Best Bushcraft Knife

Best Bushcraft Knife

Here’s something essential you shouldn’t forget; never ever go camping, hiking or backpacking without a knife and not just any knife, a bushcraft knife. When you’re faced with survival situations, the best bushcraft knife would surely come in handy. For advanced survival outdoor enthusiasts, this is one tool that shouldn’t be left behind. The best bushcraft knife would work well as a weapon against danger and can serve as a backup if you don’t have a larger knife in your survival kit.

Bushcraft knives function as multipurpose tools and can be used in virtually any situation. They are referred to as bushcraft knives because they are designed to work brilliantly in outdoor survival situations and circumstances that might threaten your survival. They can be used to carry out demanding tasks or less demanding ones. They also serve to aid in protection against enemies or in situations that threaten your survival.

We have gone bushcraft knife hunting and have selected the best five knives that would serve as useful tools and protectors against the unknown.

We present to you the Morakniv Black Bushcraft Knife. This Sweden made knife is equipped with a high carbon steel blade rounded up with a Rockwell hardness of 56-58. Its blade which is measured at 3.2mm (⅛ inch) is awfully sharp and very durable. It is coated in a Tungsten Carbon Carbide black material and this is done to prevent corrosion. 

This knife has an unpolished finish with a ground, square-edge spine which makes it a very efficient fire-starter striker. If you need to start a fire, it can easily be done by pulling the spine slowly and heavily along a fire starter to create sparks that can easily light up dry leaves, small sticks, e.t.c. The kinve’s handle is equipped with an anti-slip material and it functions excellently in wet and cold weather conditions.

The Morakniv Black Bushcraft Knife is a multifunctional knife that performs functions such as carving, batoning, fire starting and feather sticking. With the aid of its razor sharp edge, you can easily carve weapons or camp tools that might be needed. In order to obtain dry wood, batoning is essential. With the extremely sharp edge of the Black Bushcraft Knife and its reliable 3.2mm robust blade, batoning can easily be achieved with little or no stress. 

This knife is fully measured at 9.1″ and weighs 5.7oz. It comes equipped with  plastic sheath which is coloured in black and its colour is a bonus point because it won’t draw attention to itself. It also includes a belt loop that helps to keep your knife safely at your side. 



The Schrade SCHF36 Frontier undoubtedly holds the front for the best designed bushcraft knife out on the shelf. It fully functions with a drop point blade that can dice, slice and chop efficiently. It is equipped with a TPE handle that ensures a steady hold on your knife and its edge properly allings to work on whatever needs to be worked on. The drip point blade is made with 1095 high carbon that ensures its durability. The blade also measures at 5 inches long which makes it one of the longer bushcraft blades on the shelf.

The Schrade SCHF36 Frontier comes with a heavy duty black nylon sheath remarked as very durable unlike its competitors. The knife itself fully measures at 10 and a half inches long and is quite heavy but its weight works well to ensure its sturdiness. Plus additions to this excellent bushcraft knife are a sharpening stone and a Ferro rod; now you might not need to go searching for the perfect stone to sharpen your bushcraft knife. This bushcraft knife is very budget friendly, includes a polyester belt sheath, is credibly durable and functions well as an outdoor survival tool.



Next on our list is the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Survival Knife. Living up to its brand name, this bushcraft knife is one essential survival tool that shouldn’t be ignored. It is equipped with a full-tang blade measuring at 4 ½ inches long and a steel crafted from S30V steel which is noted as a hardened power-made stainless steel, this bushcraft knife is one rugged survival tool. A bonus point for this beauty is its waterproof handle made from resin-soaked fiber glass which is designed to function efficiently in various weather conditions.

The Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 Survival Knife weighs a total of 218.86g which is practically on the heavier side but its weight works well enough for the strength and durability it provides. Its blade is furnished with a superb edge retention that aids the knife in performing activities such as cutting, gutting and chopping with no stress or hindrance. Also included is a brushed full-grain leather sheath that is equally equipped with a flint rod loop, a retention strap and a D-ring which all work together to secure your bushcraft knife at your side.



