? So then, let us launch in to see if this cold weather sleeping bag lives up to its claim. 

The REDCAMP Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag measured at  75-inches by 33-inches is most definitely the longest sleeping bag on the shelf. It is three (3) inches more vast than the other cold weather sleeping bags; The perfect choice for individuals who love to wriggle in their sleep. This cold weather sleeping is four (4) season certified and available in two different weight sizes; note that the difference in the weight of the sleeping bags is the key to deciding which is best suited for the cold weather. The REDCAMP cold weather sleeping bag that weighs 4lbs is the best choice for cold weather outdoor activities since it is thicker, conserves more warmth and includes a temperature rating of 32-59 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you feel lonely and don’t want to maintain your sleeping bag alone, the REDCAMP Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag comes with zippers that can easily be attached to another cotton flannel cold weather sleeping bag and voila, you have a partner. Please note that the manufacturers of this product have advised females to buy the thicker cotton flannel cold weather sleeping bag. Here’s a plus, the sleeping bag is budget friendly and equally waterproof.



Here’s our last cold weather sleeping on the guide. The Browning Camping McKinley Sleeping Bag is designed in the Mummy style but here’s something nice, unlike other cold weather sleeping bags, the McKinley Sleeping Bag has enough wiggle space; measured at 36 inches wide and 90 inches long, it is a far cry from other mummy style sleeping bags that don’t include enough wiggle room. This sleeping bag is specially built for everyone and anyone who loves the outdoors. It boasts of a temperature rating of 30 degrees Fahrenheit, an insulated chest area, a zipper-baffle with a two layer construction that is designed to trap heat and provide sufficient heat to tackle the cold.

The Browning Camping McKinley Sleeping Bag is rated as a top choice due to its TechLoft insulation that is designed to provide max insulation and loft (free space). This cold weather sleeping bag’s outer shell is built from a very durable 210T nylon diamond ripstop material, paired with an equally durable  brushed polyester liner which work together to ensure maximum protection against the frigid weather conditions and rain. The fabrics are excellent water-resistant materials. The Browning Camping McKinley Sleeping Bag comes with a reliable  compression stuff bag and roll-up straps that make it portable and easy to move around. Although it is not relatively budget friendly, we are of the opinion that you would overlook its price after experiencing high quality.



A buyer’s guide to acquiring the best cold weather sleeping bag off the shelf. 

Securing the best cold weather sleeping bag can be quite tasking. It might be a bit easy for regular outdoor goers but harder for newbies. Most individuals prefer camping during the warm weather conditions; getting scared that they won’t find the adequate kits for  weather survival. So we have decided to create and put together a guide to securing the best cold weather sleeping bag. Don’t fret, don’t be discouraged; our guide encompasses simple step by step tips to getting the best out of your outdoor experience with the perfect cold weather survival sleeping bag. Here are the guidelines: 

Materials used

Taking note of the fabric used to make your desired cold weather sleeping bag is important. There are three different materials commonly used in the production of sleeping bags; Synthetic, Goose down and water-resistant down. 

The synthetic fabric also referred to as polyester is the least expensive of the three fabrics. Durable and efficient in wet weather conditions, the synthetic fabric is one to look out for. A downside to the fabric though is its bulkiness.

Another fabric is the Goose Down. The Goose down is highly reliable in cold weather climates. It is equipped with an excellent insulation ability but is on the pricier side of the market. 

The water-resistant down sleeping bag material is very similar to the Goose down but on the bright side, it works better, conserves more warmth,  is more durable and is made from a water-resistant down fabric. The only downside is it is very expensive. 


A sleeping bag that provides warmth and insulation is one that shouldn’t be left hanging on the shelf; warmth is an essential element against the cold weather climate. Synthetic and down fabrics are the go to materials when searching for sleeping bags with perfect insulation. 

Special features

Plus features are also essentials; they can be useful in various situations and are unique to different sleeping bags. Some of the extra features are:

Pillow pockets

Pillow pockets are fabric materials cut out in the shape of a pillow. They are extremely lightweight and easy to compress unlike normal pillows that might add extra weight to your backpack. Just add a few clothes into the pockets and voilà, you have a comfy pillow.


Linings are designed to draw sweat away from your body and this ensures a good night’s sleep especially during warmer weather conditions. The outer shell of your desired sleeping bag should be able to prevent water from getting in and eventually soaking you and the entire sleeping bag.  


Here’s the fact, not all sleeping bags come with a hood. It’s like a special feature too. If your desired sleeping bag comes with a hood, then consider yourself lucky. Hooded sleeping bags are perfect for the cold weather. They trap heat and provide extra warmth when the temperature drops. 

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