Best 6 Person Tents

Best 6 Person Tents

The not so secret superpower of the best 6 person tents is that they are able to accommodate the needs of a broad spectrum of people, irrespective of background and circumstances. This has made them quite popular among outdoor enthusiasts and camping gear manufacturers.

Whether you’re a solo thru-hiker who appreciates lots of space, a camper exploring the outdoors with a group of like-minded campaigners or a medium-size family planning a getaway, a 6 person tent has got you covered.

The flip side of so much popularity, though, is that the sheer number and models of 6 person tents available in the market make trying to locate the perfect one for you a challenging prospect. Indeed, many campers are so daunted by this task that they tend to defer making a decision until the last moment.

On the contrary, the choice of shelter should be one of the first considerations of prospective campaigners because finding a way to cope with the often unforgiving weather of these camping locations can be the difference between a successful trip and a terrible one.

This is why we’ve dived right into the troubled waters for you and emerged with this compilation of the best 6 person tents available in today’s outdoor shelter market. Our list is well researched, tested and trusted through personal experience and features the best quality, budget-friendly tent.

So take some time and browse through our list before making that purchase and you’ll be glad you did.

Designed to provide an authentic impression of the idea and quality of home, the Eureka Copper Canyon 6-Person tent delights at every turn.

Weighing a moderate 23lbs 2oz, this freestanding tent is extremely easy to set up. Its color-coded design and fly markings help to ensure that this tent is upstanding in minutes, which comes as music to the ears of weary trekkers. Built-in guylines and 9inch steel stakes ensure that the tent stands up to whatever is thrown at it. A floor area of 100sq/ft and a height of 7ft make this tent suitable for even the tallest people. The techies are also accommodated; the cabin-design tent boasts a really neat electrical power port.

The materials used in the making of this tent are high grade and emphasize quality. A combination of fiberglass and steel makes its frame quite sturdy. The tent itself is made of Stormshield Polyester, to aid ventilation and offer protection from the elements.

Designed as a 3-season tent, the Eureka’s strength lies in its wonderfully specialized ventilation system. A mesh roof, three enormous mesh windows, and a large door enhance tent breathability and keep condensation to a minimum. On the flip side, this tent offers scant insulation against really cold weather and strong winds.

Dimensions of 10 x 10 make this tent spacious enough to prevent claustrophobia, and children are offered an unforgettable experience with the option for cots and air beds. The tent also offers anti-clutter additional pockets and gear loft where gear and valuables can be stashed, promoting a homey, organized look inside the tent.

The Eureka offers all these at a reasonable price which makes it highly recommended for everyone.



Coleman delivers the goods again with this wonderfully pleasing dome-shaped tent that introduces the simple touches of innovation which endows on the simple quarters of an outdoor tent the feel of a lavish townhouse.

Weighing 19 pounds and able to fit in up to 6 people comfortably, and with a center height of 6 feet 8 inches, even the tallest people can stand comfortably in it. This tent also offers a screen that enables it to be converted into two rooms. A streamlined design featuring pole sleeves and a fitting rainfly awning make this tent easily set up within 10 minutes. The tent has further been engineered to withstand strong winds with a hardy rainfly. If you’re inclined to bring along electronic gadgets, an E-port keeps you connected.

his tent is guaranteed to last a very long time, being made with durable materials. The exterior of the tent is made with 75D Polyester Taffeta. The tent also features a 1000D polyethylene waterproof welded floor with inverted seams.

Coleman’s WeatherTec system keeps the tent waterproof and regulates tent temperature. Mesh windows also keep condensation in check. However, this tent is not ideal for cold and windy regions.

With dimensions of 10 x 10, this tent offers enough space to store your gear.  It also offers storage pockets within the tents for your valuables. LED lighting also ensures good visibility, even at night.

Obtain long-lasting peace of mind when you invest in the Coleman 6-person Dome Tent.



The lightweight NTK tent delivers on its promise by being everything you expect a tent to be.

With a weight of 15.2lbs, a floor size of 9.8ft by 9.8ft and a center height of 5.9ft, this freestanding tent is perfect for the whole family. Its pin-and-ring system speeds up the setup process.  Extra thick Nano-Flex fiberglass poles coupled with gold chrome plated ferrule hardware adds a touch of rugged solidity to the tent. The tent’s floor is bathtub shaped and completely waterproof, having been coated with anti-fungal polyethylene to prevent leaks and reduce condensation.

