Best 72-hour Survival Kits

Best 72 Hour Survival Kit

When a natural hazard like tornados, earthquake, flood, hurricane affects a town, a 72-hour survival kit will definitely come in handy so it is something you should invest in case  a disaster hits. The reason prompts you to get the best 72-hour survival kit. Emergency authorities may not be available on time to give assistance to you because they will be overwhelmed with a lot of responsibilities, how you will survive the effects of the hazard and the aftermath now depends on you.

The best 72-hour survival kit will include most of what you  will need to stay safe, healthy, and alive for up to three days. Crucial supplies to be found in the survival kit are water, food, a first aid box among other essentials to ensure you and your fellow survivalists stay safe and healthy throughout the emergency situation.

The sizes of emergency survival kits vary and will cater for different numbers of people. The emergency kits vary in sizes and so they range in supplies quantity. Different supply kits can cater for people varying from 2-100 persons. The type of kit you go for will depend on how many people the survival kit will accommodate.

You should be critical when trying to get the best 72-hour survival kit. You should look out for the number of people with you, the efficiency of equipment in the kit, cost, shelf life e.t.c.

This article is aimed at exposing you to the best 72-hour survival kit. I hope you find the right survival kit that is suitable and I am  confident that you will find one that will be of help to you during survival situations.


This is a multi-purpose 72-hour survival  emergency kit that you can use to protect and provide for your family and yourself when an emergency or disaster  arises. It is essential to have this 72-hour survival emergency kit whether you are staying indoors or in a shelter. The overall weight of the kit is 14.5 pounds and it is designed to be as lightweight as possible to carry on your back. It comes with a strap, a padded and breathable mesh backing, chest support straps, and multiple organizational pockets and compartments.

You can never predict when a disaster will hit so you have to be fully prepared. So, It is crucial to obtain a kit that provides the specific and required contents and materials to secure safety and health in many areas.

This model is specifically made for two people. Before making up your mind to acquire this kit, be cautious of the number of people it will need to entertain.

This model does not only come with emergency survival gadgets but also with an emergency preparedness guidebook. The book serves as a guide when preparing for unforseen circumstances and disasters. It packs you with the knowledge and confidence to enhance your ability to survive.

This model comes with survival gadgets like flashlight, first aid, water purification equipment, food and water among other survival equipment in the survival kit.



2. EVERLIT Emergency Survival Kit

This model of emergency survival kit is a product of US military veterans expertise and real understanding and experience of survival situations. They now designed this survival kit to help in survival situations and during emergencies.

This kit offers you:

  • Food and water that has a five year shelf life. It also consists of 24 packs of 125ml drinking water and two boxes of 3600 calorie food bar included in the contents for survival during survival situations. It also comes with water purification tablets to purify water you drink during emergency situations so as not to contact water borne diseases.
  • A 200-piece first aid kit is also included in this survival kit. You being healthy is paramount. So the essential first aid equipment is available in the survival kit.
  • This model of emergency survival kit is with a 600 Denier polyester which guarantees water and tear resistance. It can also withstand different climate conditions. 
  • A 3 in 1 hand-crank flashlight that has the ability of recharging phone chargers, LED flashlights and rechargeable radios. 
  • An emergency radio hand crank flashlight which can be recharged in three ways; hand crank,solar, and micro USB. It can be used as a LED flashlight, radio, and charger.
  • The model comes with a 14-in-1 lightweight Survival Kit which contains all essential tools you need during an emergency, which includes: a tac knife, multi-function pliers, 100 Ft paracord, fire starters, an emergency whistle, compass, wire saw, and multi-purpose tool card.



3. Sustain Supply Co. Emergency Survival Kit

This model of emergency survival kit is designed for about two to four persons, so it is best to be careful when choosing which package best suits your group. This survival kit comes with first aid, essential nutrition, hygiene, food, water, light, fire starters e.t.c. The bag pack has 24 servings of food and includes one portable stove, bowls and utensils to ensure comfort in your shelter either indoor or outdoor. It also comes with four litres of water and water filtration system that helps in purification of water found outdoors.

Light is essential during an emergency survival situation, this kit is designed to satisfy your lighting. This kit comes with many light sources including a flashlight, a LED lantern, a ferrocerium rod and snap lights.

It is also worth knowing that the backpack cannot accommodate extra survival equipment that you may wish to store inside.

The price of this survival kit is on the expensive side but the quality equipment in it matches the price. It should be considered as a long-term investment for future unforeseen survival situations and natural hazards. 



