Best 4 Person Tents

Best 4 Person Tents

Tents used to be either of these: spacious and bulky, or compact and lightweight, but four-person tents have managed to bridge the divide and incorporate the best qualities of both these categories into a product that is both spacious enough to accommodate a small crowd and lightweight enough to fit snugly in a backpack. 

The best affordable 4 season tents in today’s outdoor accommodation market are invariably suited to a multitude of outdoor engagements, are resilient enough to withstand the toughest weather conditions and durable enough to keep rendering their services for long.

Of course, four-person tents are highly popular among adventurers and manufacturers as a result of this, and the abundance of various makes and models ensure that prospective campers like yourself have a very difficult time selecting which one to plump for. 

We understand that this is an important decision with no margin for error, and to help you decide which four-person tent is perfect for you, we have drawn up this list of the best four-person tents available in today’s market. Our picks are trusted based on years of experience using them, they have satisfied all our criteria and they offer the best value for money. 

We hope that this list helps you in your decision making. Without wasting further time, let’s dive right in.

The ultimate no-frills tent, the Kelty Grand Mesa 4-Person Tent does the basic things with accomplished ease. Its alluringly aerodynamic design is sure to leave you desiring a taste of its charms. 
Its frankly astonishing weight of a meagre 6lbs 13oz is guaranteed to leave hikers and backpackers everywhere salivating. In addition to the ease of mobility it offers, it is also freestanding, and its colour-coded clip feature makes assembly easy and fun. Two sturdy aluminium poles provide further security against upsetting winds. A really large D door allows unobstructed entrance into a fairly spacious interior, where you can be afforded a more up-close demonstration of its virtues. 

The tent is made with reinforced polyester which makes it really durable and completely waterproof. Its reinforced mesh covering helps with ventilation and keeps out insects, guaranteeing you uninterrupted sleep every night. Ventilation is also improved by an additional vent in the back of the tent, with the rainfly also strategically positioned to aid airflow. However, the absence of windows in the tent may make the issue of condensation creep up from time to time. 

Designed as a 3-season tent, the Kelty Grand Mesa Tent offers protection against a variety of weather conditions. Its waterproof fabric and dynamic rainfly keep you snug and warm during downpours, while a functional ventilation system keeps tent temperature regulated. However, the tent can struggle to keep out the cold in extreme regions, and its ultra-compact design might make for a really claustrophobic tent in sweltering situations. 

With dimensions of 98 x 80 inches, the tent is fairly spacious. A vestibule, gear loft loops and internal storage pockets offer room for your gear. However, a peak height of just over 4ft will pose serious difficulty for tall campers, and the single door may make entry and exit far from easy in a full tent. All things considered, three people would be the ideal fit for this tent. 

If you’re interested in a smooth, hassle-free outdoor experience, especially with regards to your shelter, look no further than this tent.



The Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent is designed to make you fall in love at first sight. The seamless way it is able to blend simple elegance and rugged resilience can only be described as sheer brilliance. 
A lightweight at 11lbs, this tent is surprisingly tough and offers an unparalleled flat one minute set up time. It is also freestanding, and its interesting hexagonal shape provides extra traction against strong winds. A large T door and two mesh doors in total offer easy, unfettered entrance and exit, while improving airflow into the tent. 

The tent is made with durable, high-grade polyester material, which offers it watertight solidity. The exterior tent is made of 210D Oxford fabric with silicone coating and boasts a waterproof level of 3000mm. The tent floor offers a mind-blowing waterproof level of 10000mm, and is made of 210T polyester. This translates to an unwavering conviction in the tent’s ability to ensure you stay dry, even in the most tumultuous of downpours. The rain is not the only thing this tent can protect you from mesh doors and windows ensure that even the most adamant bugs do not make their way into the tent. This has the added benefit of providing a really effective ventilation system. 

The tent is built to be comfortable in whatever climatic conditions it comes up against. A sturdy rainfly keeps the water out of the tent during downpours, while the mesh windows and doors improve tent ventilation and keep condensation to a minimum. A featured porch is also great to lounge about in and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. 

Despite its compact size, the tent offers lots of room inside. However, tall people will be slightly discomfited with its offered height. Further, four adults would make the tent really cramped, it may be more suited to two adults and two children. 

If you’re looking for a tent that can face down and beat any obstacle thrown its way, this tent is for you. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. 



The Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent is an obvious favourite among backpackers and hikers and the reason is not far fetched: it is the complete package wrapped in a lightweight, easy to manage box. 
The tent is extremely durable and coming in at a weight of just 7lbs 9oz, can be easily hauled across a trail in a backpack without putting too much strain on the camper. It can also be assembled pretty quickly, with clips showing you exactly what should go where. Two aluminium poles solidly anchor the tent to the ground, securing the tent against strong winds. Entry and exit are seamless, with two doors promoting ease of movement while simultaneously promoting tent ventilation. The zippers are also extra-large, making them much easier to locate, and this is great news indeed if you have to take an urgent leak in the middle of the night. 

The tent fabric is made of 75D  polyester, which offers protection against severe rainfall, keeps you insulated from harmful UV rays and keeps the tent waterproof. The rainfly and floor have been modified to increase waterproof capacities, which come in at 1500mm and 2000mm respectively. 

The tent is fairly roomy with 64 sq ft of floor space. However, campers who are tall will find its peak height of 4ft 4inches very uncomfortable. Further, four others in the tent would make a really cramped shelter. Therefore, this tent will perform better with 3 people in it. With two vestibules: one at each end of the tent, a gear loft and inside storage pockets, your gear is well catered for. 

This tent is perfect for enthusiastic backpackers. It’s durability and compactness count in its favour, and when you factor in the fact that it is really budget-friendly, you have an instant winner. 



This tent offers you the complete outdoor experience. It doesn’t sacrifice functionality and comfort for durability and night in this tent will leave you feeling light enough to tread wind in the morning. 
With a trial weight of 30lbs, the Gazelle is not the lightest, but this freestanding tent’s greatest attraction is its set up speed, which has been clocked as low as 90 seconds. This is achieved by having the tent attached to the frame at all times. The tent is secured by fibreglass poles, offering strong resistance against vociferous winds. Two D doors with tight-weave mesh screens ensure that entry and exit is fluid and seamless, and alongside six windows covered with mesh no-see-um screens, enhance ventilation and minimize condensation, while keeping out those annoying bugs. 

The tent fabric is a 210D Oxford Weave shell material and is waterproof up to a 2000MM HH rating. The uniquely removable tent floor is made of 300DD Oxford Weave material and has been rated waterproof up to 5000MM HH rating. 

With a polyester fabric, this tent is made with highly durable, top of the line materials which affords it the power to function optimally even in adverse conditions. It is comfortably 3-season and can get you through really hot or seriously cold weathers with equal dexterity. This tent is equipped with a reinforced waterproof rainfly that offers you peace of mind even on particularly stormy days. On clear and humid nights, the rainfly can be detached. 

Standing at a more than decent 78 inches, this tent can accommodate even the tallest of campers. The tent can also accommodate four adults easily, with space for gear left over. A removable gear loft, four wall pouch pockets and two side storage pockets offer enough room to store your valuables and protect them from the elements. 

This tent is perfect for campers who want to do away with the hassles of, or do not have enough technical knowledge to set up tents. Take advantage of its pop-up feature and set up this tent with a minimum of effort. 



5. Alps Mountaineering Taurus 4 Outfitter Tent
The Alps Mountaineering Taurus 4 Outfitter Tent is a practical shelter with no shortage of spirit and verve. Designed to cope with any eventuality, this tent is the perfect ally on any expedition. 
This freestanding tent weighs a manageable 10 pounds 11 ounces which makes it a favourite among backpackers, needless to say. This tent is fairly easy to set up and two fibreglass poles keep it firmly grounded, even in the face of a storm. Two large mesh doors grant you a grand entry into the tent. 

The tent is made with several high-quality materials. Its fabric is polyester. The rainfly is also a 75D rated, specially coated polyester. The coating serves to increase its waterproof rating to 1500mm, simultaneously providing protection against flooding and harmful UV rays. The floor is also similarly coated, scoring a rating of 2000mm. That’s not all either, as the floor’s seams are tightly welded, to make sure that no water particle seeps into the tent. 

This tent is built for optimal performance in a variety of weather and climatic conditions. The waterproof rainfly is excellent for rainy days. On the other hand, a mesh roof, two mesh doors, and mesh-covered windows are effective in leaving the camp well ventilated on humid days. 

This tent offers plenty of room for you and your companions to relax in. It also offers plenty of storage options for your gear: two vestibules, a gear loft and storage pockets for your smaller valuables.



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