Unlike its counterpart, this survival bushcraft knife is an advanced version. The Morakniv Black Bushcraft Survival Knife comes with a fire-starter and an integrated sheath. Its blade is fully measured at 3.3mm and this would be very useful while performing activities that involve chopping, cutting or slicing. It can also work well in simple acts such as shaving if by chance you forgot to pack along a shaving stick. The fire starter included in its pack locks securely in the durable plastic clamps attached to the sheath which makes it very easy to access. The fire starter gives out 7,000 strikes and is certified to produce 3,000 degree sparks which function well even in wet climates.

The survival handle is made with an ergonomic rubber that provides a high-friction grip and gives great hand support in situations that call for survival. Its rubber handle also includes an anti-corrosive black coating that serves well in wet weather conditions; you don’t have to worry about your knife getting soaked. This blade also comes with a diamond sharpener. Its blade has a Rockwell hardness of 56-58 which has been noted to be the standard hardness for most knives created by the Morakniv company. Here’s a bonus point, the knife comes with a lifetime warranty; very cool right? Though high on price, this is one exceptional bushcraft knife that shouldn’t be overlooked.



And last on the list is the Off-Grid Knives Rapid Fire Ranger. This beautifully crafted bushcraft knife is one that totally deserves your attention. Fully weighed at 170g, this bushcraft knife is extremely lightweight and very easy to attach to your survival gear. It comes with an all-position mounting clip and a lanyard hole. This knife suitably caters for both right handed and left handed people which makes it a popular choice amongst customers. It is equipped with a Japanese AUS8 blade measuring at a length of 3.75 inches. The blade has been treated with anti-corrosive agents and sharpened to secure the sharpness of your knife’s edge. It is also coated with a non-reflective black titanium nitride which works to ensure durability and prevent scratch, peel and also wear and tear.

Off-Grid Knives Rapid Fire Ranger has a handle that is drawn up from an OD green textured G10 that is designed to avoid it slipping off especially in wet climates. Unlike some knives on the market, this bushcraft knife is designed not to shrink or increase in size when exposed to the elements. Here’s something you should also consider, this knife has been tested on the field and fully certified by the military and law enforcement; pretty awesome for a knife right? The Off-Grid Knives Rapid Fire Ranger boasts of providing  massive quality and durability though at a high price.




After going through our list of the best bushcraft knives we strongly advise you to pay attention to our buyer’s guide. We decided to give you one to make the search for your desired bushcraft knife easier. Here are our guidelines:


The handle of a bushcraft knife is a very vital part to take note of. If the handle is not well structured you might just about regret getting it. The handle is the part of the knife that provides comfort and saves your fingers from getting cut off. A firm grip is an essential factor that would either aid or maim you. Without a sturdy grip survival in the outdoors might be slim. So while shopping for the perfect bushcraft knife do ensure you take note of its handle.

The handles of bushcraft knives can be made from three materials; Wood, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and the G10 glass-filled nylon. The wooden handles are very efficient but should be best handled by experienced bushcraft knife handlers. They can be made from walnut or natural wood. The TPE handle is another brilliant option. They are durable, sturdy, and function well in wet climates. The G10 glass-filled nylon handle has a texture that ensures a firm grip and is equally durable.


How much does your desired bushcraft knife weigh? Do you prefer heavy-duty or lightweight? Stating your preferred choice is important too. Not everyone fancies a heavy knife, some prefer durable but equally lightweight knives. A heavy-duty bushcraft knife is usually very sturdy and can last long but it might work against the physical strength of some individuals which is why you should know where your strength lies before selecting a bushcraft knife.


Bushcraft knives come equipped with various types of blades. The majority of the bushcraft blades on the shelf are made from stainless steel. Carefully considering the blade used for your bushcraft knife is important because some blades are not coated with anti-corrosive agents and are prone to get damaged quickly.

Securing a bushcraft knife of high carbon steel that is coated with anti-corrosive substance and is equally scratch and peel resistant is one the best choices you could ever make.


Considering your budget before you go shopping is crucial. Thinking of how much you are willing to add if your desired product is above your budget is also important. No one wants to go broke after shopping. So noting the price of your desired bushcraft knife is one essential tip you need to take care of. Most expensive bushcraft knives are usually worth the price unlike lower-priced ones. On the other hand, budget-friendly bushcraft knives are equally durable, efficient, and tend to work well in various climates. So the best thing to do while hunting for your bushcraft knife is to take note of each quality, brand, and characteristics. 

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