4. 72HRS Earthquake Preparedness Kit

Having a 72-hour earthquake preparedness kit at home will do you more good than harm because it will be of help to you during emergency situations. It is the one person emergency kit you should have at home because you can never know when a disaster will hit the town. This survival kit is well-equipped with vital survival tools and advanced emergency preparedness items that will ensure your survival for 72 hours.

The backpack which is compact and lightweight includes reflective strips on the front and back for visibility. The contents of the survival backpack is neatly kept in zip lock bags.

Food and Water have a shelf life of about 5 years and can withstand temperatures from -400C to 990C without bursting. It contains 3600 Calories 72 hours ration and 72HOURS 125ml Water Pouches. These supplies can last a person for at least three to five days.

It also contains shelter, lighting, communication, First Aid, Search and Rescue, Sanitation, and Storage equipment and supplies for all your survival needs. This model can be used even in harsh weather conditions withstanding the climate of the environment, cold or hot.

The main disadvantage of this model is that it does not come with charging options for charging on the move. You may want to charge your phone or electronic device on the go but you can not find such provision in the kit.




As a survivalist, you may like to be a lone ranger, this survival kit will best be suitable for you. This model is designed for just an individual and holds the right amount of equipment and supplies to enable and equip an individual with his/her survival situation. 

A high-quality emergency survival kit that puts you in  control of any situation, especially disasters such as Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Flood, Tornado and Evacuations, and contains everything you need as an individual to survive the effects of the disaster. 

Due to the one-person design, it is compact and is easy to handle. It can be held easily at your back, in a car or under a seat. As a result of its size, it can be reached and carried without much stress during emergency situations. This model comes with features such as:

  • Light: lighting is essential when in an emergency survival situation especially in the night. This model comes with luminAid Solar Lantern, 4-Mode LED Headlamp with batteries, 2 5-Mode LED Glow Sticks and 1 Wristband with LED Light.
  • First aid: your health and hygiene matters so first aid equipment can be found also in this emergency survival kit. It comes with a 46-Piece First Aid Kit, 1 Pair of Utility Gloves, Duct Tape, 2 Dust Masks, 4 Extra AAA Batteries, 4 Extra AA Batteries.
  • Food and water: food and water are crucial in emergency situations so you have to stay hydrated and well fed. This model of emergency survival kit gives room for food  and water so the 3×1200 Kcal Food Bar and 9 Water Pouches respectively.
  • This model comes with 1 Mylar Blanket, 38-Hour Hand Warmers, 1 Poncho, 1 Tubular Bandana (warm up & cool down) to keep you warm in the coldest of climates
The survival kit is made from thick, waterproof bag that protects it’s contents from flooding, rain, snow. Items that are most likely to be used are strategically packed at the top.



What to Consider When Looking Out for a 72-Hour Survival Kit

Natural disasters hit towns without notification of any sort so, you have to fully be prepared for the worst. During emergency situations, electricity, water supply, communication systems will be cut off so you now need to look for a way to survive before everything is restored to normalcy. 

Having a 72-hour kit is essential to you and your household in case of future unforeseen emergency survival situations. A 72-hour kit elevates your chances of survival 3 days after the disaster hits. What do you consider when searching for the best 72-hour survival kit?

  • Size: the size of your 72-hour kit depends on the number of people with you will be sharing supplies and equipment with.Sizes of survival kits vary. You have survival kits that can provide for 2 to 100 persons for up to 72 hours so before purchasing, consider the size and the number of survivalists that will be with you.
  • Water and food: these are essential supplies in the 72-hour survival kit. You need them to stay alive for the next 3 days after the disaster occurs. Water May be the heaviest in your kit but it is essential for survival because humans can not survive past 3 days without it so you have to stay hydrated always. Food stored in your emergency survival kit should not be perishable food items. The good should also be able to withstand variety weather conditions and temperature.
  • Shelf life: the shelf life of the food you put in your emergency survival kit. The shelf life should be reasonably long. Most foods have a shelf life of 5 years, but will vary depending on how many people the kit is designed for.
  • Cost: you should consider going for the best 72-hour emergency survival kits that tally with your budget. You should go for an emergency survival kit with good quality regardless of the price because it is a long-term investment, you never know when a disaster will hit.


When looking for a 72-hour survival kit, it should provide you with first aid, lighting, fire starters, essential nutrition, and hygiene, every other thing is bonus.

Know that  there is a kit out there that will suit various people and groups. After exploring 5 survival kits, I hope you pick the best suitable for you.

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