Best 1 Person Tent

Best 1 Person Tent

Picking the best 1 person tent for your next scheduled outdoor campaign is by no means an exact science. Lots of careful consideration has to be invested in the selection because the success or otherwise of your adventure can be said to hinge on this singular detail.

What To Look Out For When Selecting A Tent

  1. Weight 

Careful thought has to be made when deciding on which one-person tent to purchase. If you’re planning a thru-hike for instance, lightness should be of paramount importance to you and ultralightweight one-person tents provide a perfect opportunity to shave a couple of pounds off your backpack.

That said, make sure you pay close attention to the quality of the tent and try to verify its integrity. Inasmuch as you don’t want to deal with the discomfort of dragging a heavy backpack across the Himalayas, you also do not want to deal with a collapsed tent in the middle of a deluge. Nightmare.

  1. All-Weather Tents
Again, it may be necessary to go the extra mile here when selecting a one-person tent to buy. Regardless of where you’re planning to go, a sound argument can be made for purchasing a 4-season tent instead of 3-season. A 4-season tent offers you greater long-term security as they are more durable than the others. They also inspire greater conviction; they are very well equipped to handle whatever the weather throws at them. 

If you’re concerned about their relatively heavier bulk, you’ll be pleased to hear about lightweight 4-season tents and with just a little further investment, you will be ready to venture into the wild without fear.

  1. Durability
This touches the tent’s resilience and ability to withstand mistreatment from forces natural and man-made. Your Tent’s durability is tied to the material with which it is made and the three common materials are nylon, polyester and canvas.

Polyester and Nylon are more widespread because they are far less likely to suffer tears. They also offer a higher level of water resistance due to their lightness, and these factors contribute to their durability. Canvas materials are very burly and this is both an advantage and a drawback, as their extra weight make them more cumbersome to set-up.

  1. Water-resistance
A tent’s water-resisting ability is tied to the quality of the material it’s made of. Nylon and polyester tents perform better in this regard. Rain flies are also constructed from these materials and then assigned a denier (D) number based on an estimation of their water-resisting capacities in relation to the material strength. A higher denier number indicates a stronger rain fly, so always be sure to check these numbers before purchasing that tent. Sodden tents will not do much for your mood.
  1. Sleeping Capacity 
It is usually worth taking a close look at a tent’s dimensions before committing to it, as this will provide some  clarity  about available space. This is especially necessary  if your height or weight  can be described as above average, as the actual room stated on the packaging may differ from the actual room of the tent.

One-person tents are ideal if you’re planning to backpack across a really long trail. Get the choice of tent right and your trip would invariably start on the right footing because you would have simultaneously succeeded in cutting out unnecessary baggage from your backpack and also guaranteed adequate shelter through the duration of the trip. It would be quite unnecessary to point out therefore, that an erroneous selection would make that long-anticipated trek less ideal than ordeal. 

Having said that, diving into the murky waters of tent selection can be a daunting proposition for anyone, seasoned campaigner or beginner, which is why we have elected to undertake this task on your behalf.

We have isolated five tents that have completely satisfied our criteria and are of course budget-friendly. Read through our list to identify one perfect for you and give yourself a nice boost.

Immerse yourself in the majestic brilliance of the Alps Mountaineering Lynx One-Person Tent which manages to flawlessly combine impeccable functionality with sublime beauty.

This tent is free-standing, with a dome-style layout that gives it a gracefully minimalistic look and feel. The tent’s design also ensures that it can be set up with a minimum of exertion and time wasted.

The tent is made with high-quality materials that add an extra dimension of protection for you, irrespective of season or climatic condition. Its mesh walls guarantee satisfactory ventilation even in the most humid areas, while the fly and floor seams have been coated with 1500mm HH and 2000mm HH respectively and appear fully sealed, the more to withstand damp and cold climatic conditions.

The tent is further insulated against the sun’s harmful rays, as this tent comes equipped with a UV resistant fly.

This tent is a lightweight at only 2lbs 12oz, but don’t let this fool you. This baby can certainly take a walloping. Other perks include a vestibule and extra pockets where you can stash your valuables and other smaller gear.

The Lynx offers great value for money and ALPS have a proven track record of customer service excellence. To make the package more enticing overall, it comes with a lifetime warranty.



