Best Bug Out Bag

Best Bug Out Bag

Emergencies are by definition extremely unpredictable and considerably difficult to prepare for, but with the best bug out bags, you can stay ahead of any situation. Also known as bailout bags, best bug out bags are designed to contain essential materials that can ensure you and your family’s survival even in the severest of circumstances. They offer versatility, mobility and the flexibility to move out at the shortest notice, putting you miles outside the radius of the blast before it even hits.

Just as important as the items assembled in a bug out bag is the bag itself. Bug out bags can seem like an easy way to save a few dollars, especially when the items they accommodate cost a fair bit too. Yet if you’re looking for uncompromising assurance, you should insist on quality BOBs because cheap bags have a tendency to fall apart at the most inopportune moments, putting your gear and survival in the balance.

The popularity of bug out bags have never been higher and as a result, the market is absolutely flooded with different makes and choices. Picking the perfect one for you can be a Herculean task. Be that as it may, we’ve sifted through the rabble to bring you this list of the best bug out bags available.

Our selections are intended to help you reduce valuable time spent trying to reach a decision and increase your chances of surviving any situation.

Just as the name suggests, this survival bag is designed for a medium-sized family. However, this bag is also suitable for individual preppers who need to keep the torch burning when the worst-case scenario becomes a reality.

One of the things that makes this bag so appealing is its complete fulfilment of the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) guidelines for the survival of emergencies. This entails that everything you would need to guarantee your survival in the event of an emergency is contained within the limits of this bug out bag.

In case you were wondering, those words are not just rhetorics either. This bag is stocked with emergency water and food rations that can last the best part of five years. And the food contains enough calories to help maintain your energy levels, just in case you need to trek long distances to locate help or safety. The straps are reinforced, and a breathable mesh back ensures that carrying this bag does not leave you winded.

You’re also protected from the elements with this bug out bag. It includes a tube tent for shelter, complete with 2 comfortable sleeping bags. And when the weather turns and the sky unleashes a deluge, two emergency ponchos keep you and your companions dry.

If you’re looking for a bug out bag that lets you evacuate your family from danger at a moment’s notice while seeming to anticipate your every need, this bag is a good choice.



This bug out bag conceals ultimate, effective unconventionality behind an unobtrusive, minimalistic design. Built to help up to four people get through difficult situations, this bag even gives you the option to bring your pet along!

This bag has an ordinary, no-frills look around it that blends easily in crowds. It also offers twelve compartments that make organisation easy, so you don’t have to dig in to look for items every time. 

Inside these compartments, you can store a multitude of items that can support you for up to seventy-two hours. Emergency food and water with a shelf life of five years can be located inside. It also includes a first aid kit, in case there are wounded among your number. This bag also doesn’t skimp on hygiene, with toothbrushes, shampoo, toothpaste and other toiletries ensuring that your hygiene is not sacrificed in rough situations.

If you’re venturing into the outdoors or you want to steer clear of houses, this bag has also got you covered with shelter equipment included. And if nightfall catches you out unprepared, an included flashlight helps you find your way. You can also sleep better at night with the failsafe security that the radio included in the bag provides.

If you’re in the market for an unostentatious bug out bag that offers amazing attributes, you should consider getting one of these.



The First My Family 4FKIT Survival Kit is the quintessential bug out bag, offering a wide range of qualities and amenities for up to four people. It is two similar bags, at the price of one.

Each bag can hold supplies that can last you up to 3 days. The immediate issue with emergency SOS supplies is that they may contain some ingredients which are genetically modified, or which some people are allergic to. First My Family 4FKIT Survival Kit manages to avoid those concerns by making use of ingredients that are completely natural and free from allergens. These supplies also have a shelf life of 5 years and can offer you enough strength to keep going in tough situations.

These bags are also issued with several items that are necessary for survival in the wilds, such as a flint for making fires, a storage container and a compass. These items can greatly enhance your cause in survival situations. On cold nights, you can stay warm and cosy with four 1 day body warmers included in the bag.

