100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition

100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition


Many are often caught in a tight and dangerous situation while they desperately seek for a way to survive. The danger might be the need to survive in front of a wild animal or being in a flood. Their instinct, brain or ideas might necessarily fail them because they lack the basic knowledge needed for survival when in danger.

100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition has all it takes to equip an individual with the basic knowledge required in time of danger. As the name implies, it is a 100 Deadly skills, it has the way out of danger. This book is very useful to those who work in dangerous zones such as the wilderness, sea, desert or any other place where danger is inevitable, it can even be a survival from hazard.

The book is written based on past experiences of the writer and it gives practical examples as well as practicable way out when in survival mode. It is an embodiment of tried and tested survival techniques not theoretical survival tactics.Just as the book is useful, it is very easy to understand underlining the examples the author created from life experience for the best use and understanding of the readers.  The books give room for a wide range of imagination for the readers.

Either the reader is a novice or expert in survival, the impact of the 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition book in enriching the reader’s knowledge cannot be underestimated. 

About the Author

Clint Emerson, retired Navy SEAL, Special Operations, the only SEAL ever part of International Spy Museum, having spent  20 years in service, founded an organization named the Wolf, LLC, focusing on crisis management for global companies. He served stints in SEAL Team and retired in 2014.

Clint Emerson observed his childhood in Saudi Arabia, His Father works for Saudi Aramco, the state oil company as a civil engineer. Clint studied in one of the high schools in Dallas and joined the Navy in1994.

He is a renowned author and publisher, he has published books such as; The right kind of Crazy, Escape the Wolf: A Security Handbook for Traveling Professionals amidst others.

The fact that humans are prone to threats and quest for survival cannot be overemphasized, in this vein, Clint Emerson has painstakingly from life and practical scenarios put together survival tactics up to 100. 100 Deadly Skills evaluates different danger man can find himself either at home, in the wilderness, on the mountain or otherwise as well as proffered tenable survival tactics which have been tested and can be trusted, this makes this survival tactics praticable. It is no news that the author is a retired naval officer, this stretches the fact that some of the practical examples are from his real life experiences.

At any point in time, there might be need for an escape route while faced by a fierce bear, drowning in water, needing a taser, avoid being tracked or kidnapped, above all needing knowledge for self defence. All this and more are fully packed in the survival edition of 100 deadly skills by proffering solutions or perhaps ways to avoid every day threat to individual safety.

As a retired naval officer, he made use of past human life experiences in giving detailed analysis, guide and strategy to prepare all age groups to looming threats or danger. It provides the knowledge of how one can access the simplest and easily accessible tool in time of threat. Also, the book psychologically helps strengthen humans courage and confidence in times of trouble, instead of being panicked, it provides a way out.

The use of images to further explain what is written gives ease for the understanding of the book, just as adults can read, so also children can read and understand. However, the fact that the author makes use of scary examples and real life situations, it was written in a way it won’t affect the mind of the reader, thus it is enjoyable reading. The mood and style of the work makes it readable for young minds and survival-thinkers. It is essential to state that when children are reading, they should be guided because children might not be able to control their mood like adults due to differences in emotions, personality and experiences.

The scenarios used in the book helps boost the reader’s imagination and helps in better understanding of the book.

100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition just as it is good for knowledge in the survival and tactical skills, it can be frightening to the readers because some of the illustrations used can be scary. If read by a weak mind or emotional person as well as children, it can affect them mentally and emotionally. To a large extent, I advise that such a person while reading should be seriously guided.

Furthermore, 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition does not really give analysis for the easily met danger rather went to a high level dealing majorly with threats that are most times peculiar to certain professions or situations.


Amid many books on Tactical Survival skills, 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition is one which has been able to give a detailed life experience situation and tested and trusted survival skills which are practicable. In comparison with books like Bushcraft 101: Field Wilderness Survival, SAS Survival handbook, Prepper’s Natural Medicine and others. The difference is clear. 

Book Details

  • Dimension: 5.5 x0.7 x 8.2 inches
  • Pages: 256
  • Publisher: Atria Books
  • Published Date: October 18, 2016
  • Language: English




All can not be said enough in the book, only those who have read the book can know how well it is worth and it calls safe many in time of trouble either outdoor or indoor. The survival edition of 100 deadly skills has sufficiently given the detailed information and real life experiences for life saving purposes. It made use of detailed illustration aided by the use of  pictures. The images help in better understanding for the readers.

It is not enough to say that it is important for all to read this 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition in preparation for the known and unknown threat which can come in the way of an individual either during the day or at night.

The author took it time to create a really wide range of examples which is just perfect for human reading ability and understanding. If you ever need knowledge or more knowledge for survival, kindly buy 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition. Also, for anyone who needs knowledge in preparing for the pre-disaster, 100 Deadly Skills Survival Edition is just the perfect choice.

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