The Ozark Trail One-Person Tent Cot elevates you from roughing it on the cold, hard ground like the rest mere mortals and places you on a pedestal.

This tent cot offers you the full VIP treatment, with an enormous 85 x 36 inches bed, a double-layer tent structure and a detachable gear loft. You also have the option of storing your gear under the loft. The tent can be assembled and disassembled in record time.

To guarantee your peace of mind, the Cot is built with quality materials such as powder-coated steel and fibreglass. The fly and floor are made of polyester and Velcro.

The cot’s design ensures that ventilation is constant and sufficient, even from underneath the cot, and it is able to function adequately in a variety of weather conditions. However, this cot does not offer enough insulation against the coldest winds, therefore it may be more suited to the warmer regions.

Weighing in at about 33lbs, it can support weights of up to 225lbs. It also offers a vestibule and extra space in the cot if you store your gear underneath the loft.

Treat yourself to one of these beauties and experience camping in another, budget-friendly dimension.



The Snugpak Ionosphere One Person Dome Tent counts simplicity as its utmost elegance. Its thrillingly basic approach to outdoor accommodation allied with resolute doggedness is its most remarkable quality. Oh, it’s also a firm favourite of the military.

Designed in a simple dome form, this tent does not offer enough flexibility in terms of where to set it up, because it’s not freestanding. Further, there have been complaints about the prohibitively small size of its door. However, the tent more than makes up for this by being incredibly compact. Weighing a minuscule 1.5kg, this tent is a breeze to set up and is the ultimate backpacker’s dream. 

The tent boasts a 50D polyester no-see-um mesh to aid ventilation and keep those annoying bugs out, plus nylon PU 5000mm groundsheet to protect your gear from inclement weather, and sealed seams.

The Snugpak Ionosphere is a 3-season tent and it offers reliable protection in several climates. However, it may struggle to protect against really strong winds and rain, and really cold weather.

It’s dimensions of 265cm length, 100cm width, and 70cm height makes the Snugpak Ionosphere surprisingly roomy and spacious, despite its small size. This tent even offers enough space for your gear.

The Snugpak Ionosphere should be your pick if you’re looking for a no-frills, highly reliable, durable, pretty low budget way to explore the delights of Mother Nature.



The Eberlestock One-Man Tent is designed for seasoned campaigners who desire a home away from home in the wild.

This tent makes unostentatiousness an art. Designed like a bivvy tent and with nature in mind, the Eberlestock tent seamlessly blends into the environment unseen by all but the most observant. Setting up and tearing down this tent is also fairly easy.

This tent is made with Gore-Tex gas permeable membrane to enhance breathability, even when sealed shut. The fabric is of extremely high quality and is also waterproof. It is also equipped with a bug screen to keep out pesky insects and enhance sleep.

The tent’s rugged design makes it highly adaptable and is guaranteed to cope with every single climatic condition it is confronted with while boasting minimal condensation build-up.

The Eberlestock One-Man Tent is reasonably light at 3.8lbs. It’s length also comes in at 8feet, affording users enough room to really sprawl.

If you like to explore the boundaries of survival and go on a completely solo run, you should probably give this bivvy tent a try.



The Winterial Single-Person Bivy Tent is a sensible, practical ultralight tent designed to be illimited by unfavourable conditions. It comes loaded with features that leave the competition trailing in its wake.

Sporting a compact hoop design, this ultralight tent gives off an aura of quiet strength and capableness that is reassuring in the extreme, despite weighing only 2.9lbs. One thing that is instantly noticeable about this ultralight tent is the large zippered door that promotes ease of movement in and out of the tent. The tent can be assembled and disassembled with a minimum of fuss.

The ultralight tent comes equipped with 14 stakes that anchor it securely against the strong winds of winter. Its spine consists of anti-rust alloys and its fabric is sealed tightly, maintaining an aerodynamic outlook.

This tent is suitable for a variety of weather and climatic conditions. It comes equipped with open-air netting which helps to ensure that sweltering, humid nights are managed without hassle. It’s also got you covered on rainy days, with its robust, multipurpose rainfly making sure you stay warm and dry.

This ultralight tent has enough room for a single occupant, while also offering space to store your small-sized gear inside.

Finally, the Winterial Single-Person Bivy Tent is offered at a highly competitive price.



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