Best 8 Person Tents

Best 8 Person Tents

If you’re a thru-hiker contemplating an extended solo stay out of doors, a trekker preparing to explore the wildlands with a group of other adventurers or a dad (or mom) outlining plans for a camping expedition for the whole family to reconnect with nature and each other, you probably need to get the best 8 person tent you can get.

8-person tents will not win any prizes for compactness, but no one really expects them to. Besides, they more than make up for any overwhelming enormity by offering enough space to satisfy even the most finicky of campers and providing protection against rainfall and sunshine. They are also relatively easy to set up and dismantle, contributing enough room for you to stash your gear in while affording you the same peace of mind you would normally expect in your own home. 

The outdoor accommodation market is saturated with 1 to 6-person tents, but there is a shortage of manufacturers offering tents above that capacity. Finding the perfect 8-person tent would, therefore, require painstaking effort and holistic research. Fortunately, we’ve carried out due diligence and assisted by decades of experience in the field, we’ve drawn up this list of the best 8-person tents to aid your decision making.

Once you’re able to take care of this detail, you’ll have solved the problem of shelter and accommodation and can move towards the next stage of your preparations in earnest. In fact, shelter should arguably be the first consideration you make when planning an outdoor trip because boundless enthusiasm alone would be sadly insufficient when contesting against the elemental forces.

The Kodiak Canvas Deluxe Tent projects an appearance of simple innocence reminiscent of home, and it just might last as long. One thing is for sure: it is nearly as solid as your house.

It is not a free-standing tent and is by no means cheap. It is also seriously heavy and can cause even the hardiest of backpacker severe teeth gnashing. However, it is fairly easy to assemble and disassemble and is built to offer you lasting protection from unfriendly weather and climatic conditions.

The tent’s ceiling and walls are made of highly durable Hydra- Shield canvas materials that greatly reduce condensation while maintaining tent breathability. Two large doors with #10 YKK zippers at the front and back make entry and exit really smooth. The tent also features four large windows fitted with no-see-um mesh, to improve ventilation and make sure irksome bugs remain outside. Airflow in and around the tent is enhanced by two funnel-flow vents, and the tent floor is a military-grade 16oz vinyl that can survive a sustained assault from numerous malignant forces. 

This tent is designed to provide year-round protection to users and indeed it is suitable for various weather conditions.

Weighing 85 pounds and able to accommodate 8 people, the tent also boasts a ceiling height of 6 feet 6 inches that, coupled with an enormous 84 x 78-inch awning, gives users enough room to stand up comfortably in. Further, dimensions of 10×14 feet and a customizable gear loft make this tent especially roomy. 

Despite being one of the priciest 8-person tents in the market, the Kodak Canvas Deluxe Tent offers great value for money and a range of features that reduces competition to also-rans. Great for any purpose, this tent is a solid long term investment property.



The Coleman Company is regarded as one of the leading names in the tent-making industry and they have delivered yet again with this issue. This tent is loaded chock full with thoughtful touches designed to recreate the feel and ambiance of a real home.

This tent takes the concept of home away from home very seriously, counting a built-in closet, several windows, an enticing decor and a large door among its numerous charming features. The tent weighs 38.2 pounds,  comes in a wheeled carry bag and is very easy to set up; the innovative Fast Pitch increasing set up speed by up to 55%.

The tent also boasts a room divider to enhance privacy and peace of mind. Amply protected from elemental forces with such innovative features as protected seams, wind-strong frame, zipper protection, double-thick fabric and waterproof floors, this tent is built to last. Factor in the built-in LED lighting system and you have an all-round winner.

Stay warm, dry and comfortable all through the year with the wonderfully effective WeatherTec specialty, featuring covered zippers and inverted seams to prevent water seeping inside the tent. An insulated rainfly also provides additional protection against the elements.

The tent’s dimensions of 14×10 feet and a 6.8 feet rooftop, this cabin-sized tent offers you enough room to really relax and walk in, and also store your gear. It also offers you pockets where smaller items can be stored.

Bask in the beauty of nature in style with the Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent. The tent is competitively priced and delivers a wonderfully wholesome experience. It also comes with the added benefit of a one-year limited warranty.



This tent has a reputation for being one of the best camping equipment in the market and it’s easy to see why. 

Built in a dome shape designed to maximize space and give users a feeling of comfort and satisfaction, this tent makes use of Nano-Flex technology that helps imbue on the tent a sturdy frame. Weighing almost 25 pounds, this tent does not do backpackers any favours, yet it takes record time to set up and disassemble and can contain eight or nine people comfortably. 