Boasting an array of high-grade materials, the NTK Cherokee tent affords you the confidence that comes with peace of mind to set up camp in any terrain. A 2500mm polyester rainfly keeps the tent watertight and provides full coverage, and the heat-seamed thermoplastic coating protects you from harmful UV rays. Bugs can not get anywhere near this tent, with a breathable, ultrathin polyester no-see-um micro-mesh keeping them out while keeping the air fresh.

The NTK Cherokee is a 3-season tent, and its special design makes it ideal for the temperate to humid regions. However, it is not equipped to handle really cold weather and harsh winds.

This tent is really spacious, and can easily accommodate 5 to 6 adults. It also offers utility pockets and a gear loft for extra storage.

NKT offers a lifetime warranty on the fiberglass poles.



The Kelty brand has obvious pedigree when it comes to tent-making and the Trail Ridge tent does not disappoint.

This freestanding, easy to set up tent is every backpacker’s dream with a weight of just 12lbs 3oz. Two aluminum poles and a brow pole ensure stability on any surface you decide to pitch it. The tent also comes with an extra footprint to protect the floor from falling into disrepair, and two doors enhance free movement in and out of the tent.

The tent is made with polyester and mesh materials that guarantee protection from elemental forces. Sealed seams and a 1800mm waterproof rating for the floor and rainfly offers you and your gear protection from wet conditions. Further, a lightweight mesh provides protection against insects while simultaneously encouraging ventilation and discouraging condensation.

The Kelty Trail Ridge tent is a 3-season tent and while its make and design make it perfect for humid areas, it is Inadequate in the colder regions.

The tent is reasonably spacious with dimensions of 98 inches by 120 inches. Space can also be maximized by the presence of two vestibules and additional pockets for your gear.

This tent is a bit more expensive than others, but all its features make it worth every single penny you spend on it.



If you’re looking for an all-weather, all-terrain, all-year tent that is equal parts velvet and steel, look no further than the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Tent. This magnificent shelter has got it all.

This canvas tent is made with highly resilient Hydra-Shield cotton material, to aid breathability, minimize condensation and maximize comfort. This tent is extremely easy to set up, despite being non- freestanding. You can relax and have a good time under the featured front appendage. Tent stability is also improved by a sturdy Flex-Bow frame.

Two large doors make for easy entrance and exit, while four large windows with no-see-um mesh help to regulate the temperature in the tent and keep insects away. Airflow is further aided by two funnel-flow vents.  Its weight of 65lbs may, however, be too much to realistically bear.

The tent allows easy movement, with a 6’6” ceiling height easily supporting even the tallest of campers. It’s 16-ounce polyester-reinforced vinyl floor with welded seams is wear-resistant.

This tent’s size of 10 x 10 ft in addition to a 72 x 78-inch awning, a gear loft and pockets offer more than sufficient space for occupants to sprawl and store their gear.

The Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow 6-Person Tent comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and irrespective of the premium price it commands, it represents great value for money and is a solid investment property.



What To Look Out For When Selecting 6-Person Tents 

Space and Capacity

Before shelling out on that tent, carefully examine its capacity in relation to your needs. Some tents do not actually offer the same space advertised on their pack, therefore it would be prudent to make allowances for such fluctuations by always going a size higher.

If you or any member of your group are exceptionally tall, you might also want to consider the width and height of the tent.

Weather Resistance

Single wall tents are more lightweight and flexible, but they do not offer complete protection against the elemental forces. Depending on your destination, you may be better served purchasing double-wall tents, as they are more adapted to withstand any climatic condition they are faced with. Also, look out for tents with a rainfly that covers the whole tent. For particularly windy areas, aluminum poles will perform better than fiberglass ones.

Storage Capacity

Examine the tent dimensions carefully before making a purchase, as the storage capacity of a tent can either enhance or hamper convenience. Always look out for things like vestibules, porches and gear lofts where pieces of luggage can be stored. Also, storage pockets are essential if you need a place to stash valuable items.

Waterproof Material

This is very essential, especially if you’re going to a region known for torrential downpours. Waterlogged tents can get really miserable really quickly.

Polyester and Nylon tents are more water-resistant due to the lightness of the fabric, and they dry faster too. Polyester tents coated with polyurethane provide the best protection against flooding. Pay attention to the seams of the tent: they should be double stitched. Further, the rainfly should ideally direct the water to the floor, rather than the tent walls.

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