This bag is also not slack on the medical side of things, offering a very complete first aid kit. The 85 tools included in the kit are guaranteed to greatly alleviate the pain of any survivor who cops an injury by any means.

This bag’s numerous qualities ensure that it is a favourite among campers and makes it ideal for any survival situation. 



The Sustain Supply Co. Premium Survival Bag is designed to recreate the feel of home in outdoor survival situations, offering you peace of mind and a semblance of calm in the process.

This bug out bag can comfortably accommodate up to four people, which means your family is also covered. In the event of a worst-case scenario becoming real, this bag contains enough essentials to help 2 adults survive up to 72 hours.

Even when fully stocked, this bag is lightweight, making it very easy to carry across long distances. Made with high-grade materials, this bag is also extremely hardy and can survive practically any adversity it is faced with. If you’re setting up in rainy territory, this waterproof bag has also got you covered.

This bag is not slack with your comfort in the outdoors. Offering up to 12 servings of food and equipment to help with preparation of meals, this bag displays a thoughtfulness that is unmatched. It also doesn’t sell you short when it comes to water, with 2 refillable Aqua Literz waters and 2 water filtration straws ensuring you get only the best. A fully stocked first aid kit also guarantees the wounded adequate assistance in the wilds. It also includes several other survival materials to aid your survival.

If you’re on the lookout for bug out bags that offer sufficient space to include essential materials for your survival, while being lightweight enough to not put too much strain on you while carrying it, you shouldn’t look beyond this bag.



The EVERLIT Emergency Bug Out Bag is a favourite of the armed forces and it is not difficult to see why. Offering a wide array of materials, this bag takes survival very seriously.

This bag offers the get-up-and-go that is crucial in survival situations. Able to accommodate two people for up to 72 hours, this bag can be the deciding factor between survival and otherwise. It also doesn’t trade comfort for functionality, with comfortable straps and a padded mesh ensuring that carrying this bag doesn’t tire you out.

This bag comes with emergency shelter and a thermal blanket, offering you security and peace of mind wherever you choose to make camp. It also packs a 3 in 1 flashlight which can help you make your way in the dark, while the charger and radio featured in the portable gadget can keep you entertained and informed in the wilds. Other survival items included are a Flint, 2 high pitched whistles, a compass and several others.

When it comes to food and water, this bag offers the utmost satisfaction. The food is designed to help you keep energy levels up, while 24 packs of 125ML water make sure that dehydration does not become an issue. These food and water rations have a shelf life of 5 years.

With a durable 600 denier polyester construction, this bug out bag can follow you into battle and help you come out in one piece.






Since you may have to haul these backpacks over considerable distances, it is necessary to strike the right balance when it comes to size. A large backpack will be problematic to carry, while a small backpack might force you to leave out essential items. 

Consider your torso before making a decision. The ideal backpack should sit comfortably on your body, with the weight shared by your shoulders, neck and hip. You can also look out for brands that have adjustable features. 


The layout of the backpack can help decide how much weight it can conveniently carry. Your best bet in this regard is to seek out bags that offer multiple pockets and compartments. You should also look out for bags with MOLLE webbings, as they can allow you to store items such as tents, sleeping bags and even other packs outside the bag. 


The best bug out bags provide features to ensure that you are not bogged down by the weight. You should pick out backpacks that reduces pressure on your shoulders by making the hips bear much of the bulk. Further, look for a backpack with a mesh back panel that encourages heat loss and helps you stay cooler for longer. 


Since your bug out bag holds items that are essential for your survival, you should look for backpacks that do not compromise on durability and quality. The ideal bag should be water-resistant, with the material and zippers sturdy enough to resist tear. The bag’s seams should also be strong enough to ensure that it doesn’t fall apart. 

You should carefully consider the denier rating of the bag’s fabric as that is usually a good indicator of its strength and durability. 

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