Best 2 Person Tents

Best 2 Person Tent

Going camping can be super awesome but it’s better with a partner or more. You want to save yourself and your partner the stress of carrying extra stuff; the two-person tent is the best alternative for you guys. It’s also on the safer side because you are rest assured your partner is directly beside you in the same tent, rather than staying tensed about the safety of the one you came camping with. 

Below are five products we have reviewed to aid you in finding the best 2 person tents to ensure maximum comfort during your camp out. 

Product Quick Comparison

  • Mountainsmith Mountain Dome 2 Person Tent
  • ALPS Mountaineering Aries 2-Person Tent
  • The Kelty Grand Mesa 2-Person Tent
  • Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Tent
  • Luxe Tempo 2 Person Tent
Here are our best two-person tents reviews:

The Mountainsmith Mountain Dome 2 Person Tent is a free-standing tent that makes use of a hub-based pole system which aids in an easy assembling of the parts. It comprises a three (3) pole construction and makes use of lightweight clip pole attachments which help to create a large space size in the tent. A brilliant feature of this particular tent is its hexagonal shape which in turn forms a triangle on each side of the tent. These triangles give enough individual space and save the stress of heat and lack of personal space.

The tent fly is a polyester design and the inner room has a mesh construction. The polyester is firm and won’t droop when it rains so it is a great choice against the ever-changing weather. The tent comes with extra storage space which enables you to store your equipment in a safe and dry environment.

After being set up completely, you and your partner would marvel at the comfortable and well-ventilated tent. Do note that this particular tent is capable of standing against harsh weather conditions; especially a strong wind.



This tent provides a massive amount of interior space with its vertical walls and doors strategically placed at the left and right sides which in turn serves as a comfortable tent for two people; with enough space to avoid unnecessary suffocation. It is extremely easy to set up because it contains a free-standing pole system and this is a point in its favor because conservation of energy while outdoors is very important. Besides no one knows when you’d be required to run. 

The main poles are constructed with 7000 series aluminum and have been marked with the ability to withstand stress without structural damage or even distortion. The tent body is made from UV and water-resistant polyester. It also comes with factory sealed seams which makes it durable, sturdy against the elements, and provides extra protection. This tent is also furnished with dual vestibules which serve as storage space for your survival gear.



The Kelty Grand Mesa 2-Person Tent comes with a durable design that offers a three (3) season usability; Pretty cool right.  Across the exterior of the tent is a mesh material which heightens ventilation and reduces stuffiness. The tent which is wide enough for two people to fit in nicely also includes a vestibule area which measures at 6 square feet; it’s the perfect place to store yours and your partner’s survival gear. 

Setting up this tent is very easy because it uses color-coded clips and compact folding poles. This clears the stress of setting up a tent; which is almost always a hard job. It is also designed to protect against harsh weather conditions. A tent that offers qualities such as these is the go-to tent.



The Hyke & Byke Zion 1 and 2 Person Tent consists of a gear storage loft which is great for headlamps and small handy items. Corner gear pockets are also included to reduce to loss of cellphones, pens, earphones, etc. This tent is convenient and can easily be installed by using a pole designed to clip in place and keep the tent at its full height. 

The tent comes with 12 7000 series lightweight aluminum alloy tent stakes and reflective guy lines. It was designed as waterproof and durable enough to prevent wear and tear. It also contains a two vestibule design which means gears can be stored inside or outside the tent. Funny enough, including all the extra features it is still a lightweight tent which makes backpacking a whole lot easier. 



The Luxe Tempo 2 Person Tent is regarded as a four (4) season tent and it’s a pretty neat one. It uses a fixed free-standing pole system, with one continuous pole and shock cord to join each section together. The floor of this tent is made from taped 210T rip-stop coated polyester 5000mm. This prevents your tent from getting soaked when it rains which is very important because no one wants to sleep on a wet floor when you’re supposed to enjoy it. 

Just like the other tents we’ve reviewed, this also doesn’t have an issue with space. There’s enough space for two people.  The interior of this tent is designed with coated 210T rip-stop breathable polyester, which will keep you and your partner warm.



Here are important things to look out for while hunting for a two people tent: 


The ability of a tent to withstand harsh weather conditions should be noted when searching for your tent. A durable/sturdy tent saves the stress of trying to find a cover when a harsh wind or hail storm carries away your tent. 

The material a tent is made from is very essential in sustaining its durability. A durable or sturdy tent doesn’t necessarily mean a heavy one. For example, the canvas material provides excellent protection, and has a strong feel, it can be pretty heavy, and it is not usually the first choice for survivalists or campers. Heavy bags always include stress and a stressed camper would most definitely not be happy.

So do well to watch out for nylons and polyesters. They’re both lightweights but very durable. They can offer resistance to rips, wear, and tear. Check out the rip-stop nylon, it is worth a trial.


A stress-free vacation is what every camper longs for. To achieve that you need to exercise patience and pay attention to the capacity of the tent, you want to get. Most tents are said to fit “average-sized” people but for other humans who are extremely tall there might be complications. Every manufacturer has a different idea about the size of two people. So to ensure maximum comfort for you and your partner you have to search for a tent that meets your qualities. A tent with little or no storage capacity for your survival gadgets should be ticked off the list too.


No one wants to carry heavy stuff while going camping, of course it creates stress already. The issue of tents being the heaviest, especially two people tents is a sour patch while thinking about campouts. Lightweight tents have been made and are still being made. They can easily be fixed into a backpack despite being regarded as part of the survival gear.

For all seasons

Buying a tent is essential but getting a good tent is one of the best decisions you can make. Some tents can’t withstand harsh weather conditions, tents that can get too hot and become stuffy, also tents that can’t keep out the cold. Getting a tent for all seasons is also economical because it allows you to save. Agreeably, an all-season tent can be slightly expensive but it is better to get it once than to spend more on three or more other normal tents. Therefore it is advisable to get a tent that sustains for three (3) or even four (4) seasons, can equally protect you, and suffer as little damage as possible. Prevention they say is better than a cure.


An uncomfortable bed space can be very frustrating to talk less of an uncomfortable tent. Comfort is essential not only because it has to fit you but there has to be extra room at least. The major aspects to be considered in selecting a comfortable tent are; Height, floor space, and overall tent design. When considering the height of a tent, you have to consider yourself too. Your tent is comfortable if you’re able to stand without slouching (for average-sized people) For the extra tall ones, you should be able to at least kneel comfortably or stand straight if you can get a specially designed tent. The floor space is quite crucial too. Having enough floor space simply implies that you can keep your gear safely sheltered, and equally fit yourself and another person in the tent without any trouble. While the overall design is overlooked by many tent buyers, it is very important to note that too. Waterproof tents are not the most comfortable out there because breathing becomes slightly hard. Therefore if you eventually need to get a waterproof tent, make sure it is well ventilated (has windows) to avoid suffocation or excessive heat.

Multiple purpose Features

The two (2) person tent you long to get should do more than just create shelter from harm. It should have additional awesome features that can improve your camping experience. The additionals may include the following: mesh pockets, which can be useful in a variety of ways and are very essential for safekeeping of your survival gears, clothes, and some bits of other stuff you need to keep rather than throwing them all over the floor. This will also save space in your tent. Some tents may also include a loop on the ceiling, which can be used to attach a lamp which is pretty neat because you won’t get to stay in the dark all night long. There’s a probability that these extra features might add weight to your backpack but they’re equally essential. Not all tents come with a vestibule but some do. This area (vestibule) is used to keep extra gear and equipment safe from the elements, i.e animals, weather, other campers, etc.

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