The floor of the tent is coated with anti-fungus polyethylene that keeps the tent insulated against moisture. It is also equipped with ultra-thin polyester no-see-um mesh that simultaneously protects against bugs and aids ventilation. The rain fly has been modified to make sure it prevents water from entering the tent, while also offering protection from UV rays. 

The tent is three-season and can withstand all but the most tumultuous weather conditions. Fiberglass rods serve to firmly anchor the tent in the ground. 

The tent offers maximum space, with dimensions of 85 x 305 x 360. It’s 6.2 ft center height caters to the very tall. A gear loft and inside pockets also provide more room to store your gear.

At a more than reasonable price, this tent offers you comfort and safety regardless of the challenges you run into.



The outbound 8-Person Tent is a quietly dependable lightweight tent that marries aesthetic remarkableness with technical uniqueness. 

This tent is one of the lightest 8-person tents, its dainty 21lbs taking it easy on backpackers. It also comes with a zippered duffle bag, making carrying this tent less cumbersome than others. The tent does not sacrifice space though, easily able to accommodate the 8 people it claims to be able to. The tent’s Fiberglass “Easy Up” technology makes setting up and disassembling super easy. The tent’s aerodynamic shape also enables easy navigation within the tent, two D-Shaped doors enabling quick and easy entry and exit, and built-in zip windows maintaining efficient ventilation.

The tent is made with high-quality materials that further restate this particular Brand’s commitment to excellence. The package includes tent stakes, guy lines, and a rain fly.

The Outbound 8-Person Tent is also notable for its remarkable resilience, able to cope with difficult weather conditions superbly, ensuring your peace of mind. Its 600mm coated rainfly presents the tent with adequate insulation against inclement weather. Polyester bathtub floor and welded seams are also measures put in place to enhance the tent’s ability to keep water out.

With dimensions of 14 x 8 feet and a rooftop of 6.4 feet, this tent is reasonably roomy. It also offers a detachable room divider if added privacy is what you desire.

This tent is obtainable at a budget-friendly rate, so if you’re looking to delve deeply into the unknown on a budget, this tent is recommended.



This ultra-large canvas tent is a masterpiece of intricate workmanship, and it offers features that make it possible for you to take your home with you wherever you decide to set up.

Built like a house with four vertical 5inch walls, this tent was made with Grade-A 10.10oz Double Fill canvas fabric and its heavy-duty groundsheet protects against moisture and condensation. All windows and doors are also equipped with mesh to guard against bugs and YKK zippers are durable, designed to last the entire life of the tent. A center peak height of 8.5 feet makes the interior of the tent super spacious and comfortable. With an average weight of around 198lbs, this tent requires two to three people to set up and is available in four different sizes. Stock anodized Aluminium frame poles and steel kits make set up fairly easy too.

The materials used in the production of this tent are of high quality, to guarantee user satisfaction. The 16oz polyvinyl tent walls are designed to protect against moisture and condensation and also against harmful UV rays. The tent also comes with the option of a porch and the flysheet to increase functionality. Another standout feature of this tent is the windows: they are triangular, large and three-layered with a durable Velcro fastening system, designed to enhance natural light.

This tent is the perfect camping gear because it is designed to handle whatever weather and climatic conditions it is confronted with, offering protection from the elements all year round.

The dimensions 48x15x11 ensures that this tent is spacious enough to accommodate people and gear comfortably.

These and many other amazing features make the Outdoor Waterproof Large Canvas Wall Tent easily worth its premium price.



Things To Look Out For In The Best 8 Person Tent


Most tents are expensive, and with such an outlay, you would expect longevity. Some tents last longer than others, and careful examination of tent material is necessary before making a decision, as the materials go a long way towards determining a tent’s durability.

Nylon or polyester tents, with their water-resistant qualities and lightweight design are better adapted to cope with difficult conditions and they evidently last longer.

Weather Protection

Tents that are able to withstand pressure from elemental forces offer greater peace of mind and leeway when choosing a camping destination, therefore, they should be the ones to look out for. Consider tents that are completely waterproof, and be sure to monitor each tent’s Hydrostatic Head ratings, as these ratings are a good indicator of the tent’s water-resisting capabilities. You should also look out for wind-resistant tents.


If you’re in the market for 8-person tents in the first place, chances are you’re looking for something that offers a lot of storage space. Most 8-person tents are good in this regard. Some tents also offer closets and extra pockets so you can organise your stuff.


8-Person tents are extremely bulky, and are more suited to vehicles than backpacks. That said, some tents do come with shoulder straps that may be manageable with a little effort and ingenuity. Making allowances for manufacturers’ variation, the average 8-Person tent is 14×11 feet, and the roof height should be an average of 6 feet.

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